Perseverance in Christianity

In this world, you will be faced with troubles and this is part and parcel of life since nobody has a smooth life. The bible refers to a lot of tribulations and trials that come with this life. Jesus Christ was sent by God here on earth but guess what, He also went through some […]

Biblical Baby Names

It is important to seek good advice and find the proper baby-naming guide and tips that you and the baby cannot fight over in the future. You don’t want to name your baby some ugly name that will have them battle with their teenage friends. We all know at a teenage, all the drama starts. […]

How To Repent In 5 Steps?

According to The Bible, a sinner’s prayer is useless because God does not like wickedness. Successful prayer in Christianity is based on true repentance. How to repent and ask God for forgiveness depends on how honest combined with your actions after repentance. There is no way you are going to repent now and start doing […]

Understanding Punishment From God

You should note that God does not punish his believers and everything that happens to you is for a reason. You just need to pray and let God show you the reason as to why you are suffering. The difference between God’s discipline and punishment is this; God disciplines his believers while he punishes the […]

Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?

Is it a sin to take medicine? No, taking medication is not a sin in Christianity and that makes it okay for Christians to use medicine for treatment. Using any prescription is not a sign of weakness in faith as some Christians think. Medication is just like taking food because you need it for physical […]

Why We Raise Hands in Worship and Prayers?

Raising hands in worship and prayers is important because it shows that you have fully surrendered before God in total submission. You see, gestures are important everywhere even when it comes to the spiritual world. When a policeman is arresting you, they will always tell you to raise your hands and put them where they […]

What Christians Should Know About Cremation?

Christians do not practice cremation because they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who was buried and later resurrected after three days. Jesus was not cremated and thus cremation in Christianity is not biblical and Christians are not encouraged to practice it. The biblical book of Luke (24:1-9), talks about the resurrection of Jesus Christ […]

How to Stop Talking to Yourself? Use Prayers & Faith

It is possible to stop talking to yourself using prayers when you learn to put your trust and faith in God. Just like everyone else, I also have conversations with myself and sometimes I wonder if that is okay. However, there are situations where you can overdo it. At this point, you wonder what causes […]

Birth Control & Religion (The Christian View)

Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. In modern times, different Christian churches hold different views on the use of birth control. Liberal Protestant Churches often teach that it is acceptable to use birth control as long as it is not used to encourage or allow promiscuous behaviour. However, you […]

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