Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. Using any contraceptive is a sin when you just want to have pleasure and avoid pregnancy outside marriage.

However, you can use them in marriage to avoid pregnancies especially if there is a medical condition involved or due to economic reasons.

Let us be honest, the world has changed and our economy will not allow you to avoid contraceptives just because you think it is a sin to use them in marriage as a Christian.

You are not going to have fifteen children just because you don’t want to be realistic in your life as a Christian.

The use of contraceptives and birth control in Christianity is guided by morals.

Why Is Contraception a Moral Issue?

Contraception is a moral issue in both Christian and Muslim religions because in most cases, they are used by people outside marriage.

A good Christian should abstain and keep away from sexual activities until after marriage. There is certain disease around that we can prevent their spread if we abstain.

When looking at religious principles on birth control, couples to be faithful to each other and only use contraceptives and birth controls when recommended and required to do so.

The word has evolved over a period of time and therefore most parents prefer having a smaller family like of two to three kids.

Most of them considering the fact that its best to have a family that you can properly take care of as parents.

This makes a lot of sense because there is no way you will bring kids to this world yet you know they are going to suffer.

Is It a Sin to Use Birth Controls in Christianity?

Yes, it is a sin to use birth controls and condoms in Christianity before marriage as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

We all have different opinions in regard to the use of condoms as Christians.

We are all aware that condoms are appropriately used to prevent spreads sexually transmitted infections. Once you know your partner is safe you should not be scared unless otherwise.

We know there some sexually transmitted diseases that can spread even from public toilet seats.

This is the only time a married Christians can use condoms but again, why can’t they just wait until they are treated?

Contraceptives in Christianity can also be used to control unwanted pregnancies but most Christian youths take advantage of it.

You should note that Christians should never use condoms for pleasure while engaging in adultery and breaking the commandments.

Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?
Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Christians and Contraceptives

We came across this question of contraception in Christianity and someone asked this;

Should Christians use birth control or should they just have as many children as God blesses them with? We all know that the Bible says children are a blessing.

When God says that we go and multiply the world, this is not a reason to be having over ten children when you can barely feed one.  

This is why the idea of contraception being a sin should never be generalized.

On the other hand, some Christian couples prefer the use of birth control so as not to have children. This may be limiting fun in their lifestyle.

As a couple always try and look on the brighter side of the situation before rushing into conclusions that are not helpful.

When you are parents that are guided by biblical teachings, you will understand what the scripture tells says.

When doing research, you will discover that early churches condemned the act of using contraceptives because it was seen and termed to be ungodly.

This is because when God created a man and woman, He commanded them to be fruitful, multiply and full the earth.

So most elders always look at this verse thus concluding that Christians should not have an abortion.

Christians Using Birth Controls and Condoms Outside Marriage Is a Sin

Any form of birth control that is used as a safeguard for casual sex outside of marriage is not in God’s will. The Bible says make no provision or plans for the flesh in regard to its lusts.

If a Christian is carrying around condoms or you’re on the pill for non-medical reasons let’s just keep it real. All this depends with the reason why you are having them.

There is no way you are going to carry birth controls and condoms as a Christian while going to visit any lady who is not your wife.

This is like telling God that you are going to try my hardest not to yield to sexual temptation but you do, there is a back-up plan.

Using condoms in Christianity outside marriage is like making provisions to have something that will help you escape the consequences of your sin.

This reveals first of all more importantly, the true condition of our heart and that we are more concerned about escaping the consequences of our sin rather than hurting the heart of God.

Condoms and birth control before marriage actually makes it easier for us to fall for temptation because mentally, we’ve already made plans and provisions to help us escape the consequences of our sins.

When Can Christians Us Birth Controls?

There are situations when your doctor may advice and give an okay to the use of birth controls because the mother is at risk and cannot be pregnant due to medical conditions.

In this case, it is not a sin to use any form of birth control in Christianity.  

Otherwise, Christians should keep away from any form of birth control that is abortive. Those should be strongly discouraged since abortion is considered to be the act of taking away life.

Abortion is a sin in Christianity and any Christian who does this should repent and ask God for forgiveness.

God can forgive abortion and Christians should never be afraid to ask for forgiveness.

We all understand that there are two types of birth control as Christians.  Some prevent fertilization and others abort after the egg has been fertilized.

Most people don’t even think twice about it because these chemical abortions happen inside of the woman oftentimes without her even knowing.

They are designed not only to hinder the process of conception but also after the egg has been fertilized, it hinders the process of the embryo being properly planted within the uterus of the woman thus aborting the child.

Christians Should Not Use Contraceptives for Pleasure Because Children Are God Given

That the Bible says that children are a gift from the Lord. If for whatever reason a single Christian or a couple gets pregnant, we should never view that child as a mistake, burden or an inconvenience.

The Bible says that the man whose quiver is filled with children will be blessed and children should always be welcomed in Christianity as long as you can take care of them.

You may only use contraceptives if you have to enjoy the benefits of marriage in bed as a couple but you don’t want to have children.

This is because a couple has to engage in all ways but our modern society dictates that we should be reasonable.

It is okay for married Christians couples to use condoms and contraceptives when advised by a doctor to do so.

Youths, on the other hand, are not allowed to use them when just having fun and avoiding responsibilities.  

Can Married Christian Couples Use Birth Control to Regulate Birth Rate?

On the other side of this coin, the Bible also says that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever.

The above statement gives you a reason why it is okay for married Christians to use birth controls and contraceptives.

Just because the Bible says that we should be fruitful and multiply does not mean that we are commanded to have twenty children that we cannot feed.

I believe that every couple should pray and agree as to whether they are in the right position to adequately support and care for children.

Some couples may want to prolong having children while other couples may be on the mission field to have as many children as they can.

We all have to accept that times have changed and anyone that believes that the general use of contraceptives is a sin in marriage is just ignorant.

 It is best to leave this decision up to the discernment of the couple. Finally, I would say to make sure that you and your spouse have a clear conscience as to which forms of birth control that you’re going to use.

The Bible says that to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him it is sin.

The only way that you can have a clear conscience on this issue is to, first of all, come to a firm clear conclusion as to where you believe that life truly begins.

Then second of all, I want to strongly urge you to research carefully what types of birth control are considered abortive and what other types will uphold the sanctity of life.

When we look at the question of Christians using birth control, I don’t see any specific scripture that prohibits it.

This means that a couple should not be judged if they choose to use it but I would suggest asking these two questions;

  1. First of all, what is my motivation for using this birth control
  2. Then second of all, is this a type of birth control that will uphold the sanctity of life as God defines it?

If we can answer those two questions positively, then we should proceed with a clear conscience and know when to use birth controls and contraceptives in Christianity.

 What does the bible say about birth control?

When the Bible does not give us a clear guide and direction on an issue, we are forced to look for principles that will help guide us into a wise decision.

We all know that during the old days, there were no contraceptives at all.

When discussing this topic of Christians and contraceptives, we should have this in mind.

However, the Bible clearly tells us what is right and what is wrong. So there are situations when a Christian can use condoms, birth controls, or contraceptives.

For example, the bible tells us that children are gifts from God and therefore we should always receive them with thanksgiving.

However, there are those people that are unable to take proper care of larger families thus enabling them to use contraceptives.

In addition to the phrase above, you will find that couples use it wisely to enable them to plan for what is best for their kids before they are born.

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

Was Jesus born on December 25th? No, Jesus was not born on that day. This article will help you understand when Jesus Christ was really born. Christmas date is only to acknowledge the birth of Jesus but it does not mean that He was born in December.

So when trying to find out exactly when Jesus was born, we need to start by looking at the characteristics that surround His birth according to the bible.

We need to look at the story of the shepherds that we are told were out in the fields during the birth of Jesus and why they were out at night.

In the Talmud, Rabbi’s say that shepherds would only be out in the fields around March until the next rainy season. Some argue that the winter there is not the same here in America.

The winter still gets cold in Bethlehem too and anyone who has been to Israel during the winter knows that. The question is, They’re out in the fields and at night which is very strange. Why would they be out in the fields at night?

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?
When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

Well, you know some people have argued that this is another fact that Jesus was born in the autumn.

They claim Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. We understand them but the problem is that during tabernacles, the males had to all be in Jerusalem so definitely Joseph was not out there.

The birth of Jesus would not cause Joseph to break the law by being outside of Jerusalem since the birth of the Messiah is going to fulfill everything. So we rule out the possibility that Jesus was born in autumn.

There is one time of the year that Shepherds would be out with their flocks at night. Note that it is only one and that is in the spring. The shepherds could only stay out during this time because the sheep were giving birth to lambs.

This was the lambing season and they would stay out to take care of the little lambs. Lambs are not like people. They’re only born at one time and so this will help us trace when exactly Jesus was born.

Lambs are only delivered at a certain time and season of the year, unlike the humans who can be delivered at any time.

Lambs are born in the springtime and they could start as early as February. However, it really would go up to March or April.

This is why some people always ask if Jesus was born in April because the analysis above points to April as the best month to place the birth of Jesus Christ. Well, let us continue digesting the facts bellow.  

The spring which is between February to April is the center of the Hebrew month of Nissan. During that month, the shepherds stayed out watching.

This all fits together because the shepherds’ job is to watch and make sure that the young lamb is ok at birth during the night.

That there is a perfect thing, to begin with when looking for the month in which Jesus was really born. This is because Jesus is the Lamb of God and the shepherds are the ones who would greet His Lamb which is Jesus Christ in this case.

Jesus is born in Bethlehem and another thing that Christians don’t know is that Bethlehem according to the writings of the Rabbis was actually a place where sacrificial Lambs were kept. 

The lambs they had were actually the Lambs for the temple sacrifice. We all know that Jesus was sacrificed and crucified on the cross to wash away our sins.

Bethlehem was especially used to keep lambs that were for the temple sacrifice. This was a perfect place and the timing was right for Messiah to be born and kept at a place where the sacrificial lambs are kept.

Now here is another clue that will help us know when was Jesus really born. When we look at Exodus 12, it says like this; “take a lamb, a male 1-year-old, it’s the Passover lamb”

You can read that and miss something and here it is. Jesus was the lamb of God and He was a year old at the time of Passover. You also note that he was born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan or Spring.

Here, Messiah is the Passover lamb, He dies on Passover. However, the Lamb is also born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan spring. Messiah is born at the same time when He dies.

The next clue that will help us know when Jesus was really born are the holy days of Israel.

The central events of the Messiah’s life and his time on earth all take place on Hebrew holy days. Christians don’t realize the first Hebrew holiday ever given to Israel was Palm Sunday.

In exodus 12, the bible says “take a lamb on the tenth day of the month” This means that you will take the lamb, keep it for four days in your house. That’s called the tenth of Nisan.

The first command ever given to the Israelis is to continually keep the tenth of Nisan which is the day of the lamb. The day that they take the lamb to their house and keep it there until the time of the sacrifice.

Palm Sunday is the 10th of Nisan and it’s the day that they are actually there when he’s coming to Jerusalem. They’re all taking the lambs to their houses and God is also taking His Lamb His to his house on that day.

It is it’s all there and God is so perfect because when does Jesus die? He dies on the other Hebrew holy day which is Passover and rises on the other Hebrew holy day.

The next great event of the church is the Pentecost which is a Jewish holiday. We realize that that Pentecost is “Shavu’ot” in Hebrew. The word Pentecost is a Jewish word which is a Jewish holiday.

Everything in Jesus life happens on a Hebrew holiday. His birth, death and resurrection are also in the same days.

So when Jesus was really born prophetically is not falling in the autumn and even His second coming will also be in the spring. It all points back to the spring and this month called Nissan, which means the beginning.

That’s where it all begins and everything Jesus does in order on Sundays is according to those days. If you count back, you got;

  1. Resurrection in the 6th of the Nissan
  2. Passover and 15th of Nisan
  3. Palm Sunday 10th of Nisan

Now we see that when Jesus was really born is being narrowed down to the very first days of Nisan.

The next clue of that will help us get the exact month that Jesus was born in is that every day and every time God fulfills a holy day, He doesn’t just fulfill it without a them. The theme of that day he fulfills is very significant. Here are examples;

  • In the Passover, He dies as the Passover lamb
  • First fruits, He rises        

For us to find when Jesus was really born, we have to find the days that match with the new begging in Hebrew. Is there any day on the Hebrew calendar that would match up with birth as a new beginning of everything?

The one day is ‘Nissan One’ which is the very beginning of the Hebrew year. This is the very day that begins everything and so and this is the day of the real new year.

The thing about this is the day it’s the day that begins the calendar and changes the count that the old calendar is gone.

The new calendar begins and that is what the birth of Jesus does to Christians. The birth of Jesus changes everything and it was a new beginning for all Christians.

Based on all the points above, Jesus was born on the Nissan One and not in December. That is when Jesus was really born.

What is Messiah’s birth do when he comes to this world? He changes the calendar and we all know that the journey of a Christians’ life starts afresh when he accepts Christ.

Everything is refreshed and you begging a new life as Christian. At this point, anything that you ask from our father in heaven during prayers is answered because you are considered to be pure and righteous before God.

The Hebrew calendar is based on the moon and that’s where we get the word month. Jesus died when there was a full moon. And that is why the fool mon is always considered the height of evil things and evil works in the dark world.

Every Hebrew month begins with a new moon and reaches its peak at the full moon.

That’s why they say a month is in its fullness at mid-month when there is a full moon. We are told that Jesus died when the moth was at its fullness and that points to Nisan 14 or 15 which is the middle.

Another clue that will tell us when was Jesus really born in the stars. We went to the moon, now let’s go to the Stars. To digest the stars, we have to go to the people who were priests but not Jewish priests of the religion called Zoroastrianism.

The book of Matthew says; “Jesus was born in Bethlehem and Magi from the east came to Jerusalem saying, Where is He who was born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and we came to worship Him”.

They were priests and they were also astrologers. Back then astrology and astronomy were basically the same.

The problem is that no natural star is able to move across and guide you to a place and this was supernatural based on the guidance they got.

We know Herod died 4 BC so right away, this tells us that Jesus was born BC and wasn’t born on the zero.

The mystery behind the star story is that how could they just see a star and know that a king of the Jews has been born?

This is because all the stars converged in one place and they were able to link the shining star to Judea.

This was not a usual sign they would see on every other occasion. They knew this was special and a king that was soo powerful had been born.

Modern astronomers have identified that such conjunction happens only once every six thousand years. We also note that all this happened in 6BC in the springtime again.

How to Recognize a Bad Pastor, Lazy & Corrupt Preacher

How to Recognize a Bad Pastor

The Holy Spirit will always help you in learning how to recognize a bad pastor. As a Christian, you have to know the signs of a bad pastor before you make conclusions.

When Jesus was departing from earth to be with our Father in heaven, He promised to leave among us the Holy Spirit for guidance.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to discern and recognize evil and good in the spiritual world. A true Christian is guided by the Holy Spirit.

Signs of a Bad, Lazy, Arrogant Pastor
Signs of a Bad, Lazy, Arrogant Pastor

We should learn to listen and work with the Holy Spirit if we want to easily identify the signs of bad pastors and teachers in the church today.

Signs of A Bad Pastor

Let us look at some signs that may show your pastor is really the problem.

When talking about the problem, it is not important to narrow it down to one specific thing having it in mind that churches have issues that are very unfortunate.

Maybe it’s a lack of growth, internal conflict, or maybe financial issues among other general issues. Some issues may be petty while others are heavy.

As a Christian, you should give any teacher or pastor a benefit of the doubt.

This will always help you to recognize a bad pastor when you see any sign of manipulation right from the beginning.

As the author of this article, I don’t know much about your pastor or your pastor’s heart but below is what I do know for a fact.

If somebody went to seminary or dedicated their life to being a pastor, Chances are that they started that journey with good intentions.

So maybe even if they’re misguided right now, it’s safe to assume that they want to do good when they started.

However, it’s also safe for you to give them the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I don’t know too many pastors but there are good ones and bad pastors as well out there.

Most pastors are generally good people and you should give them the benefit of the doubt on the positive side.

It is not wrong to keep a check on your pastor and a bad pastor will always have a problem when you do that.

It is okay to check them because Jesus himself said that we need to be alert of false prophets for example in Matthew 7 which states that:

“watch out for false prophets, they come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves, by their fruit, you will recognize them”

Matthew 7

This is what the bible teaches us about bad pastors because Jesus told us to be alert and on guard, since there really are bad pastors and leaders out there.

1. A Bad Pastor Thinks & Teaches That He is perfect

The first sign that you may be dealing with a dysfunctional leader in your church is if he trains the people to assume that he could never be the problem.  

you see a good pastor will actually build into his congregation and teach them how to rightly judge between good and bad.

He will also teach them how to keep him accountable and that’s what a humble leader does.

A prideful and arrogant leader who isn’t a good pastor will teach his people that he could never be the problem.

He subtly does these mind-numbing sermons that will brainwash you religiously such that you can no longer judge, reason, or question his deeds.

He ends up looking like a small perfect god and somehow at the end of it, he’s the hero of the story.

Even though he doesn’t come out and say it in simple terms, he will always be the hero at the end of every story.

You are supposed to recognize a bad and corrupt pastor this way because he wants to make you believe that questioning his doctrines is wrong.  

As a Christian, you’ll want to be careful of those guys who can never be the problem and they train the people that they really aren’t the issue.

2. A Bad Pastor Always Plays the Victim

Another sign of a bad pastor is that he always points the finger at other people and never take the blame in any situation.

He plays the victim card all the time and never takes responsibility for his own issues or actions.

He’s is always blaming other people and he wants to look like he is the victim. He wants you to pity him all the time such that when he requests for anything, it will always work to his advantage.

Sometimes it’s right and okay for a pastor to be defensive especially if you’re coming at the guy and you really don’t have any evidence for the claims you’re making.

This does not mean that he plays the card on every issue if you get the word manipulation right. A bad pastor will manipulate you.

If you go about the biblical process of confronting a church leader who has a problem within the church, a good pastor should listen.

A corrupt pastor defends himself instantly and points a finger at others while playing the victim card, this is a huge red flag of a bad pastor.

We all know that any sane man should listen to any problem pinned to him and first begin by analyzing the root cause of the issue.

A good pastor accounts for his actions and if they are wrong, it’s okay for a leader to apologize but not to be defensive even if it is clear he is wrong.

3. Bad Pastors Are Against Having a Group of Church Elders

Another simple way on how to recognize a bad pastor is that they want to run the church alone and are against having a diverse board of elders who manage the church affair.

They always want their best friends, relatives, or family members on the church board.

Majority of biblical church model in the New Testament have it that there is not to be one person in charge of the church.

There is supposed to be a group of elders leading the church and making important decisions.

A bad pastor will do a couple different things, he’ll either have a fake elder board who just does whatever he wants and aren’t actually listening to him.

Even when they disagree, he’ll run them out of town and just take over the church.

Maybe he starts a new elder board with people that do listen to him or starts running the church on his own.

The big picture is that you’ll want to be careful of somebody who doesn’t fall under the submission of a plurality of elders.

When looking at the signs of a bad pastor in a church, you should never just assume your pastor is the problem.

However, take a look at the Bible and see if he is violating any of the clear commands in Scripture that are supposed to govern the way he leads the church.

4. A Bad Pastor Will Only Teach What You Want to Hear

Our generation has been corrupted by peer pressure and is easily swayed from the right teachings thus giving the bad pastors an easy time to manipulate and use them to their advantage.  

Bible says that; “God is seeking them that shall worship Him in spirit and in truth”

There are many people submitted to bad pastors and you don’t even know it. Materialistic pastors give you what you want to hear.

The Bible says we’re living at a time where people have itching ears thus they cannot endure through sound doctrine.

They have a low tolerance for the gospel of repentance and the gospel that preaches against sin, immorality, and perversion.

The modern generation does not want to listen to the true gospel and they are scare to listen to what will cause your soul to go into hell.

They have a low tolerance that they would rather gather around wolves that will tell them sweet words of how God is going to bless them with a new home or a new car.

Our generation flop around lies and deception from bad pastors that carry a form of good news that rely on false imaginations and visions.

This is because they no longer have a capacity to receive the true message and teaching from God.

5. A Bad Pastor Knows What to Say and When to Say It

How to recognize a bad pastor is also easy f you know that those pastors know what to say and exactly when to say it.

They have a way of getting emotions all stirred up hallelujah my God but he is in sync with the voice of the serpent.

The Bible records to us that the serpent spoke in the Garden of Eden.

In this generation, the serpent still has a voice through the bad pastors. In their churches, you will see people go into the church and leave the church to smoke in the parking lot.

This is a good example of a church that people will always attend but they never accept Jesus as their personal Christ and savior.

There is too much bad and there is no room for the move of God in their lives.

We need to wake up because your pastor could be a bad pastor you don’t even know it.

Jesus said, “lest a man is born of the water and the spirit they cannot enter into the kingdom of God”

Nothing that he spoke had any relationship to anything natural. Every time He opened His mouth, He declared eternity.

Jesus spoke eternal things and a lot of people that were in the flesh could not understand this language that Jesus was speaking.

Others marveled at what Jesus spoke because no one spoke with such authority as Jesus did because Jesus was speaking in the Spirit and bad pastors are never synchronized with the spirit.

Many people are submitted to these bad pastors that are entangled with all kinds of web perversions in their lives. They listen to pastors that do not operate in the glory and cannot even pray for a headache

Christians are hopping around looking for prophecy in their lives but nobody wants to go into the Word of God to the word truth that is guided by the Spirit that is released upon them.

A lot of people have prophecies hanging over them with no manifestations because they don’t even know how to recognize bad pastors who have no idea on how manifestation works.

What The Bible Says About Correcting Bad Pastors

Many Christians turn to Matthew 18 to think about when to correct someone who’s in the wrong. However, that passage is actually for individual Christians who have an issue with one another.

There’s a different passage of Scripture that is more relevant when there’s a corporate sin or when there’s a pastoral issue.

That’s really not alike a sin against you directly, but you have a problem with something the pastor is doing. That bible verse is in 1st Timothy 5 verses 19 through 20;

“do not entertain an accusation against an elder, unless it is brought by two or three witnesses, those who sin are to be reviewed publicly so that the others may take warning”

1 Timothy 19:20

The elder is referring to a pastor in this passage and here is how to break it down.

It means that in a situation where many are claiming that a pastor has done something wrong, then definitely they have all noted some corrupt deeds.

That verse is the biblical process of how to correct wrong or bad pastors.

If that bad pastor starts pointing fingers and blaming those people while casting stones at them, then ironically he’s the one violating this passage.

If the elder team in a church or other pastor also sees a problem with this head pastor and then that pastor should explain his actions.

If he goes on the offense and just starts attacking those people without actually answering the questions, then thats it.

This is a sure way of how to recognize a bad pastor since he’s also violating the actual scripture that was used against him.

How to Recognize a Bad, Lazy and Arrogant Pastor

There are many people in our generation that are submitted to bad pastors. What does the word bad pastors mean?

There is a fine distinction between spiritual pastors and bad, weak and lazy pastors.

When you look at the Word of God pertaining to the sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu, these were bad pastors.

The Bible says they offered up an authorized fire unto the Lord and in that same hour, they were destroyed because they were operating within the premises of the flesh which is carnality.

They had not died to self but they were picking up the cross with the residue of their carnality, wickedness and carnal nature, so they were destroyed ultimately without retaining an absolutely no legacy.

This is because they perceived the things of God as a form of entertainment.

They thought that if the priests had done this, then I can surely do it without being authorized to proceed. So they treated the things of God with content.

We look at also the sons of Eli, Hophni, and Phinehas. Two sons were having sex with the women that served at the entrance to the tent of meeting.

That reminds us of a lot of pastors in this generation that are having sexual relations with women in their church.

Bad pastors that have sexual relations with Usher’s in the church or with praise and worship leaders in the church.

There is an inclination proclivity of sexual immorality in the house of God and that is because we have accommodated bad pastors in the church.

How to Recognize a Bad Pastor
How to Recognize a Bad Pastor

A major sign of lazy, arrogant, and weak pastors is that they are never in tune with what God is saying, they always recycle the same messages.

They preach messages that they already preached the previous week because they cannot hear God for themselves.

Lazy and weak pastors are the kind of pastors that listen to other pastors and take those same messages and then preach them on Sunday.

You need to learn how to recognize a bad pastor If you are reading this and you are submitted to arrogant pastors that operate in the flesh.

Those wicked arrogant pastors have been disconnected because they carry a salt spirit. They carry a salt spirit which is indicative of rebellion because they’re arrogant and full of pride.

Why God Rebukes Bad Pastors & Teachers

The Bible says that Saul was rejected by God. God rebuked his prophet because it is in the nature of a prophet to weep over nations and souls.

The prophet was weeping for the wrong person. God says to Samuel; “how long will you mourn after soul seeing that I have rejected him as king over Israel.

I have already rejected him and so whatever it is you’re doing now is in vain. Pick up your staff and go to your place of assignment which going to be in Jesse’s house. Go and anoint the one that I will show you.”

God separates the flesh from the spiritual and there should be a boundary between a bad pastor and a good one guided by the Holly Spirit.

God said to Nicodemus; “the words I speak to you are spirit and life. I’m NOT speaking to your earthly things and I am NOT speaking to your carnal things”

How the Holy Spirit Can Guide You from Bad, Lazy and Arrogant Pastors

Remember when the disciples were interacting with Jesus and He inquired of what men say about Him, the had different answers.

The Bible says that they proceeded to give Him answers which were in accordance with people’s perception, observation, and conclusions.

Then the revelation fell upon Peter and Jesus turned to him and asked him, but who do you say that I am? The Bible tells us that Peter answered that; “you are the son of God you are the Messiah”

Jesus then said to him that flesh and blood did not reveal this to him but His Father who is in heaven gave the revelation.

This is why Christians should always ask the Holy Spirit to help them in how to recognize a bad pastor.

There is absolutely no way Peter would have access to this revelation without being connected to the God who was the only source of that information at that particular time in the Bible.

The Agenda of a Bad Pastor

There are too many bad, lazy, and arrogant pastors around us who can be very toxic to our children, parents, and community in general.

They are false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing who disguise their motives and their agenda is to promote themselves.

They’re not in the business of promoting God or giving God the glory but they’re in the business of promoting themselves, getting rich off of the flock, and abusing people at the first chance that they get.

They’re not operating in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ because they don’t want to preach the true gospel.

Instead, they’re preaching motivation that drives the flock to fulfill their own desires on earth.

We are seeing the motivational speakers behind the pulpit preaching before the masses in the church today.

We have a generation of young people that have been confused with material things and have swayed against God’s word.

They promote homosexuality and perversion because our generation has forgotten the real respect that should be accorded to the word of God.

We have an audience that has made the church turn into a form of entertainment.

The lazy church memebers carry a form of godliness but lack the power of the Holy Spirit which can help them know the difference between good and bad.

Abusive Pastors in The Church

We’re living at a time where people are lost and will no longer read their Bible but rather listen to the abusive pastors and fake prophets.

When those deceiving prophets tell them to eat grass, they will eat grass, When the false prophets tell them to undress, they will do it.

They do it because they do not know God and have forgotten how to pray in truth and in spirit as instructed by Jesus Christ.

They choose to listen to lazy and arrogant pastors that don’t have time to read the bible and preach the truth.

In our modern society, no one is seeking to find a relationship with Yahweh but everyone is seeking God out of religion.

This is because they have become accustomed to it to a practice that they engage in every Sunday of the week.

Our modern-day Christians are not seeking God because they desire to know Him.

They’re seeking God because it is popular to do so. They’re seeking Him because they only want the blessing of God.

They don’t want the righteousness of God neither do they want to know who God is.

All they care about is if God can give them a car, a house, money then they will serve Him in the flesh but not in the spirit.

The devil is a liar and no one can control God or manipulate Him in their own way.

God’s time is always the best and no one can put God in a box. We should submit to his power and his authority and whatever God says we do.

We are not in command but God is in command and we are the ones that are to submit to God.

It is not the other way around. We are not going to put a deadline on when God is to move in our lives of God decides to move at whatever time he is going to move.

Baptism for The Dead: Can The Dead Be Baptized?

Baptism for The Dead in Christianity

Can a dead person be baptized? The answer is no and baptism for the dead is false Christian teaching. Salvation does not come after death but in life. After death, judgment will be based on your actions and the things you do now.

Even though some Christians like the Mormons think it is okay to baptize the dead, the truth is that this is not something that we are taught to do in the bible.

Jesus clearly tells us that it is impossible for you to be saved if you reject the word of God in this life.  Salvation does not have second chances after death and that is why baptism for the dead can never be practiced among true Christians.

In Christianity, another person’s faith cannot change your life if you also don’t believe. That is why we are told as Christians that you have to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and you will be saved.

Baptism for The Dead in Christianity
Baptism for The Dead in Christianity

A dead person cannot confess and believe as the bible instructs. A dead person cannot accept Jesus Christ and remember, once someone is dead, it is only the body that is left. The soul and the spirit are Gone. So how can you baptize the body without the spirit?

Those are some of the strong reasons why baptism for the dead in Christianity is not accepted. It contradicts the teaching of Jesus Christ and there is no place in the bible that commands LDS, Mormons, or Christians to baptize the dead.

Baptism for The Dead in The Bible

Baptism is one of the major and significant ordinances of the Latter-day Saint movement, and without it, a person cannot be accepted in the Celestial Kingdom.

Baptism in Christianity it is essential for eternal life, and the fact that many people have died without having the opportunity to have been baptized presents a major problem for Mormonism and Christians in general.

Latter-day Saints have sought to overcome this problem with the doctrine of “Baptism for the Dead”. According to this said doctrine, this group pf Christian Mormons think that the can perform baptism on behalf of the dead for their soul to be accepted in eternal life.

Some of them always miss interpreted the book of first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse twenty-nine. (Corinthians 15:29).

This chapter when looked into details, Paul is simply explaining why Christians can be hopeful in a future physical resurrection.

In Corinth, there were people arguing that there could not be a future resurrection of the Dead Christians and this is why Paul goes on to explain that if it is not possible for anyone to be brought back to life or raised from the dead, then even Jesus himself has not been raised or come back from the dead.

That would mean that our faith is useless and state that Christians who believe in resurrection do not know what they are talking about or doing. This explains why Paul was not telling Christians that baptism for the dead in Christianity was allowed.

Paul doesn’t explain what this practice is, and the rest of the New Testament doesn’t provide any help. Throughout history, philosophers have debated over exactly what this phrase actually refers to.

So we should take notice that there’s not any clarity given on what Paul means by this phrase. Second, Paul does not command believers to participate in this practice.

Whatever baptism of the dead or their behalf is, Paul certainly does not command people to practice it. Remember this verse is part of a greater argument that Paul uses to prove that Christians will be resurrected as Christ was.

Another fact to prove that Paul does not encourage or tell people to baptize the dead in Christianity is that is the only verse in the whole bible that talks about baptism of the dead. After that, there is nowhere in the bible that talks about this.  

If this practice actually is proxy baptism, and if it is an essential doctrine for the Christian faith, then why does not a single verse in the Bible actually command it?

In fact, even the Book of Mormon doesn’t make reference to “Baptism for the Dead”. If this is as important as Latter-Day Saints suggest, we should expect the Bible to both clearly define and explicitly command it.

If you look at the book of Corinthians keenly, Paul is asking he believes that if they believe in baptizing the dead, then why do they also believe in resurrection and life after death?

Any Christian who is practicing baptism of the dead is not a true believer in life after death and in the salvation that requires that you confess and believe in your heart as a living human being that Jesus is Lord.

The whole Bible is super clear about this point. Our works, even those commanded by scripture, like baptism, are not prerequisites for salvation. We are saved by grace through faith, not by works.

It is never about those who get baptized, but the ones who believe are the ones that have eternal life. Second, there is no chance for salvation after death. The Bible is clear about what happens to us after we die.

What Does it Mean to Be Baptized for The dead in Christianity?

To be baptized for the dead in Christianity simply means that someone who is alive is named and baptized on behalf of the dead person assuming that they will be granted mercy in the afterlife. This is practiced by the Mormons.

This is always done because of the misinterpretation of a verse in the bible by apostle Paul. Let us deal with a question found in 1st Corinthians 15 verse 29 where the Apostle Paul writing says

“else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all, why are they then baptized for the dead?”

1 Corinthians 15:29

It is obvious that the question is what in the world does it mean when a Christian is talking about baptism for the dead. There are many different views on this of course and that’s why the Mormon cult claims it means that a person can be water baptized on behalf of someone who’s died.

They also add that soul of that person who has died can choose to receive or reject that baptism on their behalf. It means that they are conducting a proxy baptism and of course that’s a bunch of nonsense.

The Mormon cult in this face is replete with false doctrines that they preach with a false gospel and it is filled with so many weird views. A Christian should never take an obscure verse and try to build any doctrine that is contradicting other clear verses of the Scripture.

What does Paul mean when he says baptized for the dead? Well, one of the standard interpretations has found the old Scofield Bible and the center column margin. There’s a note that says like this;

“who through the introductory Rite of baptism are taking the places in the ranks left vacant by Christians who have died”

We disagree with that introductory right because in this case, the Cofield Bible is trying to say that you are not in the church without water baptism and that baptism is the introductory right into the church. This in simple terms translates to the meaning that you have to be baptized in water to be saved as a Christian.

We all know that’s a false gospel and that salvation is by grace in Christianity that is based on Faith. Salvation is the gift from God to mankind who choose to abide and follow the rules and guides stated in the Bible.

In 1st Corinthians 15:3-4, the Apostle Paul also openly declares the gospel he found by revelation. He said;

“For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day,”

1 Corinthians 15:3-4

According to the Holy Scriptures, there is nothing to add or remove in regard to the teaching. That’s why there is nothing like Baptism of the dead in Christianity because we are told that you should accept Christ when you are still alive and let them who have ears hear.

It’s the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. When you realize that you’re a lost sinner and you turn by faith to Jesus Christ as your Savior while believing in the following;

  1. Believing he died for your sins
  2. He was buried and rose again
  3. Trusting in him and him alone and his finished work

Then that there is salvation.  Baptism by water has no relation or anything to do with salvation in our modern existence of grace.

Paul only mentioned water baptism one time and it’s in 1st Corinthians, where he said Christ sent me not to baptize but to preach the gospel.

He clearly distinguishes water baptism from the gospel that he preached. Baptism by water was not part of the gospel that he preached and so obviously it’s legalism and a false gospel to say you have to be baptized with water to be saved.

It’s legalism to say you have to get baptized with water and without that you cannot be in the church, fellowship with other Saints, and to be right with God. If you’ll study Galatians, you’ll find that legalism is not only an issue of justification but also sanctification.

What Does It Mean to Be Baptized for The Dead?

Baptism for the dead-simple means that someone is baptized in place of the dead person. This is not legit Christian teaching because we will all be judged based on our actions. We will be responsible for the things we did here on earth.

There is no way any human being can act as a savior of the other. That in itself is a serious blasphemy and it is like comparing and competing with our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Jesus was not like any other Human being and he will come back again.

When you present yourself to be baptized on behalf of another person, it is clear that you don’t understand the scriptures and what they entail about baptism.

Baptism by water was just like a symbol of new life. You cannot make a covenant on behalf of another person with God.

Baptism in Christianity should also only be done to someone who has confessed to believing in God the Father, Jesus Christ that is God the Son, and finally the Holly spirit that is sent to guide us. There is no way that you can claim baptism for anyone both alive and dead.

It is a good gesture that you may care about someone’s and love them so much that you will want to be saved on their behalf. This may sound romantic but there is no way you can take up salvation for a third-party.

Spiritual matters and issues are private and in Christianity, there should be nothing like baptism for the dead. It is all false and does not align with the scriptures in any way. When you are still alive, or when anyone still has a life here on earth teach them the light.

Show them the true teachings and let them hear the word of God such that if they die and reject it, it is up to their soul. Salvation is like a personal insurance cover. You can never transfer it to anyone, not even a close family member,

However, those that are close to you can benefit from your salvation if they choose to listen and believe in what you are teaching them. They will also have the grace of entering the kingdom of God. They will also enjoy being around you because salvation comes with peace.

Mormon Baptism for The Dead

Why do Mormons baptize the dead? The answer to this is that they want the dead who never accepted salvation also to enjoy a good afterlife like those who believe when still alive. Mormon baptism of the dead involves three steps. Those include:

  1. A person who is willing to represent the dead that needs baptism
  2. Dress code for the baptism
  3. Local Mormon temple

After getting all the three ready, the Mormon goes to their temple and is named after the dead person that they wanted to baptize.

The renamed person is then baptized and in that, they believed that the dead person has been represented in baptism and can now be considered to have had salvation even after death.

Is Circumcision Necessary in Christianity?

Circumcision in Christianity

Do Christians Circumcise? Yes, Christians can be circumcised but it is not a necessary requirement to prove one’s faith in Christ. Physical circumcision in Christianity was a covenant between God and Abraham. The coming of Jesus changed it to spiritual circumcision of the heart.

Although Abraham’s circumcision was a command, Jesus came to set us free from the mosaic law, and therefore it is no longer a must for Christians to be circumcised.

However, it is optional meaning one can choose to or not. The new testament insists on circumcision of the heart which means living a life that is pure and free from sinful acts.

Circumcision in Christianity
Circumcision in Christianity

Meaning of Circumcision in The Bible

Christianity circumcision in the old testament referred to the physical chopping of the male foreskin just like it is done medically in the modern world. This was some form of physical branding for Abraham and his descendants.

As the rainbow was a guaranteed indication of God’s word between God, Noah, and the world, this new sign would be for Abram and anyone that would originate from his line.

God teaches Abram and his family to be circumcised. This may appear to be a very unusual and potentially irregular sign but it was more of the physical identity of his household.

We discovered that those related to Adam and Eve in genesis would come through Abram since it is through him that God would favor the human existence in all nations of the world.

In this manner, God offered Abram and his kin the hint of circumcision as a consistent sign that it would be from their line, that a last honored one would come. In Christianity, we are talking about Jesus Christ.  

This doesn’t imply that Christians must be circumcised based on the grounds that circumcision was just a physical sign that would coordinate the linage were the last honored one would originate from among Christians.

This physical sign on their organs, tangibly indicated that this line of individuals was separated for a quite certain reason. From this line, one would come who was to deliver the whole world from their evil ways.

In making a new covenant with this sign, Abram and Sarai’s name was also changed by God. Both name changes mean another character and another reality. This is also another physical sign that can be compared and used to explain circumcision in Christianity.

Abraham would be the honored father of a huge number, and he had been shown the way to demonstrate it. Sarah would be the princess of a country and she would be no longer infertile.

We finally realize that the last child of Abraham and Sarah who favors the entire human race is Jesus.

Jesus offers us a better covenant and sign than the circumcision given to Abraham. Our own is a circumcision of the heart made deep down by the Holy Spirit.

What does circumcision of the heart mean in Christianity? In modern Christianity after the coming of Jesus, circumcision means the striping of heart from aloud believes and sins and having a new heart through the holy spirit.

Internal circumcision in Christianity means that you must not be related to Abraham directly to be a Christian.

Everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is a Christian no matter where they come from. The Holy Spirit guiding us in the true path is the new indication of the new covenant that Jesus made on the cross.

Christianity and Circumcision

So similarly, as Abraham’s circumcision was a sign put on his body ensuring the satisfaction on the assurance that was to come from God, the New Testament says that the Holy Spirit is a significance and our assurance that everything Jesus promised us will come to pass.

Christians likewise get another name as Abraham and Sarah did. Indeed, we are renamed twice. The primary name is given to you when you put your confidence in Jesus. You are made another creation.

At that point, you are given such a large number of new names that can be separated as follows:

  1. Bride of Christ
  2. Adopted Son or Daughter
  3. Beloved of God among other categories

There is a second name each Christian will get also. The last book in the Bible, Revelation, says that Jesus will give new names to everybody who drives their faith in God and hold on to the end.

Presently, nobody comprehends what this name is or what it will be. It might be that Jesus gives every one of us a private name. This is a name that is only between us and God to help in making the bond strong between us and God.

A sweet name among us and our Savior that ties us together simply like each parent consistently has a name that they use to recognize their children at home. That is a name worth anticipating.

Fundamentally, circumcision in Christianity is about your heart and not physical and God will still answer your prayers even if you are not circumcised as a Christian.

I wish that the Holy Spirit would show all Christians the God of devotion and that they would see that Jesus has given us his Spirit as an assurance of what is to come.

Must a Christian Be Circumcised?

No, it is not a must for Christians to be circumcised. Circumcision was enjoined upon the biblical father of faith Abraham, his descendants, and their slaves. This was as a token of the covenant between God and Abraham and the generations to come.

In the old testament circumcision for all males was a must. According to Genesis17:10, it was a sign of acceptance and obedience to God.

However, in the new testament, physical circumcision is no longer necessary for religious purposes and proof of belief among Christians.

With the coming of the Holy Spirit, the practice became spiritual. This happens when one is converted and becomes a born again Christian.

Romans 2:28-29 expounds that circumcision is that of the heart and the spirit. Spiritual circumcision is a process of conversion in that Christ circumcises us spiritually. Spiritual circumcision makes us complete in Christ.

Apostle Paul writes clearly in Gal 5;6 that whether we are circumcised or not circumcised it avails nothing to us but it is living by faith and in obedience to God’s will that is important. Therefore, the practice of circumcision is not a must in Christianity.

Importance of Circumcision in The Bible

There’s a ton of debate about circumcision and this is a subject that should be tended to. Numerous Christianity believe that circumcision is a write off in the new testament and they utilize this reason to presume that the whole law of God was reviewed after the arrival of new testament.

In the Hebrew roots, there are numerous individuals encouraging that we should be circumcised physically in order to be in God’s good books. However, neither of these views are in line with what the Bible teaches Christians about circumcision.

The dispute and debate that physical circumcision is a necessity for salvation was looked at in Jerusalem Council and certain men that descended from Judea are known to have argued about it. They even went to Jerusalem about this inquiry. Circumcision in Christianity was similarly as questionable in the early century as it is today.

The Apostles were upset by the word that physical circumcision is required for salvation and they presumed that it was a necessity for salvation. However, the case that physical circumcision has no worth and that it has been discarded is also reviewed and looked at in the Bible.

Paul clarifies that physical circumcision is beneficial just in the event that you also bear a circumcised heart.

This is based on the fact that circumcision is just incredible in Christianity if you keep the law. In case you’re a breaker of the law, your circumcision has become uncircumcision.

What is circumcision of the heart

About Romans 2;29, circumcision of the heart refers to having a pure heart, separated unto God. Over and over again God probes the inner man.

He wants us to remove any hindrance in our hearts that would displease Him. Circumcision of the heart means avoiding sin and living a Holy life.

Our hearts are circumcised when we confess our sins and accept Jesus as our savior. It is therefore important for every Christian to receive this circumcision.

It’s a suggestion to us that we are God’s kin and it works like a ring used to bind two people in a wedding. When you get hitched, you put on a ring as an indication of the Covenant. However, in case you’re not loyal the ring is useless.

The ring is essentially an enrichment and has no importance since you are not dedicated to the Covenant. You have to put on a ring and it will be valid only if you are loyal to your partner.

Anybody can be circumcised including the non-believer and sinners and that does not mean that they are cleansed before God. A non-believer may have been circumcised as a kid since his folks were adherents yet his circumcision doesn’t profit him at all since he has no commitment to Christ.

Physical circumcision does not count in Christianity if you are not loyal to Christ. God will always look at the inner you and not the physical. This is why Christianity talks of circumcision of the heart.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean physical circumcision is useless. A few people are of the opinion that circumcision of the heart is a New Testament creation. This is a false approach and should never be looked at as a Christian teaching.

Circumcision of the heart was discussed in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter ten, Verse twelve right to sixteen. If you find time and read the book of Deuteronomy, you will see the circumcision of the heart is tied in with adoring God and keeping his Commandments.

That is actually what Paul was stating in Romans about the Gentiles who are circumcised in their heart. Circumcision of the heart in this case is only beneficial if you follow God’s word. In case you always break the laws as a Christian, your circumcision has become uncircumcision.

Paul is referring to the ‘Torah’ to clarify circumcision. He comprehended that physical circumcision isn’t the objective in Christianity. The objective is circumcision of the heart that is the reason he said circumcision is only keeping the rules of God is what’s significant.

The main objective of Christians is to observe God’s word and know that we are circumcised in our heart so that we leave our past behind and remain dedicated to God. We should cherish God and keep his Commandments.

There are several bible verses on circumcision and they are outlined below:

  1. Genesis 17:10-14
  2. Acts 7:8
  3. Joshua 5:4-8
  4. Leviticus 12:3
  5. John 7:22
  6. Jeremiah 9:25-26
  7. Luke 7:23
  8. John 7:23
  9. Acts 16:3
  10. Acts 11:2
  11. Colossians 3:11

These listed bible verses discuss circumcision on different circumstances and when broadly studied expound more on the practice.

Circumcision in Biblical Times? 

In biblical times, circumcision was done eight days after birth a Male child. As demanded by God, biblical circumcision was a minor procedure.

It involved only the top skin of the male organ which was removed using a stone blade. The practice was done by a priest under the supervision of herbalists who will help in controlling any infections from the cut and help it in healing fast.

Is male circumcision ethical?

Yes, it is ethical and very healthy both for religious people and non-religious people. There has been a great argument about male circumcision, especially for male kids. However, the benefits prove that the procedure is not a bad one.

The advantages and benefits of circumcision include reduced chances of penile cancer, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Also, circumcised men find it easier to maintain the hygiene of their penis and enjoy greater sexual satisfaction. However, this is more of a myth since even those who are not cut still enjoy.

The procedure may seem cruel especially for infants but its pros outweigh the cons and its best for the overall health of a person. Many Christians prefer to have male circumcision done medically during the adolescent stage of their sons.

Why some Christians don’t circumcise

Some Christians don’t circumcise because they are no longer bound by the mosaic law. Others term it as an old fashioned practice that doesn’t apply in modern times.

After the coming of Jesus, receiving Him was more important than observing cultural procedures.

Why Did God Choose Circumcision?

God chose circumcision as a sign of His covenant with humans to physically identify them from non-believers in the old testament.

This procedure displays people’s intimacy with God. The removal of the foreskin signified the uncovering of our most hidden parts.

God desires people who are transparent to Him and that was one of the reasons why circumcision was made a law to Abraham and his offspring.

Modern Christian Circumcision

In biblical times, circumcision was done by a priest while in modern times it is done by a medical specialist. The biblical procedure was strictly done on the eighth day of a newborn’s life while in the modern-day it can be done at any age.

During the biblical circumcision, there were some cultural procedures and patterns that had to be followed unlike in the modern one that is precise and not demanding.

This practice has greatly evolved with time leaving a big gap between the biblical and the modern time circumcision.

What is Spiritual Circumcision

Just like circumcision of the heart, Spiritual circumcision is abandoning the sinful life and living a life under the direction of the Holy Spirit. It simply means purifying your heart in Christ and leaving your sinful acts after salvation.

It is putting the old man of sin away and allowing ourselves to be born again through Jesus Christ. Just like the foreskin is removed, that is how the sinful nature of man is also removed.

Must The Gentiles Be Circumcised?

According to Acts of Apostles chapter 15, the council of Jerusalem concluded that circumcision was not a must for the gentile Christians.

This meant that they would still be converted to Christianity just like Jews but were not entitled to the Jewish culture of circumcision. Up to date circumcision for the Jews is optional.

Circumcision means different things to different people. To some, it was and still a rite of passage into adulthood. To others, it is merely a simple medical procedure. But to the Jews, it remains a sign of God’s covenant with them.

Are Silent Prayers Biblical & Effective?

Are Silent Prayers Biblical & Effective?

Does God listen to silent prayers? Yes, silent prayers are biblical and God listens to them just like He does to loud prayers. Praying in silence is equally effective because God is omnipresent and he knows the desires of your heart.

If you like praying silently, then go ahead because it’s okay. This article will help in clarifying the misconception and miss information that some false teachers peddle claiming that God only listens to loud prayers.

Those false preachers compare loud prayers with silent ones and give false reasons that God only listens to you when you are vocal.

If God doesn’t listen to silent prayers like they falsely claim, do they want to tell us that those who have lost their voices because of diseases or people who can’t speak naturally should not pray?

Does it also mean that when you have any flu that is affecting your voice then your prayers cannot be heard? The answer is definitely a big no. God looks at your pure intentions and you should never be worried about silent or loud prayers.

Are Silent Prayers Biblical & Effective?
Are Silent Prayers Biblical & Effective?

Silent Prayers in Christianity

It is totally okay to pray in your head and talk to God in your mind as long as you feel it is the best way to pray at that moment. God does not have rules on weather our prayers should be vocal or silent at a constant level.

Silent prayers from your heart is something that every Christian should learn about and know the power of mastering them. They are very powerful because they tend to come from deep within you without the interference of anybody listening to them around you.

Both religions and philosophers talk about silent prayer from the heart and this basically means that you are praying from your heart. When you set your prayer intention:

  1. It has to be sincere
  2. It has to be heartfelt
  3. It has to be a pure desire

When you combine those three together, your soul’s power will create change and push for your prayer and transformation through desire. This kind of prayer is so strong and that’s actually all you need for your prayers to be answered.

The advantage of silent prayer is that it is also very much linked to your will, wish and just by praying silently, you can set about a change or healing that you are Shure of from the Lord.

It is like getting instant answers and creating transformation just by setting these pure sincere desires from your heart. I see a lot of people praying from the wound itself or praying from a wounded ego while in desperation.

Praying when you are bitter without being calm will only tap into the negative energy world and your prayers may end up not being pure. That is why silent prayers are very important because it is not easy to tap negative energy into those payers.

I’m sharing this from my experience that what often happens is that you don’t want to deal with the consequences of inviting unwanted energies in your prayers. Your prayers should be pure with faith and trust in God.

You really don’t want to be responsible or accountable for your choices for where you are now and a lot of the times you don’t want to do the work that it takes to get to where you need to be or want to be or whatever it is that you want to create in your life.

That’s why these wounded egos based prayers don’t work and what you’re doing actually is you are reinforcing the pattern by crying from this wounded place or setting these desires from this wound itself.

Importance of Silence in Prayer

The importance of audible silence in prayers is that you make very strong and honest prayers to God without the fear that someone is going to listen to you. This is okay because you become open and confess to God what you really want.

I hope that the explanation above makes sense if not, you can ask your questions below and I’ll try to answer them in detail as possible. This is something that I sort of discovered sometime back when I was at one of my lowest points in life.

I was struggling to process a deep wound of betrayal and carrying this for quite a long time in several months and I got to a point where it was consuming me. It was eating into my thoughts.

It was consuming my whole being and I was not able to process this the whole breakdown. Forgiving became a problem due to being bitter in life and got to a point where I just sat down at my altar.

I called in my guardian angels and God then connected to my heart to my soul. I prayed and I really meant it. I promised to do whatever it takes to get the bitterness out of me because it was pulling me down terribly.

I said a sincere silent prayer from deep down within my heart, it was honest and pure such that I felt the presence of God listening to me. Believe it or not, one week did not even pass and my prayers were answered.

For quite some time, I wondered why my prayers were answered very fast for the first time and I got a revelation. It was so clear that I was to blame for the long-suffering because all I used to do was lament and pray without focus.

I used to pray out loud while deep in my heart I’m complaining and whining about the same problems that are making me bitter. That means my prayers were not pure and there was no connection of my heat to my physical being.

How to Pray Silently from The Heart

This is when I realized that silent prayers are very important because they help you focus without distraction. Here are some steps on how to say silent prayers as a Christian:

  1. Find a quiet place or lock yourself up in a room
  2. The best time to always do this is to wake up very early in the morning, that is between 3.30 am – 5 am in the morning
  3. Take time to relax and focus at your place of prayer
  4. Sit for about 3-5 minutes and try just to breathe without thinking about anything
  5. You may also read a bible verse that is encouraging and focus on that alone
  6. Then kneel down and start your prayers without making noise of interfering with others
  7. Silence help in keeping the energies around you pure because if you make noise, you wake up others and they will be cursing you. This is enough to block your prayers
  8. Say your sincere prayers from your heart
  9. Feel free to whisper your prayers but disturb others after learning how to pray correctly

That those steps on how to say silent prayers are the best one on one sessions you can ever create with God. When you have a pressing problem that you are really bothered about and is pulling you down negatively in life, praying from your heart is the solution.

I have been practicing those steps and this is like a muscle that you can start to build in order to strengthen the power of your silent prayers.

A lot of people lack this secret thus they end up in a desperate place where they’re wounded while praying the wrong way.

They are looking for a breakthrough yet they are praying with bitterness that distracts your prayers with a lot of negative energies. Try the silent prayer steps above for seven days and see how your situation will change before you know it.

What Does the Bible Say About Praying in Silence?

Is silent prayer Biblical? Yes, praying silently is approved in the bible, and here is the answer in detail. When Jesus was teaching us about the Lord’s prayer, He talked of going into a room and kneeling before God in private.

He then recited the Lord’s prayer but did not say anywhere that we should shout or make noise while praying.

In fact, Jesus said that when hypocrites are praying, they stand in synagogues and in the corners of the streets so that everyone will see them.

He urged everyone not to pray like the hypocrites because they have their reward here on earth by displaying their prayers.

Jesus said that praying in secret and locking yourself up in a room where you are only connecting to our father in heaven, your prayers are much appreciated and welcomed since you have consulted God without distractions.

Jesus also encouraged Christians that during their prayer in silence, they should never be like the pagans who use so many words.

They make it look like God is not listening to them. Instead, He gave the Lord’s Prayer for Christians to Use as an example if you read the book of Mathew chapter six.

However, this does not also mean that you should never pray out loud. It simply translates to the fact that it’s much better when your prayers are focused with fewer distractions.

If you are okay praying silently, do it, if you like it loud then you are also free to do that. While praying out loud, just ensure that your prayer is not a problem to others so that you don’t have a lot of people projection negativity at you.

Our Lord’s Prayer in the Bible:

Fasting, Praying During Menstruation in The Bible

Menstruation in The Bible

Menstruation in the Bible in regards to spirituality is termed to be unclean. The Bible in Leviticus chapter 15 talks about unclean bodily discharge. One of the things this chapter talks about is menstrual blood in women among Christians.

Some Christians argue that God looks at your soul and thus it is okay to go to church or pray during menstruation. They say that Jesus delivered us from the strict rules of the old testament and a woman is free to pray during her monthly periods.

Menstruation in The Bible
Menstruation in The Bible

Modern Christianity and Menstruation

There has always been an argument between physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness. Christians who base their belief on being spiritually clean will always argue that it is okay for a woman to pray, read the bible or go to church during menstruation.

A Christian woman once challenged that if menstruation in the bible is still considered to be unclean even after the coming of Jesus Christ, then why is it that some of the old Christian ways life sacrificing lambs are not practiced?

It will only be fair if we ban everything and start a new chapter in Christ. Remember, Christians and Muslims only differ because of the new testament. It is okay for Menstruation to be unclean in Islam because they practice a religion based on the old testament.

Christians should not judge any woman to be unclean because she is on her periods because Jesus took away all our unclean nature and made us righteous before God. All we need to do is to repent and all our sins are forgiven.

This is why the modern Christian woman will pray, read the bible, and go to church during her menstruation. She is not considered unclean during her periods because she has been set clean by the blood of Jesus and she is set free from any spiritual chains.

However, having sex during menstruation is not really something that most women will agree with both in the old times and now.

The sight of blood is not really pleasant and there are high chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) if you have intercourse during your periods. Both of you will be putting your loves in danger thus it is not really advisable for any woman to sleep with a man during her periods.

They say that God looks at the soul and not your physical being and that your prayers can be answered as long as you pray with a pure heart and believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God that cleansed your sins.

The bible is the book of Leviticus 15:21 talks about spiritual life when menstruating. According to this chapter, any woman in her monthly periods is termed to be unclean.

On the same note, what the Bible says about menstruation is that if you touch a woman on her menses or anything she sits on, you also become unclean.  

Fasting, Praying, Reading The Bible During Menstruation in The Bible
Fasting, Praying, Reading The Bible During Menstruation in The Bible

Can Women Pray During Menstruation?

For this reason, it would be ill-advised for her to attend a church service as she will make everyone unclean. The Lord in Leviticus 15 told Moses to warn the Israelites against defiling His presence with their uncleanliness as it would lead to death.

A woman in her menses is therefore not permitted to go anywhere near the presence of God due to her uncleanliness. It is good for her to stay at home until she is done with her periods, then she can go before the presence of the Lord.

She is however allowed to go before the Lord’s presence after 7 days that means on day eight after her period has stopped.

At the entrance of any Holy place, she should also present a pair of doves or pigeons and hand them to any priest that is heading that place. The priest will then purify her using the dove she presented as part of restoring her purity before God.

What Does The Bible Say About Menstruation?

The Bible in general considers a woman unclean during menstruation and there are things that a woman should not do during her periods including intercourse with a man. The Bible in Leviticus chapter 15 says the following about menstruation:

  1. Any woman receiving her menstrual flow is considered unclean for seven days
  2. If you touch a woman during her menstruation, you are considered to be unclean in the evening
  3. Anything that a woman on her periods lie or sit on becomes unclean
  4. You must wash your clothes and clean your body with soap and water before praying if you touch a woman on her period according to the bible
  5. If a man has sex with a woman on her period, he remains unclean for seven days because he is considered to be affected by her uncleanliness
  6. A woman is not allowed to pray during her periods until she is done with them and presents a pair of doves to the priest

For those reason, a woman cannot also not go to church to pray or fast during her periods until she has finished them and purifies herself. She is also not permitted to sleep with her husband during menstruation in the bible.

The Bible in Genesis chapter 3 talks about the punishment that was pronounced on Adam and Eve after their disobedience. Verse 16 talks about the woman’s punishment.

She was punished by an increase of trouble in pregnancy and pain in giving birth. This punishment covers the whole child bearing process including menstruation.

Menstruation is termed to be unclean according to the Bible and that is why the Israelites were given so many rules which involve them staying away from a woman during her monthly periods.

The woman was also commanded to keep staying away from the Lords presence due to her uncleanliness. Any woman receiving her menstrual flow is therefore not allowed to pray or mingle with others who are going to pray.

Can I Read The Bible or Go to Church During My Periods?

The Bible specifically does not say anything about reading the scriptures while menstruating thus it should be okay for a woman to read the scriptures and pray as long as she doesn’t go before the Lord’s presence in a church or a place of worship.

The new testament was a game changer among Christians in that, some women read the bible and go to church claiming that Jesus died on the cross to wash all our uncleanliness.

While this remains a subject of discussion among Christians, Muslims totally do not accept any woman to go to a place of worship as she is considered unclean during her periods before God.

You may be wondering if God listens to your prayers during your monthly periods but it is important to know that God is the one who will judge the living and the dead not humans.

Bible verse on Menstruation:

Is Abortion a Forgivable Sin Among Christians?

Is Abortion a Sin That Can Be Forgiven Among Christians

Yes, abortion can be forgiven in Christianity and anyone Christian who is always forgiven. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood washed away all sins and always remember that all sins are equal before God.

Since all sins are equal, if someone who steals can be forgiven, abortion can also be forgiven. He is a loving and caring God if you turn to Him genuinely and honestly.

The issue is normally condemned as the shedding of innocent blood because abortion in Christianity is considered as taking human life. Today different Christian denominations take on a range of different stances on the issue of abortion.

Can God Forgive Anyone Who Aborts?

Abortion in Christianity is a conflict much common today and sad thing is that many women who have had an abortion often feel cut off from God.

They tend to think that they will never be forgiven for what they have done. This makes them withdraw and feel rejected worthless and alone.

As a Christian, once you confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, all your sins including abortion is forgiven as you begin a new life in Christ.

God’s love towards us will never let Him reject His children as long as they confess their sins from deep down their hearts.

Countless women testify of finding forgiveness in Christ after an abortion however, that doesn’t mean that we advise or condone willful sin. It doesn’t mean that you can go and have an abortion deliberately then ask for forgiveness.

When can a Christian Have an Abortion?

According to new and old testament books of the Christian bible, there is no explicit statement about abortion.

Some writers say that early Christians held different beliefs at different times about abortion while others in spite of the two books being silent about it.

Yes, forgiveness is why God sent his only beloved son Jesus Christ to come in human kind and die for our sins for those who believed in him can find repentance.

The Bible says “no murderer has eternal life” (1 john 3:15). God has forgiven murderers (David, Paul, Moses) but they did not contribute to commit murder after being forgiven.

Similarly, the lifetimes that often bring women to consider abortion must be confessed and be forsaken (Romans 6:12).

It is therefore no joking matter to succumb to a spirit of our age that says; “its’ better to ask forgiveness than to seek permission.” You never seek permission of committing a sin before God.

Abortion in the Catholic Church

Life begins at conception stage and this makes the Catholic Church oppose all forms of abortion procedures whose direct purpose is to destroy an embryo or fetus.

The 1983 code of canon law imposes automatic ex-communication on Latin Catholics who procure a complete abortion.

In addition to teaching that abortion is immoral, the catholic churches also take public statements and actions in opposition to its legality.

In many western countries, they hold views on abortion that differ from the official platforms that advocate for abortion.

There is a correlation between mass attendance and agreement with the official teaching of the Church on the issue.

This means that frequent mass goers are far more likely to be anti-abortion while those attending less often are more likely to be in favor of abortion rights under some circumstances.

Bible Verses Against Abortion in Christianity
Bible Verses Against Abortion in Christianity

When Can a Christian Have an Abortion?

There is a variety of positions taken by contemporary Christian denominations on the topic of abortion and Christianity.

Similarity as it is being illustrated in Christianity as sin, many denominations as catholic churches condemn it as pagan practices.

Today, different Christian denominations take different stances on the issue of abortion.

Some claim that abortion can be done when a mother’s life is in danger when one is raped one when the child is an outcast. It is never okay to assume that Christians can have an abortion when they deem fit.

However, there is only one circumstance that all Christians seem to agree with. A Christian may be allowed to accept abortion if the mother’s life is in danger and having the child will cause serious compilations that can lead to the death of the mother.

Is abortion a sin that can be forgiven?

God loves us so much and can forgive us of any sin if we turn to Him and repent.

Abortion can be forgiven in Christianity but should never be done on purpose just for the sake of it. It is not approved in Christianity to take human life and so abortion is a sin in Christianity.

Unborn children are viewed as living beings destined for mortality and both men and women are responsible for aborting them are quality and worthy of eternal punishment.

Contemporary, some Christians neglect the teaching of the church fathers on the key moral and theological issues to their own peril.

The earliest specific written references to abortion in Christian, literature are those in the Didache and Epistle of Barnabas.

Bible Verses Used Against Abortion

The bible clearly says that though shall not kill and this is one major phrase of the bible that is normally used against abortion.

Some Argue that before birth, life has not begun while again the bible comes in and states that God created us in our mother’s womb and that he has given life to us from conception.

While this Cleary states why abortion is not allowed in Christianity, that does not mean that God cannot forgive you if you abort. However, do not go and do abortions willingly as a Christian claiming that God will forgive you.

It does not work like that in Christianity since you will be making God and that alone as another terrible sin to do Christian.

God affirms the value of every human life from children in the womb to the elderly. This is confirmed throughout the scripture.

Psalm139:13-16 states that “for you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

14, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that for well. 15My frame was not hidden from you when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my unformed body all the days ordained for me were written in your books before one of them came to be

Other verses that highlight the importance of life and are against abortion in Christianity include;

Psalm 1:5, Psalm 127:3-5, Genesis1:27, Psalm 8:5-7, Job 31:15, Psalm 22:10 and Isiah 49:15. All those verses explain the issue of abortion conserving Christianity in regards to the value of life.

What God Says About Infertility Among Christians

Trusting God through Infertility as a Christian

Infertility is among one of the biggest issues among couples since time immemorial. Culturally, people have associated having children with blessings. Those who are barren or cannot get children due to medical conditions view themselves as not blessed.

Let us discuss what God says about infertility in this article and why you should wait for God’s time as a Christian. Infertility should never be seen as a punishment from God but rather a complication that God can help in clearing if you have faith.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue that continues to affect the perception of many when it comes to the issue of childbirth that if not addressed on time might drive couples into depression.

Some of the concerns are addressed below to help understand more about infertility and some of the facts around it that can debunk the myths around the issue.

What God says about Infertility

One of the commonly stated phrases in the Bible is in the creation story where God commissions Adam and Eve to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ (Genesis 1:28). However, there are women in the Bible that were barren. These included David’s wife Michal, Deborah, Miriam, and Dinah.

This is to infer that the phrase ‘be fruitful and multiply’ did not apply to everyone even in the Bible times. The instances of Jacob and Noah when the phrase was told to them were at a point where they could no longer get more offspring.

However, Romans 5:3-5 encourages that even in suffering and affliction, there is the benefit of perseverance that bears character and hope. Hope does not bring shame since God’s love is always with his people.

Similarly, Isaiah 54: 1 states that the barren woman should be happy and sing in joy for she has more children than others for she welcomes all into her tents.

Infertility in the bible

God’s answer can also be no. In Matthew 20:20-34, we see two responses to two requests that might raise an intriguing concept to understand the way God answers prayers. In verse 21, he asks Zebedee’s wife what she wants while in verse 32 he asks the two blind men what they would desire.

The responses are obvious, but asking from God is a way of encouraging involvement and asking directly as stated in Matthew 7:7-8. For the blind men, Jesus said yes and made the see again.

However, for Zebedee’s wife, the answer was no. James 4:3 explains better the response by stating that anything asked in ‘wrong motives’ can never be granted. Verse 25 pointed out that Zebedee’s wife made a request to achieve what she would brag over others.

When asking for God’s blessing is not pure, the answer we receive will always be no.

The last answer God gives is to wait. In Job 15:1-18:21, we see the different challenges Job was facing with the most painful being negative and irritating comments from his closest friends and at one point from his wife.

The friends of Job bring out one of the significant concerns when it comes to unanswered prayers. According to his friends, Job was suffering due to the sins he had committed, his wickedness, and guilt.

Often times, mothers with no children consider themselves to have done something wrong to deserve the outcomes. However, just as in Jobs situation, Jesus was his intercessor/ advocate and was representing the case of Job to God as for that of a friend.

Despite the many losses Job underwent during the trial, the outcome was the best he could ever want. He was prosperous again and his daughters are the only ones the Bible refers to as the most beautiful (Job 42:15).

Similar to a woman asking for God’s blessing, it might be that God is interceding on her behalf and the outcome could exceed their expectation. Thus despite the wait, God might be having his plan in place to answer the prayer.

Trusting God through Infertility

Infertility comes with various issues including rejection from society, family members, and even closest friends. The experience is unbearable for an infertile woman especially in a generation where friends and family often ask reasons for not conceiving.

Even in infertility, Isaiah 54:4 encourages the barren woman that she should never be afraid for she will never be put to shame or disgraced for the Lord their maker is their husband and also the God of all earth.

Through understanding and learning about the promises of God, barren women can better understand and accept their situation for who they are and strive to be positive rather than be depressed about their situation.

Trusting God For A Baby

The Bible promises in Psalm 113:9 that God settles the woman with no child as a mother of children and children are God’s reward. In God’s promises, James 1:17 says that any good gift is from God who always remains the same every day.

God is the provider to everyone and the time of blessing one with a child is different from the expectation of humans. Isaac prayed that God bless his wife with children and even though she was childless, Rebekah gave birth.

Hebrew 11:11 by faith, Sarah who was past the age of childbearing gave birth for she believed that God’s promise comes to pass.

For a barren woman, having the hope that God’s promises will come to pass is an encouragement to encourage positivity and perseverance in the challenges they face around them.

Trusting God to get Pregnant

The longing to be a mother is a dream of any parent, which also comes with their constant efforts to make this a reality. However, as James 1:7 says, any good gift comes from God who once he promises can never change to give a different answer.

As such, for the barren woman, the belief that in God they are assured of being a mother, it should be a promise they claim from God, but with the humility that God answers in different ways.

Thus, when the answer is no, then the response as a human being should not be that it is a punishment since God knows better than the extents of human thinking.

What God Says About Infertility Among Christians
What God Says About Infertility Among Christians

Infertility and Christianity

Despite the realization that a couple cannot have children, Ephesians 1:11-12 encourages that in God there is a predestined plan that is an assurance will work in conformity with the purpose of God’s will to attain the best in his glory.

For the infertile couples, understanding their situation and being contented that in God there is a plan for them is one of the ways of getting through life with the belief that God will materialize the promises of Jeremiah 29:11 of plans of prosperity amidst the challenges of everyday situations.

Why won’t God Give Me a Baby?

The blessing of becoming a parent is dependent on many factors that in many cases are either assumed or due to the nature of humanity are taken lightly.

From a religious perspective, conceiving is a blessing from God and answered prayers, which has to be understood from the perspective that God works in mysterious ways that humans cannot understand.

At the same time, the answer to prayers is not certain at all times. The understanding that God works in different ways is one of the reasons prayers are not being answered as per human expectations.

The answer could be a wait or even no, but to the human perspective, this is seen as an unanswered prayer.

At the same time, praying with wrong intentions is also one of the other reasons that prayers for a child remain unanswered. Lacking true intentions in making requests to God limits the chances of God answering the prayers.

Signs God Wants You To Have A Baby

Various signs mark the readiness of a woman to become a mother. One of the most obvious is a woman’s openness to caring for a child. In most cases, women focus on being ready to become a mother rather than whether they can love a child.

The ability to accept and love a child unconditionally is a critical factor a woman can consider as a sign of becoming a mother. Holding on to a past trauma might limit the preparedness of a woman to become a mother unless the baggage is lifted.

Similarly, when a woman wants to become a mother, they have to develop responsibility. Becoming a mother means being selfless and devoting personal interests for the sake of someone else.

This might be a huge burden on the part of the soon to be a mother. However, when a woman starts feeling more responsible and willing to settle it might be a sign from God they are ready to become a mother.

Is Infertility a Punishment From God?

One of the most common arguments that arise when it comes to the issue of infertility is the question of infertility being a punishment from God.

The perception that infertility being viewed as a consequence of wrongdoing is due to the number of cases of abortion and unwanted pregnancies that continue to increase every day.

Many couples are unable to get children while teenagers and other women who are not expecting children end up pregnant even after a one-night stand.

However, the biggest concern is failing to think on the positive about possible outcomes that might change over time. The fact is that infertility is not a punishment from God.

God answers prayers in three different ways; He either says yes, no, or tells one to wait depending on the situation. In Psalms 17:13-15, the Bible presents an example of a positive response from God.

The verses talk about the character David develops through his lifetime, He exemplifies what prayer represents. Prayer is more than just asking for things from God; it also entails seeking to walk and commune with God every day.

David proclaims that he cried out to God when facing his enemies and since he had a good commune with God, his answer was yes. Same applies to when asking of God for a bundle of joy, it should not only focus on getting the outcome, but being committed to establishing a relationship with God first.


Therefore, even with the worst of situations, God can always present a miracle that no human being or science can explain.

Trusting in God as the creator and giver of life to present his blessings as it fits his plan is a hope that any woman can cling to in their desire to becoming a mother in the future.

Significance of Praying with Candles in The Bible

Significance of Praying with Candles in The Bible & Spiritually

Since ancient times candles have been in use for various reasons such as spiritual and ceremonial practices. The color of a candle in prayer also has a great significance of the prayer aim and intention.

Lighting candles helps in the meditation process as well as to aid you in revealing your belief. The different candles of color have their meaning.

Lighting candles in a dark room can have a substantial effect, especially on your soul, making you have a new prayer experience.

Significance of Praying with Candles in The Bible & Spiritually
Significance of Praying with Candles in The Bible & Spiritually

Significance of Candles in The Bible

As Christians, we know that Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world. The significance of praying with candles in the bible comes as a result of this.  Based on the fact that when you light a candle, it lights up a room.

The flame in Christianity signifies your soul as being illuminated and shining on the world as Jesus said. In the darkness, we are supposed to shine as the chosen ones.

Darkness, in this case, signifies the sinners around you. You as a Christian is supposed to shine among sinners.

The light of the candle signifies our Lord Jesus Christ and the bible teaches us as Christians that we should learn to give and feed the word to the world while we decrease. Christians are supposed to go and spread the word of God and be used as a vessel of light.

Significance of candles in the bible is that when you use your energy while moving and spreading the word, you decrease just as a candle decreases when it burns. The candle itself is you as a Christian and the light is Jesus and The word of God that you Shine on the world.

What is the significance of praying with candles?

In ancient days, people had lamps. Those used to burn with oil and those had a lot of smoke.

Candles use was and produce a better flame and that is why we use candles in the modern-day prayers. In summary, below are some of the importance of using candles when praying;

  1. Create an atmosphere of fear of the Lord.
  2. It reminds us of our true nature.
  3. It tells us of the presence of the Lord.
  4. Helps to eliminate distractions

Why do Christians Light Candles When Praying?

Praying with candles symbolizes the life of a Christian as an offering. When you pray with a lit candle, the flame carries your worries and requests faster. Also, candles facilitate a more natural spiritual connection to our departed loved ones and Heaven.

As a Christian, it is important to learn mediating before e the Lord. The art of meditation is diverse and a candle flame during prayers can really help in meditation.

It is also good to take your time and learn how to pray the right way as a Christion so that you never doubt if God is really listening to your prayers.

Spiritual Significance of candles

Spiritually candles mean light of the soul. During the baptism, candles are lighted to spiritual symbolize the rebirth of a person.

In addition to this, on the hands of those newly baptized is placed lighted candles as a sign that they will meet the Lord when he comes.

On Easter, you lit three candles to symbolize the resurrection and Victory of the Lord. Also, candle lights are also used during funerals as a reminder of the baptismal vows the departed soul vowed. Still, it symbolizes eternal life and salvation brought by Jesus Christ.

Spiritually, the candle is supposed to illuminate your soul and connect you to the spiritual word in a bright realm.

You are supposed to meditate and focus on the candlelight flame to illuminate your soul. This is also a major use of candles in meditation sessions.

Praying with the candles in the Bible

In the holy book, various bible verses speak about candles. Some of the verses include Luke 15:8, where the bible speaks about the parable of the lost coin.

Jesus clearly states that once the woman lit the room, she found what she was looking for. WE can also look at the book of Luke 11:36, Exodus 30:7-8, and Mark 4:21.

How to use Catholic Prayer Candles at Home?

Below are a few steps that you may want to use when thinking of getting prayer candles at home. Below is how the Catholics use candles for prayers;

  1. Identify a place in your house for the prayer altar. Choose an area that has good lighting, ventilation, and is easily accessible to you and your family members.
  2. Get a piece of cloth, preferably linen, to decorate your prayer table. But this is optional; it all depends on you.
  3. Adorn the altar. Put religious items around your platform. You already don’t have this item consider buying them. They include crucifix, spiritual book, candles, rosaries, holy water, and many others.
  4. Have a priest to pray for your home altar. If your home altar is not yet blessed, have your priest come to your home and bless it. If it might be challenging to get your priest to come, take your crucifix to him and pray for it.
  5. Use your prayer altar. Have at least some time in a day to pray around the altar using your rosary.  You can also sing hymns, light candles, and have time to read the word of God.

What is the sacred heart of Jesus candle used for?

It is a glass jar that represents God’s love for humanity. It is expressed in religious images such as Christ with a shining heart with his wounded hands on his heart.

Significance of candle lights in the bible
Significance of candle lights in the bible

The prayer to the sacred heart outlines the long-suffering, love, and compassion of Christ for humanity.

1. What are the holy candles?

Holy candles are also called prayer candles. It is a small candle, white or yellow. Holy candle prayers are prayers offering in Christian prayer, and it is done by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and many others.

2. Blessing candles

Blessing candles are sacramental.  They are used in conferring all sacraments, benediction, all Holy mass, solemn assembly, public processions, and in burials.

Blessing candles are used in times of sickness, storms, drought, and against the evil spirit. Also, they are used to prevent ill will, hatred, and discord.

In times of persecution, distress, and doubt, blessing candles prayer is useful. Still, when seeking God’s protection over your family, use blessing candles.

Candles Prayer For Money

Did you know that most of the money spells are done on Thursdays? Yes, that is true, and this is because it’s the best day to pray for prosperity and abundance. Green candles are the ones used to cast out money spells.

But also you can do a money spell using other color candles together with the green candle. Note that the green candles must be present.

If you’re in a state of financial constraint, consider buying green candles and using them for prayers. Many money spells use green candles. For example;

1) Green candle and green paper

Both must be fresh pieces. Take a new candle and apply oil on it. Pick the paper and write your needs for money.

Light up the candle and imagine all your needs fulfilled. Remember to free your mind from all negative thoughts and distractions when imagining or visualizing.

After visualizing, fold the paper and put it into the flame. It let burn entirely, and the candles make to burn till it goes off.

2) Green candle and another candle (metallic gold)

Light up the two candles. Apply money oil on the candles while doing this to visualize your energy crossing over the candles.

Then say words of prosperity on the candles and imagine yourself in wealth. Pray that the candles will bring prosperity to your life. Lastly, put off the candles.

Uses of candles in spiritual energy attractions

This is more of a ritual candle prayer and remember this is never recommended among Christians since it is not biblical. This is just to give you an idea of what people use those candles for.

  • Uses of black candles are used for destroying negative energy, protection, and repelling lousy energy. They are used mostly by people who are specialized in casting out bad omen and dealing with negative spirits in the spiritual realm.
  • Uses of white candles in prayers are basically for peace, purity, and destroying negative energy. This is the type that Christians use for prayers and the catholic church also prefers those.  
  • Uses of green candles in prayers and rituals are based on looking for fertility, luck, health, prosperity, and money. There are steps and guidelines on how to do that but first, the main point in getting the green candles for the spiritual working.
  • Red candles for spiritual workings? Yes, red candles can be used for prayer rituals. They are used for passion, vitality, love, sex, and courage. Those are basically vital in signifying strong relationships that are bound by love thus the red color comes in.