Who Is The Founder Of Christianity?

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion, which shares certain similarities with Judaism and Islam in some of its fundamentals, mainly in the belief in a single God (but with different personal names, depending on each religion), the belief in a single Messiah (although he differs as to his identity), and in the origins of its sacred […]

32 Interesting Facts About Christianity You Didn’t Know

Christian history is long and extensive since it is not only limited to the experiences of Jesus, the writings of the Bible, and the experiences of the closest followers of the Christian Messiah. It also includes the stories of those who decided to continue their journey of faith with Christianity until more recent times. Throughout […]

Meaning Of Circumcised In The Bible

Christians can be circumcised but it is not a necessary requirement to prove one’s faith in Christ. Physical circumcision in Christianity was a covenant between God and Abraham. The coming of Jesus changed it to spiritual circumcision of the heart. Even though Abraham’s circumcision was a command, Jesus came to set us free from the […]


In this article we will help you to find the best Bible translation for your needs. In this comparison, we are writing about two very different Bible translations. KJV stands for King James Version NIV stands for New International Version Contents Bible OriginBible Readability Bible translation differencesBible verse comparisonKJV Bible NIV BibleTarget audienceRevisions of BiblesPopularity of […]

Does God Listen To Our Prayers? [Answered Prayers Signs]

Any Christian who prays will care to know if God listens to prayers or not. It is always everyone’s determination that God answers their prayers. However, it is not a guarantee that God answers every prayer that reaches him instantly. He can not fail to answer totally but the answer may take some time. God’s […]

How To Prepare To Be A Godly Wife?

Becoming a wife sounds pretty interesting and good. However, being a godly wife to an ungodly husband can be very challenging. At the end of the day, your prayer and faith combined with patience can help your husband to appreciate the Lord. Being a godly wife means that you have accepted Christ and the Holy […]

Is Abortion a Forgivable Sin Among Christians?

Yes, abortion can be forgiven in Christianity and anyone Christian who is always forgiven. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood washed away all sins and always remember that all sins are equal before God. Since all sins are equal, if someone who steals can be forgiven, abortion can also be forgiven. He is […]

Baptism for The Dead in The Bible

Can a dead person be baptized? The answer is no and baptism for the dead is false Christian teaching. Salvation does not come after death but in life. After death, judgment will be based on your actions and the things you do now. Even though some Christians like the Mormons think it is okay to […]

How to Pray to God Correctly [The Right Way to Pray]

The right way to pray correctly is to start by praising God. Then ask Him to forgive your sins for the bible says that the prayers of a sinner are like noise before God. You can then proceed to pray for others and ask for what you want before you conclude with a thanksgiving. Every […]

Polygamy in Christianity

This is an interesting debate especially when we look back in history. Our grandparents and forefathers had many wives. They could Mary more than one wife or as many as they wished as long as they could sustain them. Back in the days, having several wives was even considered to be a sign of a […]

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