How to Be a Godly Wife to Your Husband

How to Be a Godly Wife

Being a godly wife does not just involve the art of making your husband happy as a lot of people view it.

First of all, when you are Godly, it means that you have accepted Christ as your Lord and through him, you are capable of being guided by the holy spirit that is in you.

There are certain things that a lady should consider putting in place before meeting and accepting a man into her life.

Becoming a wife sounds pretty interesting and good though it comes with different responsibilities that need you to be well aware of.

How Can I Be a Godly Wife?

You can be a Godly wife by simply humbling yourself and praying to God for guidance because marriage is never a comfort zone for everyone.

How to Be a Godly Wife
How to Be a Godly Wife

Here are some simple factors that will help you to become a God-fearing wife in Christ;

  1. A godly wife should be God fearing
  2. She should make a prayer timetable for the family so that the kids grow in the right direction
  3. Preach unity in the house and serve as an example on her husband and wife relationship
  4. Love and protect her husband and children with whatever she can
  5. Teach the family to always eat and pray together
  6. Unite her fighting family members and teach them the meaning of forgiveness
  7. Put her husband and children first before herself
  8. Learn to be humble before her husband both in private and public
  9. Serve as an example by leading the family to church on every Sunday or Sabbath day
  10. Always set time to pray for the family and commit them to God
  11. Learn how to dress like a married woman How can you become a godly wife yet you still dress in a way that exposes your private parts?

You should learn the principles of a Christian woman’s dress code so that you are not a disgrace to society as a wife.

A Godly wife is expected to be different from and stand out of the crowd at a glance. This is because the grace of God in your life will always shine in you.

How to become a Godly wife will also be easy if you join the married women groups in church that got there before you.

This will help you in situations where by you have a challenge and you really do not know what to do.

This is why you should also avoid spending a lot of time with those friends of yours that are single.

This is because they may influence you to think or behave like you are single.

Before you decide to be committed as a wife, you are supposed to enjoy those things that need to be done when you are still single.

This is very helpful since you will no longer have the urge to enjoy them once you are married.

This is why the bible tells us to enjoy our youthful lives and a lady should do this as well so that she doesn’t get her marriage lie mixed with her youthful life.

A godly wife should also understand that cleanliness is next to godliness and therefore how clean your house is will define your character.

A true God fearing wife is expected to be always be clean because physical personal and household cleanliness reflects how your mind is clear and organized in Christ.

Setting clean standards in the house will also help your children master those and they will never be attracted to dirty people as they grow old.

A wife that is being guided by the Lord should also learn to spend on her household and not to be extravagant.

What Is the Role of a Godly Wife?

We are all created by God in His own image and likeness thus we all are equal in his presence. However, both men and women were given different roles in the community.

The main role of a Godly wife is to take care of her husband and bring up children that are disciplined God-fearing in society.

Guide and teach your children the importance of obedience to parents so that they too become great people in the future.

The role of a wife in Christianity and the society in general is not for the weak, but for the focused ladies.

You also need to commit it to prayers because man can never be perfect but with the help of God, we can achieve a lot in a family.

Always respect him it does not matter how stubborn he might be since he is the head of the family you have to respect that position for God ordered it that way.

Have you ever heard that behind every man that has made it in life, there is a strong woman who stood by him in all his ups and downs?

Life will never be free from challenges and you should never run away when your man is in trouble.

The role of a Godly wife is to also ensure that her husband is well taken care of both physically and psychologically.

Let him run to you in his low moments so that you may share the problem and advice each other.

As a Godly wife, let your husband see you like his best friend apart from a wife.

This is because when your husband becomes your best friend, he will always share whatever he plans to do and anything that is bothering him will be disclosed to you.

You cannot force him to be make you his best friend but rather, your actions will win your heart.

If you play your role as a good wife, you will therefore automatically achieve this with time and patience.

This is why the bible tells us to learn how to wait like an eagle who is planning to take on his pray.

Those who learn to wait in the Lord while working on their goals will never fail in anything that they do in life.

We all know that most women tend to worry a lot especially when there is a problem. Remember that those who are always worried are not steady in the Lord.

In addition to that, an unsteady woman is like a weak pillar of a house because if she crumbles, the entire household will go down with her.

This is why a woman has a serious role to play in a family and if possible, she should always seek help in Christ so that she can learn how to be a Godly wife who is committed to her family.

How Do I Prepare to Be a Godly Wife?

How Do I prepare to be a Godly wife? You prepare by learning how to behave and act like a god fearing wife.

Here are some factors that you should consider looking at so that you become and remain Godly wife.

Successful family that includes a groomed husband and disciplined children are some of the most important aspects that are expected from a Godly wife’s household.

Sometimes this can be very difficult to achieve especially if you did not start of in the right foot.

But you should never be worried because that is why you need to pray for the Lord to guide you in what to do so that you achieve the desired results.

1. Decent and well behaved

A Godly wife is expected to be decent and there are some behaviors that should never be tolerated in her.

She is the pride of her husband and therefore she should check on how she relates to people at work, home, and in society in general.

When things are difficult, she is expected to always seek help from God while she works on them.

This is to say that a god-fearing wife should put God first so that her ways are guided by the Holy Spirit.

This is because there are people out there who can help you but this will come at the expense of losing your family and dignity. Remember, the devil is always fighting to bring you down.

You should not just go to anyone when things are not working perfectly.

Seek advice for your elders and church leaders with the help of your parents or in-laws. You may also consult those friends that you know cannot betray you.

It’s also important to pray more often even when all is fine when you are a woman of God. This is because when you pray, your family will always be under the Lords protection and cover.

When you are a godly woman your mode of dress should be modest.

This means that you put on clothes that are decent and those that are good before men and God above all.

Before you dress, ask yourself if your dress is overexposing your privacy.

Do not put on clothes so as to look good for other men for it is a sin because you shall be the cause of their last yet you are supposed to be God-fearing. Moreover, such characters do not please the Lord.

2. Trustworthy and Hardworking

A Godly woman is expected to be trust worthy. This means that you spouse is capable of telling you all his secrets and all the problems that might be affecting him.

Trust is gained when you are discreet because you need to build a relationship with your man.

This means that you should not even discuss your sensitive bedroom affairs with your best friends or even your pastor unless it is very necessary.

You are not married to your pastor or your friend but rather, to your husband.

In fact, your husband should be able to send you to run an errand for him maybe because he is busy or held up somewhere and as a trustworthy wife, you have to follow obey and do it.

A God-fearing woman should clearly be hardworking because this will also make his man proud of her.

No man will want a wife who will sit around watching Netflix the whole day while eating popcorns.

This does not mean that a Godly woman should work round the clock like a donkey but rather, she has to take responsibilities and deliver on them as a wife.

Ensure the kids are well dressed to school, her husband is well-groomed and the house is generally in order.

How to Be a Godly Wife to an Ungodly Husband

It is obvious that living with a husband that is ungodly can be a challenge especially if you are a Godly Wife. Here are some few tips on how to live with an ungodly husband;

  1. Commit him to the Lord and be patient with him because results are not instant in such cases
  2. Understand that people do not change overnight
  3. Let your good deeds shape his character. Be consistent in your good deeds
  4. Be patient with him and learn to avoid those things that irritate him as you pray over them
  5. Talk to someone you trust spiritually about your challenges so that you do not break down
  6. It may take time but your good deeds and kindness will finally win the battle
  7. Do not compare your husband to your friends because people are different and everyone has a story
  8. Do not be desperate him to change but rather, be patient and learn to wait in the Lord
  9. Do not physically or verbally force or over push your ungodly husband to become save like you
  10. If the marriage is abusive, talk about it and never be silent especially if it is physical

Most women are always overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with ungodly husbands.

This is because a Godly wife will be kind and tolerant while the husband will keep insulting her or mistreating her because he does not care about her belief.

 Sometimes it’s tough and very hard to cope with their daily behaviors but well, if you are a woman that serves the Lord, He surely will teach you how to live with them.

This is why it is important to learn how to persevere in Christ so that you can overcome all.  

How to Live with an Ungodly Husband

Some the characters can become really unbearable. However, do not pack your things to get away from him.

Even if it gets to a point when you have to leave physically, do not leave spiritually.

Never force your husband to be saved like you if you are a wife in Christ.

To be a Godly wife to an ungodly husband, you need to be patient and very tolerant as long as he is not beating you up physically.

DO not overplay gospel music to rub on his face neither should you wake him up with your loud morning prayers.

This will put off your ungodly husband been more and you will be creating a worse hatred towards being saved in him.

Learn to give him space and do not treat him like an enemy just because he is not saved.

Let him have his own space and let your good deeds and great character be a good example that will attract him to God.

Things like sticking bible verses all over the house and even waking up and preaching to him won’t help instead find the best solution to the problem.

The best way of living with an ungodly husband is to give him his own space and time while you pray for him to change.

Do your roles as a wife and do not be a bother to him in any way just because he is not saved and you are.

Preparing to Be a Godly Wife

Preparing to be a Godly wife means that you should learn to be tolerant and very patient towards your husband even when you are offended.

Never result to insults but rather, solve your issues in a wise peaceful manner while committing your problems to God.

We are all human beings and as long as we live on this earth we tend to make a lot of mistakes.

If you have been wronged in one way or the other as a Godly wife, learn to forgive your ungodly husband.

Who are you that you cannot forgive him yet our heavily father forgives all those who have gone against him. Even you as a wife should understand that you can never be perfect.

Forgiving does not mean that you are doing a favor for your spouse. When you let go of the past, you will be set free.

Even if it does not amend those things from the past but be sure of having a future that is peaceful.

The art of forgiveness in a marriage is the greatest key that will unlock many years of living together in peace and harmony.

This is why forgiveness is hard to practice because the devil know that it is the solution to almost every family problem.

You need to understand that marriage is like a house that need to be cleaned. Forgiveness will always clean your marriage and keep it from the bugs of grudges, pain and sorrow.

When a Godly wife is wronged by her husband, it is good to sit down and talk to him about those issues.

Do not keep it in your heart because it will become toxic and you will not like the end results.

Some of this things happens accidentally and he may have had no intensions of hurting you.

Taking to him helps him to understand your point of view on the situation at hand. If possible, always give your issues time before you find a nice environment to talk about them.

It’s always a tough decision to wait but it is good to do it from the bottom of your heart so that you clear the air.

What I mean is that, when you are still mad, it won’t be easy and it is easy to find trouble in anger.

Remember, God created eve to be Adam’s companion and this should always guide the thoughts and intentions of a Godly wife in any marriage even if you have an ungodly husband.

Women sometimes get it twisted in the sense that when you are married, you are automatically a wife.

Does being married make you a wife? No, a wife is defined by her good Character. Beauty will define a girl at the dating stage but once you move in with him, the character is what defines you.

The title of being labeled a wife does not make you to be a good one. For example, it’s always perfect to get to learn more about your inner being and not just the outside appearance.

Always understand that once you are married, what people say does not mater but how you live with your husband will matter a lot.

Remember that you are arrived at your husband and not to what people say.

It is never too late to change and become a good godly wife for the lord accepts anyone who truly repents and is honestly ready to change for his or her past evil behaviors.

You should fight and make it as your own duty to model and bring out the Godly wife that is expected of you so as to avoid behaviors that are not worthy in marriage.

How to Repent in Prayers for Forgiveness

How to Repent in Prayers for Forgiveness

How to repent and ask God for forgiveness depends on how honest combined with your actions after repentance.

There is no way you are going to repent now and start doing the same mistake tomorrow.

Repentance dictates that you become honestly sorry and you ask God to forgive you for your sins.

The bible says that we are all sinners and this makes all of us unworthy before God unless we ask for forgiveness.

The bible also states that the prayers of a sinner are useless because they will not reach God unless you repent.

How to Repent in Prayers for Forgiveness
How to Repent in Prayers for Forgiveness

This is why how to truly repent and be forgiven is very important in Christianity because successful prayers depend on this.

5 Steps of How to Repent in Prayers and Ask God for Forgiveness

Repenting in prayers involves your honest commitment to God and letting go of your past.

How to repent in prayers and ask for forgiveness is as simple as following those steps;

  1. Start by praising God
  2. Thank God for being kind to you
  3. Be sorry about the wrongs you have done both knowingly and unknowingly.
  4. Ask for forgiveness honestly from your heart
  5. Then proceed to pray for anything and ask God to intervene in anything that is bothering your

Note that the fourth step is very important in the prayers. It is what purifies us and makes us holy before God.

Repentance is important in prayers because God only considers those who are holy and pure in their hearts to be close to him. Repentance is what can take you close to God as a Christian.

How to Repent in Prayer & What to Say

Here is how to repent in prayers and what to say while asking for God’s forgiveness in case you don’t know how to do it.

“Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I humbly confess that I’m sorry for any sins that I may have done willingly and unwillingly.

Please forgive me and accept my prayers. I repent of my sins and I admit that to have fall short of your Glory oh! king of Kings.

Wash me and clean my physical body, soul and spirit by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior”

This are some of the most beautiful words a Christian can use when repenting in prayers.

God is not selfish and as long as your words are genuinely pure form your heart, He will accept your repentance and forgive your sins.

You can use the above short prayers to repent daily in your prayers because this is very important.

The easiest way to repent daily is to say our Lord’s Prayers because there is a line on repentance in it.

It is also okay to repent in your morning, afternoon and evening prayers. In fact, repentance should always be part of your daily prayers.

The Power of Repentance in Prayers

When Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray in his last days on earth, we see that he included repentance in His prayers.

Our Lord’s Prayer is one of the best examples ways that Jesus showed us how to God before the Lord.

There is the repentance line that teaches us to ask God for forgiveness just like we should also be forgiving those who wrong us.

This line goes like, “forgive us our sins just like we forgive those who sin against us”.

We clearly note that this statement comes before we ask God to protect us from our enemies in the prayers.

This means that we cannot ask God for more favors before we seek his forgiveness and repent of our sins.

God is Loving and caring and does not force us to repent. However, He let’s us repent willingly such that it is honest and pure.

You see, the word sorry must always be pure and from the heart. How you say you are sorry maters a lot than just the word.

The power of repentance in prayers means that your prayers depends on it. Your prayers will never be successful if you do not repent.

Repentance is powerful because it purifies you and makes you righteous before God.

This then will make you worthy before God and His blessing will be released on you as a Christian.

Repentance in The Bible

A lot of people get repentance mixed up with other things and so it is important that we know what to do.

We need to understand what repentance is according to the bible so that we can make sure we are repenting the very first time the gospel is preached.

In book of Acts chapter two, the people that heard the gospel and they felt the impact in their hearts.

They were convicted and so they asked peter how they could respond and become part of the gospel.

The very first thing Peter told them to do is to repent. Then they asked him how they could repent and what it meant to do so.

The word ‘repent’ in a military term in English. When people are marching in one direction and the commander tells them to repent, they are expected to make a one hundred and eight degrees turn.

They go the opposite direction and in essence, that is what it means to repent.

Christians are expected to turn away from their old past and way of life and begin a new one after repentance in prayers.  

This is why the Bible translators to English used the word repent so that the true meaning of repentance would be easily digested based on the example given above.

What Peter was actually saying in the Bible is that, the very first thing you need to do after you hear the gospel and you want to respond to it is to repent and turn away from your old way of life.

In second chronicles 7 and 14, the Bible says that ,

“if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land”

In other words, you are expected by God to remain pure after getting forgiveness and also to turn away from a life of sin that you used to live before.

That is why Paul also says in the Bible when you look at the book of Romans chapter six that the person whom we used to be before repentance is killed after repentance.

What the Bible means is that, true repentance kills your past spiritually and you become a new person after your since have been washed away if you believe.

What the Bible says about repentance in the book of first John chapter one is that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us.

If we say we have no sin and no need for forgiveness, then we are lying to ourselves.

True repentance means to literally to change your mind and ask god to forgive us our sins with an aim of keeping His word in our hearts and staying righteous as Christians.

The Importance of Repentance

I want to share with you what I believe is a life-changing word about why we as believers need to repent from our sins.

The Bible says that he who covers his sins will not prosper but he who confesses and forsakes them, will have mercy. My fear today is that many of us have got the confession part down.

We feel bad about our sin but we go back and do it again after which we confess.

Then the guilt is there for a little while but after the guilt wears off, we go back and do the sin over and over again followed by confessions. Before we know it, we get caught up in the same sin cycle.

The Bible says if we truly want to experience the mercy and the favor of God, we don’t only just need to confess our sins, but we also need to forsake them as well.

If we go back to the book of Joel which is found in the Old Testament, we will be able to share the three benefits that I believe God has in store for those who truly repent from their sins.

I want to give you just a little bit of a background to the book of Joel. Basically, what was happening at this time is that God’s chosen people were caught up in sin.

This included adultery, murder, sacrificing their children in the fire, oppressing the poor, and all sorts of other sins.

God had been trying to get their attention gently and patiently by trying to warn them that if they don’t repent from their sins, there is going to be greater judgment.

This was to come with greater discipline from God that will be brought down upon them.

Before this book was written, God had allowed some locusts to come in and actually wipe their land out completely by destroying their food and their economy.

God is basically saying in this book that if you don’t repent from your sins, I have got even worse destruction coming your way.

Is It Too Late to Repent?

No it is never too late to repent as long as you are alive and breathing.

Basically what God was saying in the book of Joel is that He was ready to forgive their sins if they could turn away from their wicked ways and repent before it was too late.

The point here is that, if you have heard the Lords word and you feel like repenting, just do it because tomorrow may be too late.

There is always a reason why you have heard the Lord’s calling and you should always respond by repenting as Peter says in the Bible.

It does not matter how old you are or how many sins you have done because if you truly repent, God will burry your past spiritually.

You will become a new person because that is why Jesus died for our sins.

You probably feel like it doesn’t matter if you repent now because you have done so many wrong things over the years.

Don’t ask how could God possibly have mercy on you right now after all the things that you have done.

Do not worry about your past because that is what it means to truly repent your sins because if you honestly ask for forgiveness, God will have mercy on your soul.

During these days, if you wanted to really show people that you were truly repentant of your sins, then you would tear your garments.

That way everybody would see an outward symbol that you were repenting of your sins.

That is why the coming of Jesus Christ changed all that. God is not interested in seeing some sort of outward expression of your repentance.

What matters is your inner will to change and let go of your past life. God is saying that He has got so many good things He wants to do for you spiritually and physically while you still live here on earth.

All you need to do is to truly repent and seek forgiveness so that the gates of blessings are opened in your life.

What Does It Mean to Repent in Christianity?

Repentance in Christianity means that you are totally willing to turn away from your sins after asking for forgiveness.

To repent biblically means that you are ready to turn away your old actions that were not in line with God’s word.

When Jesus told us to repent, He meant that we leave our worldly a d wicked ways so that we can serve God in truth and in spirit.

Repentance from the heart means that your heart is ready for purification by the blood of Jesus Christ.

This is important because repentance is what makes you pure and righteous before God.

This also means that your prayers will be answered. When you ask God for anything and believe in his power after repentance, you will receive it.

Understanding Punishment from God

Punishment From God

Here are a few steps you can follow to know if God is punishing or disciplining you for the things that you have done against His will;

  1. Kneel down and pray
  2. Allow the Holy Spirit to take control
  3. Keep an open mind to dreams or people around you that God may use to answer you

You should note that God does not punish his believers and everything that happens to you if you are a believer will happen for a reason.

Punishment From God
Punishment From God

You just need to pray and let God show you the reason as to why you are suffering.

When a believer is suffering, this does not mean you are being punished unless you have seriously Gone against God’s rule and commit blasphemous acts knowingly.

As long as you are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and you follow God’s word as a Christian, you should never even for a second think that God is punishing you.

Sometimes God works in a way that we cannot understand. All you need to do is believe and trust in the Lord as you also try to make your life better.

God loves those who make positive steps while holding on to their faith at the same time.

Do not sit and cry yourself out in a corner while hoping for something to change your situation.

You have to go out and do your part so that God will meet you at your point of need.

Know that God will only punish those that do not believe in Him and in most cases, God is so kind to the nonbelievers too.

He will always have mercy even on the sinners because if He clears them all, who will then live to testify how the Lord changed his or her life?

When we are facing difficult times in our life’s mostly we will find ourselves blaming God on what is happening onto us.

At this point, if your faith is weak it becomes so hard for you to cope with all that is going around you.

Does God Discipline Us Through Punishments?

Yes, God disciplines through punishments in different ways because we are all made uniquely.

How I get corrected for my mistakes is not the same way you will be corrected for yours because we all perceive things diversely at personal levels.

When A Believer is Suffering, this does not mean that God is punishing you but instead He is disciplining you.

Ask yourself how you can learn for whatever situation that you are going through because if you do not do that, you will continue suffering.

You need to pray and seek the guidance from the Holly Spirit so that you may get the revelation of what exactly is happening in your life.

Do not be negative and think of punishment but rather be positive and find out why God allows somethings to happen in your life.

The bible verse about God’s punishment and discipline is in the book of Hebrews chapter twelve, from verse five to eleven.

Bible Verse About God's Punishment and Discipline
Bible Verse About God’s Punishment and Discipline

Understand that your Father in heaven also loves you and therefore you should seek His guidance to help you learn from the hard times that you are going through.

Do not be hard on yourself and just think that God is punishing you for nothing.

Do not confuse punishment and discipline because God wants His children to live and serve as a good, humble, and role models to sinners.

Remember, an iron is subjected to heat in order for it to be shaped into anything beautiful that is of use.

You are the iron and God is just trying to mold you into something more beautiful that you will never regret.

Whenever you think God is punishing you, just kneel down and ask Him how you are supposed to learn. Let His Spirit guide you through hard times and you will realize that it was God’s way of disciplining you but not punishment.

How Does God’s Punishment Discipline Us?

God disciplines us by taking us through situations that we may not like but only Him can understand.

He disciplines us by making us humble and sometimes this is done by taking away what makes us proud to an extent that we feel so mighty.

Here are some ways in which what we think is God’s punishments brings discipline in our lives. God punishes and disciplines us by;

  1. Taking away what makes us too proud such that we forget about Him
  2. By making us servants of other people that are successful so that we become humble
  3. By making us lack so that when we find, we also help others
  4. By using us as examples for other Christians just like He used Job in the Bible
  5. By letting us live through hard times so that we can live to tell others about His Glory

We are God’s children and He has a right to discipline us when we are not on the right track.

In fact, being disciplined does not mean that He hates as but it’s just a way of showing how He loves us.

At times, our lives become difficult and therefore most of us will start to doubt if God really loved us.

All those hard times that look like God’s punishment always have a purpose in your life and keep in mind that your heavenly Father has eternal life for you.

Some of the tragedies that we experience can be as a results of the sins that we had committed.

If you are keen, it’s always for our own good because we have to be disciplined when we go wrong.

Some call it karma while others call it but luck. All those don’t matter because God has a way of punishing both the believers and non-believers.

When you look at the book of Hebrews tells us that what you see as God’s punishment may be a way to show that He loves you because God disciplines only those that He love.

Remember while Jesus was teaching his disciples, He told them that there will be a lot of trials and sorrows in the world.

Christians should know that not everything will always be smooth because trials have to come.

If you are parents and blessed with children, all you always pray for is for them to have the best in life.

This is accompanied by unconditional love because only obedient children will get the benefits of loyalty from their parents and God.

This is the same way God loves us and punishment is just a way of shaping and molding us into better Christians so that we may shine in this world as desired.

Why Won’t God help Me?

God won’t help you because you do not want to fully commit to Him and let His’ will prevail in your life.

You need to learn to pray in the right way so that God can listen and answer your prayers.

Sometimes, God also won’t help you because your intentions are bad and will harm other people who are also His children.

You need to have pure thoughts that are free from hurting other people both physically and emotionally.

In some cases, it is not really that God does not want to help you but rather what you are going through is for a purpose.

You need to trust in God and believe that he will take you out of your bad situation at the right time.

There are certain times in our lives that we feel as if God has abandoned us.

Things keep on getting tough each and every day without showing any sign of improvement or progress.

Some of these things do not just happen for no reason and we need to know that everything happens for a purpose.

The problems might be within us and therefore consult yourself and find out if you are really on the right track.

Our faith and how we persevere as Christians in God matters a lot. God loves those who trust in him and he will never forsake His people.

A true Christian should never think that God won’t help him or her because if indeed one has faith, then he or she should know that God will come at the right time.

You should not just look at the side of being out of trouble but instead, be patient and find out what is best for your situation.

It is good to always learn something fresh from your own situation or even develop a good attitude on how to approach problems.

Never lose hope or ask why God won’t help you but rather keep praying for God is full of surprises and he could be preparing something that is bigger than you can ever imagine.

It could take time for you to see it but my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what He has in store for you will never be taken away by any means.

Can God Punish Saved People?

Yes, God can punish saved Christians because no human being is perfect. We have also learnt that it is never God’s punishment but a way of discipline as long as you believe in Him.

A saved person is a human being and he or she is capable of making mistakes in is life.

We all know that our God is merciful and does not allow a person who is saved to commit sin.

Just because you are saved or born again does not mean that you will just sin intentionally because you will be forgiven.

Sometimes you may be blessed to an extent that you forget and start forgetting about God.

It is at this point that God comes in to punish you so that you may be disciplined. God can punish you by taking away all that makes you too proud and arrogant in a way that you even start abusing other people around you.

God has a way of humbling and disciplining everyone and therefore we should always learn to support the less fortunate around us.

Everyone is going through different times and we should never think that we are more blessed than others because we are special. 

As human beings, we are not that perfect like our savior Jesus Christ therefore we Sin be it in a big or small way.

Sometimes we even sin when we don’t know and gods always expects us to turn onto him for forgiveness.

Do you remember David in the bible, he was a man who was termed to be after God’s own heart but he sinned by committing adultery?

Well this was not the end of him, he released what he had done and humbled himself to be pardoned again.

What Happens When God Is Mad at You?

When God is mad at you, things may start Going the opposite direction as expected. At times when we do things that are ungodly, God gets mad at us.

However, that anger does not imply that He has to punish us harshly. God has a way of correcting us so that we get back on the right track.

Remember when Cain killed his brother Abel, God did not speak to him in a harsh manner. Instead, God showed him the mistake that he had made in his life.

In this case, he understands perfectly well that god tries to keep in control of what Cain had done but in a humble way. The same happened in the garden of Eden.

Things started going south for Adam because God was mad at him. God punished Adam but in a disciplinary way and that is why He did not take away Adam’s life.

Satan will always try and destroy the good relationship you have with your God.

Meaning that when you have done soothing wrong, he will always remind you of the wrong so that you hide from God.

Do not forget that when Satan instills fear in you so that you will not be able to approach God because you are scared that He is mad at you.

He keeps reminding you of your sin and how God is going to punish you.

As a believer let’s not fall into satanic tricks that keeps us away from God. We should try to get closer to God and to understand His ways so that we Get to have a personal relationship with God.

We should not be kept in bondage thinking that God is mad at us and there is nothing we can do about it.

Keep in mind that this are just some of the tricks that Satan uses to drive as away from God.

Dear Christians, let the holy Spirit guide us and keep as away from falling into temptations. Never stress yourself by trying to figure out if God is mad at you but rather seek forgiven and trust in Him.

God is not Punishing You, He is Preparing You

Many people fear going through difficult situations and trouble in their life. We all want the best moments including me. Like it or not, trouble will keep knocking on your door one after the other.

Some Christians with weak faith even loose it completely and start yelling to God while asking why He is punishing them.

when you look at your bible, you will find different kinds of verses explaining to you how truly God loves us no matter what we are going through.

Let it not become a puzzle that is hard to solve but rather just pray. You can be stressed at times until you ask why God has refused to forgive your sins.

This is normal but you should know that holding on when you are about to give up is the secret for the night becomes dark just before the sun rise again.

There is always hope in Jesus Christ and the sun will always shine in your life. Our God is a redeemer and will give you several chances in life as long as you pray and hold on to Him.

Keep in mind that God is not punishing you but rather preparing you for even more and abundant blessings as long as you are alive.

There is a reason why you are still alive because he can also choose to take your life if he wants to.

During this time, the only important thing to do is remaining focused in prayers and calling onto his name for there is nothing that can defeat Him.

Praise him with all your energy because as long as there is God, you will always overcome that which will happen at any time.

Can God Punish You Financially?

Yes, God can punish you financially especially if you become arrogant and forget that He is the Lord your God.

He can take away your finances and make you humble so that you become disciplined before he restores you.

If you have never been rich or financially stable, God is not punishing you in this case but rather, he knows the right time that you will get what you need.

Sometimes blessing that come when you are not ready may end up messing your life.

God is the one that gives us all we have including life and so he can take it all at any time.

You should always remain in prayers as a Christian because if you are not a believer, Satan may be the one holding your blessing and keeping your prosperity away.

Be careful not to confuse issues in your life and this is why you should always ask for God’s guidance in all that you do.

He has His own way of preparing us for the best yet we may think that God is punishing us.

Clearly when you are facing such problems, always know that you are not the only one and God punishes and disciplines people differently.

All these worldly things are given to us by God and therefore, while you are in this world, do not love it too much more than the one that gave it to you.

Loving the worldly materials is really bad before God especially if you value them more than you value God in your life.

This makes god to feel like you are only using him as a second option which is not a good idea.

All these worldly things are temporary and there is a time all of those things that we have will varnish but the word of God will never get lost.

It will live and be shared by generation after generation. As Christians, we should always look at the positive side of each and every situation.

God is the only hope and the only way to our problems. When you are out there working, do it while knowing that God is your ultimate boss.

Do not worship your finance and never even glorify anyone above God.

When you succeed in this life, do not forget the one that gave it to you. Stay humble and be patient before God and never think that God can punish you in the wrong way.

God will only try to discipline you and this may look like punishment before man.

How to Overcome Hard Times as A Christian  

Some Christians will end up putting all the blames their shoulders since they might have done something wrong in the past.

This makes them lament thus they end up jumping into the conclusion that they are being punished by God for what they did.

If you can’t control yourself by committing to prayers, your soul gets filled with hanger that keeps on burning.

This is one way the devil can easily make you fall into temptation that may seem like a quick solution for your problems.

Being faced by tragedy does not mean that God is punishing you. Christians who have faith in God should know that God is like a loving parent and He wants the best for us.

Note that even your parent has to punish you if they really want the best for you.

Look at Job in the bible, he was blessed and had all that he needed but we see that he suffered a lot because of the boils that covered his body.

It even got worse because those that were too close to him wanted him to deny God and his faith.

His faith was strong. He stood still through the lowest time and never showed God his back.

Eventually, God gave him back his possession and even doubled everything that he owned. This means that God loves us even during difficult times.

Through this story, we remain a strong Christian and we can see that God had a better reason for his suffering.

His generation and Christians to date can still have hope through this and you can see that God was not punishing Job but rather, he used him to bless us.

Jesus told us that we should let His will be done on earth just like it also prevails in heaven.

This was during the Lord’s prayer and Christians should always know that God’s will can also come in hard times. We should therefore never Give up.

Understand that it is never Gog’s punishment but rather His discipline and will what controls and moves every situation as long as you trust in have faith.

He will never let you down because God’s faithfulness has never disappointed anyone.

By putting all our trust in God, each and everything will always fall into place.

Jesus himself suffered a lot but he was absolutely innocent. We then see that everything that happened in the cross was not in vain.

Some of the tragedies might be very difficult to handle, but some of them are a sign of blessing upon us.

In a case where you still don’t know why something that looks bad is happening in your life, just be patient and commit it to God in prayers.

Is It a Sin to Take Medication in Christianity?

The Bible About Mental Illness, Can Christians Take medication?

Is it a sin to take medicine? No, taking medication is not a sin in Christianity and that makes it okay for Christians to use medicine for treatment.

Using any prescription is not a sign of weakness in faith as some Christians think.

Medication is just like taking food because you need it for physical stability.

Faith is applied in the spiritual world while medicine is more physical just like food and water.

God is the one who created each and everything that is present on the earth.

Let’s look at it this way, all the materials that are used in making medication were created by God.

He made them and gave human beings the authority of using them in the right way.

furthermore, the scientist and traditional doctors who discover medication are also as a result of his own creation.

There are certain verses from the bible including the good Samaritan who used traditional medication to treat his guests.

As Christians let’s not just judge each other for the lord almighty has the final say upon our lives.

The Bible About Mental Illness, Can Christians Take medication?
The Bible About Mental Illness, Can Christians Take medication?

Let’s always seek his help before we take any medication or rather pray over then before we use them.

Can Christians Use Medication for Depression, Anxiety, or Bipolar?

Mental health issues in the context of biblical Christianity is one area that leaves many Christians asking if it is fine to use medication for depression and anxiety.

It is okay for Christians to use those medications and they should never be afraid to see any doctor for prescriptions”

What most Christians ask a lot is whether or not Christians should take psychoactive medications for things like depression anxiety bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Some think that it may be caused by not reading your Bible enough, praying enough or not going to church as expected of all Christians.

Over the past 50 years’ lots of discoveries have been made that have proven that conditions like depression and anxiety have a biological component just like cancer and heart disease.

For example, scientists have learned that one of the causes of depression is a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow brain cells to talk to each other.

If people don’t feel uncomfortable using medication to treat things like cancer and heart disease, why would they feel uncomfortable using medication to treat anxiety and depression?

Now I understand that things like depression and anxiety have a psychological and a spiritual component.

However, until we take care of the biological component with medication, we’re not going to make a lot of progress with the other two.

Why It Is Okay for Christians to Take Medication

In the book of second Kings in chapter twenty, we see that King Hezekiah was one of the most righteous Kings ever to rule over Judah. Late in his life, Hezekiah got seriously ill and was about to die.

He prayed to God who sent him an answer through the prophet Isaiah. In verses five and six, Isaiah tells Hezekiah that God has heard his prayer and will add 15 years to his life.

However, this is what it says in verse seven; “then Isaiah said to prepare a poultice of figs they did so and applied it to the boil and he recovered incidentally”

We know that poultice which is made out of FIGS, can be used as an astringent because it draws infection away from the body.

God could have certainly healed him instantly and miraculously but again, why He didn’t do it that way?

In this instance, God wanted Hezekiah to combine his faith with a medical treatment and we are told that it worked.

We are told that God loves us so much and that is why he also created medication long even before the scientists came.

There’s another story in 2nd chronicles 16, about another righteous king named ASA.

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord but when he was stricken with the foot disease, all he did was take the medicine.

He didn’t consult God at all and he believed in his own wisdom which resulted in his demise in about two years.

If he had only sought help from God, maybe God would have blessed the efforts of his physicians.

This is a good example that clearly tells Christians that it is okay to take medication as long as you do it the right way and you trust in God for healing through these physical treatments.

There are many Christians out there who have expressed a deep desire to grow spiritually, read their Bibles every day, pray more, and to serve with all they have.

However, some of them have suffered from things like depression anxiety disorders, or bipolar disorder, and these types of strong Christians are often hesitant to take medication.

This is because they saw their symptoms as some kind of moral weakness or some kind of character flaw.

This is very wrong because taking medication as a Christian does not mean that you have weak faith.

What happens usually is that when you take any medication as a Christian, it relieves your symptoms enough and this will allow you to apply the spiritual intervention through prayer and positivity.

That’s the role of psychiatric medication in the lives of Christians. Therapy is also good for Christians and you should look at it as a tool that will remove the cloud of anxiety or depression.

Once the depression or anxiety has been lifted, the person can think more clearly and apply God’s Word more effectively with a clear mind to God’s satisfaction.

This is why we have seen some people do very awkward stuff thinking that they are right yet they Cleary need physical help.

As a Christian, never be afraid to seek medical advice because, through that, God will restore you.

Does Taking Medicine Interfere with God’s Plan?

God is the one behind the creation of all those things that are present on this earth.

Therefore, medicine does not interfere with God’s plan because he could not have made them in the first place.

If God knew that medicine is going to interfere with His plan, He could have cleared them from the word go.

Besides that, He told Adam and Eve to fill the earth and subdue on it.

Each and everything that God created had its purpose and to add on this, all those things are to serve us in a useful way so as to satisfy his glory.

Medicine will only interfere with Gods plan in your life if you choose to put your trust in medication and not God.

We own our life unto him and so, we should always be grateful for the things that no human being can grant us.

Some of these things always go according to how God planned them.

God knows that sickness is there and in some cases, it is a way of testing our own faith onto him just like he did to Job in the bible.

He is the one who decides if we live or not and so, let’s always turn unto him in all kinds of situations for a breakthrough.

Should Christians Take Sleeping Pills

Yes, it is okay for Christians to use sleeping pills and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are certain days in our life that we feel so low due to problems that we face in this life here and there.

Lack of sleep depends on your faith as a Christian. Christians who have a strong faith will not need sleeping pills because they know that once they present their problems to god and work on them, all will be well.

They will rest at night knowing that they serve a living God and thus they will not panic because the Lord is like a very strong pillar that supports every Christian who have faith in Him.

We are all different and you should never compare yourself to others.

Build your faith in the Lord and with time, you will learn to find peace in him such that you will not need to use sleeping pills as a Christian.

If your doctor prescribes some sleeping pills, you should have them and that does not make you a weak Christian. Combine this with prays and build your relationship with God.

If you are a new Christian who is having sleeping problems, always know that faith and trust is built with time.

Just use your medications while you also ask God to help you fight whatever problems you have.

Anxiety and depression may cause sleeping issues in a Christians life because the nights become too long. Worries linger in our minds to an extend of not sleeping at all.

It is okay to think about life and that is when you will make progress in your life as a Christian. Remember faith in Christianity is accompanied by action.

However, you should make plans and present them to God as you also work on them.

Do not have sleepless nights just because you are overthinking yet as a Christian, you are supposed to pray about them.

Each and every problem has a solution and if we have faith in Him, everything will definitely fall in place.

Moreover, prayers and strong faith can be of help since you will rest well and sleep tight because your trust is in the Lord.

As Gods children, when things aren’t working and we can’t sleep, He is the only soother that can help us to get some rest but only if we put our trust in him.

The pill of faith that we can take from the heart means that you have to go down on your knees and pray even if it’s difficult. Just try and do it for it’s the only way out of all your struggles.

During this time try to focus on the good things that God has done to you no matter how small they are and keep your minds of the bad things.

It’s not an easy process, but your meditation with the creator is always the best medicine when things are not falling in place as you expected them.

Should Christians Take Antidepressants

It is okay for Christians to take antidepressants especially when it has been prescribed.

People take antidepressants due to depression after a tragic experience since e all battle different things in life.

In Christianity, faith plays a very important role when dealing with depression.

Again, the strength of your trust in God will help you when you are depressed.

If you are still not at a level that you cannot fully work with faith, it is okay for you as a Christians to take anti-depressants while you also pray and ask God to give you an inner peace of the mind.

Learn to run before God, put all your trust and faith while believing in Him.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and control your thought. Pray when you are getting depressed and God will guide you in your path.

Depression should not just be taken in alight manner because it’s too dangerous.

on the contrary, when you are depressed, it means that there is something that is totally not right and you should seek help.

But in a situation where your doctor can’t tell on what you are suffering from, it means that you are suffering from a spiritual or emotional problem. In this case you should allow God to move into your heart.

Likewise, this antidepressant only helps to numb the problems that we are facing at the moment.

Why don’t we as Christians try and work things normally i.e. living a life that is being guided by Jesus Christ who is our savior.

How Should Cristian’s Deal with Depression?

Christians should deal with depression by praying and fully trusting that God has solved their issues.

After that, a Christian should also act towards it because faith without any action that supports it is useless.

We all think that when we are with God, everything works perfectly. Things will always get bumpy at times thus do not complicate your life. Instead, turn on to him for protection and guidance.

“When dealing with depression as a Christian, remember that even Jesus turned to God when He was about to be crucified. He found comfort in the Lord and that is what we should also do as Christians”

God knew that His suffering was worth it because it was to save the entire human race from the afflictions of this world. 

Sometimes, God know why you are suffering and you should never be depressed as a Christian.

Sometimes we have to go through the tough path before we emerge as the best in life. Anxiety cannot just be taken care of with drugs because you also need God.

What you should consider doing id to combine your medication with the word of God and prayers. If you have friends around, talk to them so that they can help in committing you before the Lord.

Other than taking antidepressants as a Christian, try and keep yourself busy during the day i.e. exercise a lot to keep your mind from thinking too much.

If you are good at reading, get hold of your bible, pick a book and read several verses.

Furthermore, this keeps your mind off current events that are affecting you and helps in keeping you calm in the Lord.

Practice your trust in the Lord daily so that it becomes perfect to an extent that you can never be shaken easily.

Run and lean to the cross whey you are depressed and after prayers, trust that God has taken control and you will be fine.

Does God Heal Through Medicine?

Yes, God heals us through medicine because at the end of the day, those medicines are made from the natural plants that he Created.

Remember, some will take medication and still die while others will get well. Medication is combined by faith and trust in God in order to get the perfect results.

My brothers, the only person that can heal us is our God and medication is just a support and a physical additive just like we need food to survive.

“You cannot be hungry and fail to eat because you trust in God unless you are a mad person. You have to eat and the same way, if you are feeling sick as a Christian, it is okay to take medication”

We prepare food and eat and the same way, we make medicine in our laboratories to use when we are sick.

After eating, we then pray for good health the same ay e will pray for good health after taking medication hen we are sick as Christians.

When we are taking medicine as Christians, we should also thank God for the medication and trust that we will get ell by His Grace.

Let’s look at the woman from the bible who bleed for twelve years without any solution. When she heard that Jesus was around, she went to where He was and touched his cloak.

The faith she had healed her and she felt that her body was free and the bleeding stopped. By faith and trust, she was ell again and she never had bleeding issues again.

Christians are reminded to call upon God’s name because it is greater than any disease that exists on planet earth and the entire universe.

Does God Use Doctors to Heal?

Yes, God uses the doctors to heal us because sometimes, even doctors pray for the sick after doing their best. They will leave the rest to God especially in very complicated situations.

Doctors are also human beings like us and they will do their best. However, your attitude and being positive that God will make you ell again will play a big role for you to get well.

When we are sick let as put our faith and trust in him through prayers for a divine intervention. Be positive and trust in God so that you immune is not stressed.

Drugs will never work if you are stressed and that is why you really need to put your trust and be positive that when you also pray, God will heal you with the help of the doctors.

God uses doctors to heal his people just like in the ancient times. When you go through the Bible, there is nowhere that God has told us to reject or not to use medicine when we are sick.

If you are a believer, always pray when you have someone that is sick even when they are in hospital. Commit them in God’s hands because through Him, the medication will be successful.  

We all have heard cases whereby doctors sometimes give wrong prescriptions by mistake. This is why we still need to know that only God can always help us to avoid being victims of such situations.

For the healing to work perfectly, we are supposed to have strong faith in God. This kind of faith does not come that easily since it has to be natured for it to grow stronger.

As, Christians lets commit our lives in the lord’s hands for He decides on when he takes it away from us. 

Some believers will refuse to see the doctors since they are scared that it will indicate their lack of faith in God.

That is not right and anyone who tells you that is a bad pastor and a false prophet who should not be trusted to guide any congregation.

What Does the Bible Say About Mental Illness?

When you go through different scriptures in the bible, you will find out that God addresses mental illness as something that comes about with life issues that affects our minds.

Let’s not forget that our minds help us a lot in fighting different battles in our daily routine.

In some cases, it can be overwhelmed and thus a min break don can occur to you as a Christian especially if you have no trust in the Lord.

As believers in Christ Jesus, we are advised to renew our thoughts for this helps as a lot as human beings. We can do this by simply by focusing and trusting in God as our source of refuge.

When your thoughts are taken care of by God, it means that nothing negative is going to interfere with the normal being of our impulse.

The Bible says that God has not given us a fearful spirit but rather, He has granted us the spirit of power, that of love and a sound mind.

The bible tells that God has given us a spirit of sound mind and anyone who is praying the right way will always learn to remain calm even when under pressure.  

Fear can also cause your mind to be at stand still. This means that you end up giving up on the good things you wanted to achieve in your life.

Fear can cause mental illness and we should know that a true Christian is fearless and should stand strong in faith.

In this cases, you won’t be able to move forward because you are distracted with fear.

Look on to the lord for he is the only one that can give you strength in such times when you are weak and in pain.

In a situation where we have problems we should put our hope in God.

This is to say that we should not put all our hopes in man-made solutions if we want to avoid disappoints that can affect our minds as Christians.

You should not resist your emotions instead push harder and get through them for the better being of yourself.

Those that are too difficult to handle, present them before God and you will never be disappointed.

God’s Word Is Medicine

Yes, Gods word is a medicine for your heart, mind and soul that does not put you inform of any danger even if you take an overdose.

The interesting part of it is that, it’s never bought in any shop but you get it for free which is very sad that some people will still not accept it.

The word of God is a medicine that is very powerful and capable of taking care of any condition no matter how difficult it is.

The word of God is a medication that is combined with patience for the best result.

Be firm and know that God is in charge for you to emerge as a winner no matter how long it takes.

Therefore, lets work on filling our minds and thoughts with the word of God, for there are no destruction that will defeat us.

If you are taking medicine, it’s important to mix it with faith from the one above for healing.

In fact, most of this medicines that we take have serious side effects than the real disease that is present in our body.

While you are taking any medicine, try and seek Gods word to help you in your health and most import ally your healing process.

The word of God will heal your body because when your mind is stable, it is very difficult for any disease to strain your physical body.

The word of God keeps you stable and supports you in any situation because you will always be relaxed since you know that there is a might power above all that is fighting your battles for you.

What Does the Bible Say About Doctors?

Let’s us always appreciate our doctors for the heavy work they do. God is the one that proves and he is the same person that gave them the skills for them to perform their duties.

God created man and gave him knowledge because we are created in his own image.

Doctors also pray when they are sick as much as they can use different types of drugs to relieve a patient from pain.

After prayers when you are sick as a Christian, call your doctor for help for he created them to be by your side.

There are certain times in our lives that we have to depend on the doctor’s skills for help.

God assures as that we shall be alright when we put our trust in Him. Christians should know that it is not a sin to visit a doctor when they are sick.

Even Jesus Christ did not have a smooth life on earth. He went through a lot and at some point, we are told He even asked God to take His suffering away from Him.

The Bible tells us in the book of James chapter five verse 13 that we should pray when we are in trouble and any Christian should underline this verse because, when we do what the Lord has said, we will be fine.

When you read the verse above, it tells us that when we are sick which is also a form of trouble, we can’t just sit there and wait for a miracle to happen.

Instead, we should try and seek for help by taking our troubles to the Lord or God.

Therefore, staking medication in Christianity does not mean that you lack faith in God. It’s just a way of acting on your faith because faith comes with action in Christianity.

Raising Hands in Worship and Prayers

Importance of Raising Hands in Prayers & Worship Scripture

Raising hands in worship and prayers is important because it shows that you have fully surrendered before God in total submission.

You see, gestures are important everywhere even when it comes to the spiritual world.

When a policeman is arresting you, they will always tell you to raise your hands and put them where they can see them. This is to imply that you have totally surrendered.

When you are in a competition and you want to give up, raising your hand is the universal sign that shows you have given up everything.

“It is important to raise your hands in worship because it is also an inward gesture of humility, loyalty, and total submission to God

Importance of Raising Hands in Prayers & Worship Scripture
Importance of Raising Hands in Prayers & Worship Scripture

Lifting your hands during prayers will connect you to God in a special way that words cannot explain.

Raising Hands in Worship Scripture

It is also important to lift your hands in worship because the bible tells us to do so in the book of psalms chapter sixty-three verse four.

It is also important to lift your hands in worship because the bible tells us to do so in the book of psalms chapter sixty-three verse four.

When you are in praying and worshiping, just try lifting up your hands higher and see what the Lord will do in your life.

It is clear that this scripture about raising your hands in worship declares that this should be part and parcel of our prayers.

I always don’t understand why many Christians find it difficult to lift up their hands during praise and worship but what I do know is that the devil holds them back.

The devil knows that if you lift up your hands and submit to God fully, your doors to a happy life will be opened and you will live a happy life.

This is why he makes it difficult for you to do this simple gesture. He knows how to make you feel awkward when you want to do it.

As a Christian, be strong in your faith and hold on to God since the bible also say that we should praise Him with everything that we have.

When we go before God, let us learn to be humble and submissive both physically and mentally.

Why We Lift Our Hands in Worship and Prayers

Christians should remember that God created us in his own image and we should always know that he also appreciates good gestures and this is why we lift our hands when we worship or pray.

You cannot just make some funny symbols using your hands or do whatever you want before God.

The main reason why we lift our hands in worship is to show humility and loyalty before God to means that He is great above everything in life.

Each and every one has their own way of worship but we need to know that there are some guidelines that is expected of us when we are worshiping.  

When you have your own freedom of worship, everyone will not be in order and we will have new rules every day.

There has to be an order and a reason as to why we do things for us to remain in the right channel.

Lifting up your hands up during prayer and worship whether you are at home or in the church shows that you adore God and you surrender to his will. It’s also a way of expressing total submission.

The meaning of lifting hands is that it is a physical way of praising God and it shows that you are a submissive servant.

Raising hands in prayers shows that you accept that we cannot manage without His help and that of the Holy Spirit that comes from above.

When God created us, each and every part of our bodies was assigned to perform different purposes.

The way we pose while worshiping shows a lot about what is in our hearts during prayer.

By lifting up your hands in worship, it means you have admitted that you are weak and the only strength that is of greater support is from our Father in heaven who is the creator of heaven and earth.

For instance, when you are gloomy and you want to pray, the affection that will be shown will be different.

This is why it is important to give praise and sing before prayers so that our moods are stabilized.

We should praise God with all the positive gestures and lifting up our hands during prayers involves our bodies too to show that we have submitted.

Why It is Important to Lift Up Hands in Prayers & Worship

For example, when a someone is drowning in a pool of water, the first gesture is to lift up his or her hands as high as possible why calling out for help.

This tells us that when you lift your hands in prayers, it is also a form of supplication.

When you pray and lift your hands, it shows a lot in that your prayers will be answered since you are giving God the authority and power He deserves.

Even if your prayer is not answered right away as you expected, always trust in Him.

He knows what is in your soul and your prayers will be answered at the best time beyond your understanding.

The hands are very important parts of the body and they help us a lot in our daily routine.

When we flashback during old times, Jesus was said to lay his hands on those that were sick and they got healed.

This alone shows us the power that has been placed in our hands. When enemies reconcile and make peace, the shake hands to show that they are now friends.

All this translates to the importance of raising our hands in worship and prayers. Where we place our hand matters a lot since it will show obedience or arrogance.

A good example is that you cannot put your hands in your pockets when praying to God.

This alone shows that there is always a strong feeling of submission when we lift our hands to praise our Father in Heaven.

Never for a second be ashamed to raise your hands during worship just because of what your neighbor will think of you.

Yes, it’s better to stand all alone since you are doing what is right knowing that you are not going against the commandments that are in the bible.

Lack of submission can cost you a lot since you always have to learn how to pray.

As a Christian, do not take certain things lightly and we should know that being humble pays a lot both before God and man.

For this reason, we should also learn the importance of submission to our parents.  

You should know that the power of raising hands up during worship and prayer is so mighty to an extend of making your prayers more likely to be heard because of your humility before God.

Learn to surrender before God and you will never be disappointed since Christians are always told to surrender their burden to God.

To surrender means to raise up your hands in total submission when it comes to faith and religion. Let’s prays him with joy by clapping and raising our hands to him.

Never feel restricted when it comes to raising hands in worship and prayers and you should do it as if it was your last day on earth.

Showing Loyalty by Raising Hands in Worship

Be loyal when your pastor says that you should raise your hands when its worship time.

Always cast our burden to God for he is our Lord and nothing is impossible before His presence.

You see the moment you want to lift up your hands and there is that difficult thought holding you back from doing so, just know that you are on your way to failure.

Do not take your bride and your position at work or in society to church. When you go before God, raising up your hands will show that you are loyal and submissive.

Always try and step out of your comfort zone while praying. Raise up your hands to allow the holy spirit to take control of your body’s spirit and mind in a natural way.

Most people that are brought up in Christian families do not lift up their hands during prayers because they do not know the importance of doing so.

Do not look at what your neighbor is saying but instead, focus on what is right as long as it pleases your creator.

When it comes to worship, you should not be scared of any man apart from the Lord Your God.

Others will just lift their hands in worship because others are doing so without knowing why it is important.

Others will also ignore it because they are around those who do not know the importance of doing so.

Looking back at the old testament hands were raised to symbolize a lot of things like repenting from sins and humility.

People were always seen thanking God in submission and loyalty by lifting their hands to their creator.

Think of your relationship with God how can you make it stronger and intact.

Christians should always know how to behave and the importance of raising or holding hands in prayers.

You don’t want to talk about raising hands in worship yet it is one of the fundamentals of our worship when we come into the presence of the Lord.

Lifting hands in prayers is something that I think makes a big difference whether you’re in church or at home in your own prayer time.

There’s something really powerful that happens when we raise our hands in worship and prayers.

This is because it is not a personal choice but rather it takes a dedicated Christian to understand the scriptures.

You see people lifting their hands in prayers and you do not understand that this is not a personal preference.

This is rather a powerful principle spiritually that can revolutionize your life as a Christian.

Cremation in Christianity

Cremation in Christianity

Christians do not practice cremation because they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who was buried and later resurrected after three days.

Jesus was not cremated and thus cremation in Christianity is not biblical and Christians are not encouraged to practice it.

The biblical book of Luke (24:1-9), talks about the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the foundation of Christianity.

According to the gospel, Jesus died and was buried after which, He resurrected after staying with the dead for three days in the tomb.

This teaching cements the Christian belief in the resurrection of the body.

The explanation above is the main reason why most Christians look at cremation as a sin before God.

Cremation in Christianity
Cremation in Christianity

Cremation refers to the disposition of human bodies by way of burning them to ashes while Christians believe in burying the dead.

Can Christians be Cremated?

No, Christians are not expected to cremate their loved ones because that is not part of their teaching since time in memorial.

What a Christian does according to the Bible with the body of a loved one, in this case, is that it is given a decent burial and a sendoff.

However, God really has not given specific guidance about what to do with a dead body and whether it should be cremated or not.

“The Bible doesn’t give us any direct revelation or direction as to what we should do with the dead body of a Christian but we do bury them because Jesus was also buried and not cremated. This is why many people always ask if Cremation is a sin or not in Christianity”

The societies in the Bible did many different things for example, the Egyptians practice mummification.

We don’t do that today but it was something that was done in the ancient biblical culture but all this changed with the coming of Jesus Christ.

The usual way that dead bodies were handled in the biblical world was burial. This was the usual way and there were many different types of burial in the biblical world.

This is because they had no way of embalming the body and keeping it from decaying or spreading diseases that were associated with their dead loved ones.  

The custom was that you buried a body the same day that the person died and that custom of course could be stretched or chained a little bit here and there.

 The custom of the Bible was that the very day a person died, they were buried before the end of that very day with different types of burial practices in different cultures.

Here are some types of burials that existed in the biblical times instead of cremation;

  1. There was direct burial in the ground
  2. There was burial in a crypt above the ground
  3. There were burial caves and these would be known as ancestral caves

A good example is when Abraham bought the Cave of Machpelah and buried his wife Sarah there. Then when Abraham, Isaac, Leah died, they were all buried in the same cave.

Christians are the descendants of Abraham and we see that Christians were not cremated in the bible but rather there were ancestral burial caves. We also know that Jesus Christ was buried in a cave.

Romans as well as the Jews preferred burying the dead as compared to cremation.

When it came to cremation, there was some cremation in the biblical world but not a lot.

Some the Greeks for example practiced cremation. Sometimes, bodies were cremated when they had been desecrated.

For example, the men of Jabish Gilead cremated King Saul and his sons who had been killed by the Philistines.

Christians and Cremation

In first Samuel chapter thirty-one verse twelve, you can see that the bodies were cremated and the bones were taken for burial afterward.

As we read the Bible, we have no command of God with no direct revelation about what is the proper thing to do with the dead body.

The fact that God didn’t give us any instructions then leads us to some specific conclusions and some interesting points about the dead.

The first is that whatever we’re going to do with a dead body, we have to follow what the second commandment says.

It states that we should love our neighbor just like ourselves. As Christians, we are supposed to do everything with love.

This means that whatever we do with the dead body, we should do it with great love, dignity, honesty combined with tenderness. We should make a conscious decision about it.

The second thing we learn is that no matter what happens to your body after death, what matters is the final destination of your soul.

Eventually what God said would happen happens and that is your body will return to the ground where it came from.

In Genesis chapter 3:19, God said to Adam that he will return to the ground. That he was taken from it, he is dust and to dust he will be returned.

Eventually, every dead body will return to dust and we need to keep that in mind as Christians.

It is only that how we get to dust differ. It may be through cremation or burial and decay but eventually, every dead body will get to drop and turn to dust.

Christians should never let death be final for them because God never intended death when God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden.

He never said that they were going to live a couple of hundred years and then die.

God intended an everlasting life for us and that is why He sent Jesus Christ to save our souls as Christians.

A true Christian should never be worried about what happens to the body but rather focus on the everlasting life.

The question of cremation and Christianity lies in the fact that Christians respect the dead as well and any loved one must be given a decent send-off so that we wish them a peaceful afterlife.

God has provided for mankind to have everlasting life through Jesus Christ.

Even if this flesh body dies, God will one day get that flesh body up from the dead in a new and wonderful body that will live forever.

Debate About Cremation in Christianity Today

There have been debates as to whether cremation is better for the environment as compared to burial.

This topic remains debatable but for some reasons, cremations has always been regarded as being environmentally friendly as opposed to burial.

Some of the reasons for this view include the fact that burial usually entails the use of coffins which are in most cases is carved out of wood.

This translates to the cutting down of trees which usually leads to environmental degradation.

It is also arguable that there are other methods of burial that may not necessarily have to involve the use of coffins.

It may also be argued that the decomposing bodies are likely to enhance the nutritional value of the soil.

Cremation may also be seen as contributing to air pollution and by extension, global warming by way of increased carbon emissions.

Sermon on Cremation

The resurrection of the body in the bible does not specify on the types of bodies that are likely to resurrect.

It is clear that all dead bodies have to undergo decomposition and they eventually disappear just the same way a cremated body would.

This means that if the bible talks of the resurrection of the body, then all are likely to resurrect regardless of the way they were interred.

Sermon on cremation in Christianity teaches that human beings were made out of the soil of the earth and that upon their death, they will go back to the earth.

This is a clear message that the dead should be buried in the earth to allow the bodies to decompose back into the earth.

Christians also strive to live the way Jesus lived and this includes how their bodies are handled upon their deaths.

These are some of the reasons that explain the reasons why Christianity is likely to be against cremation.

Cremation and The Soul

According to Christianity, humans have both the physical bodies and the souls. The human soul lives on after the death of an individual.

The soul can neither be touched nor felt. The actions of an individual in his/her lifetime determines where the soul goes after death.

In death, the individual loses control of the body and how the other individuals handle that body may not affect the soul.

Is Cremation a Sin in Catholic Church?

Cremation is a sin in the catholic church and that is why Catholicism is the oldest denomination in Christianity yet they do not cremate.

Catholics around the world follow the same doctrinal teachings which also apply in the events where holy mass is conducted for a departed soul.

Catholic priests live in seminaries and convents and are usually buried in a common cemetery. The burial is usually symbolic to the burial of Jesus Christ.

What does the bible say about cremation?

In the book of 1 Samuel 31:11-13, Saul, an Israelite army commander, had led his troops into war against the Philistines.

His three sons, Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malki-Shua were part of his army.

Cremation and Christianity
Cremation and Christianity

Saul and his three sons fell in the battle and the Philistines cut off his head and displayed it alongside his armor as a way of shaming the Israelites.

When some of his people heard the news, they sought the bodies of Saul and his sons, burned their flesh, and buried the bones to save them from the shame.

Modern Christianity has a cocktail of different experiences that are either learned in formal education settings or simply acquired.

This means that different people have different views towards cremation and given the idea of a free will, they can choose how they would like their bodies or those of their loved ones interred.

Bible Verses on Death and Cremation

Some of the bible verses that talk about cremation incidences include;

  • 1 Corinthians 15:35-55
  • Genesis 3:19
  • 1 Corinthians 13:3
  • 1 Samuel 31: 11-13
  • Joshua 7:25
  • 2 Kings 23:15-20

Is Cremation Pagan?

Yes, cremation is pagan and that is why it was regarded as paganism given that the practice was seen as opposing the Christian belief in the resurrection of the body.

The Pope lifted the ban that had been put on cremation by the church in the year 1963.

This consequently allowed the priests to preside over interment ceremonies that included cremation among Catholics.

There are cultures around the world that practice cremation as a funeral rite and it usually serves as an alternative to rites such as burial.

There are ancient traditions that practiced cremation on open-air pyres. The practice has since been overtaken by time.

In the modern world, cremation furnaces are designed in a manner that the cremation is conducted in a closed oven.

What is of great interest is how other traditions and religions view the practice of disposing dead bodies by way of cremation.

This article focuses on the Christian view of cremation and some of their religious teachings that exist in regard to cremation.

This is amidst a growing trend across the globe of bodies being cremated for various reasons such as scarcity of land for burial.

The alternative use of land which is a trend being embraced in almost all parts of the world has also led to cremation among modern Christians.

Is Cremation Bad for the Soul?

Cremation is bad for the soul in Christianity because Christians are taught that the body is the temple of God.

Since God did not tell us to cremate the dead as Christians, then we should know that it is not good for the soul.

Christianity is a religion that has for long been known to prefer burial as a final rite that is exercised upon the death of the members.

The practice dates back to the old days of the traditions upon which the religion is founded.

It is important to mention that Christianity harbors a belief in life after death and resurrection.

It is not clear whether this could be one of the reasons that promotes the idea of burial over the other ways of handling the bodies of the dead.

However, there is also, no clear information as to whether Christianity forbids cremation.

It is, notable that the churches across the globe still give preference to burial which is the traditional interment method.

There are areas across the globe where there is the permission of cremation considering that the interment method is not intended to be used as a way of refuting the claims of resurrection.

In conclusion, cremation in Christianity is not encouraged because there is an afterlife in Christianity.

We have to persevere in Christ as Christians even in our hard times since we will see Him again.

Cremation involves the burning of the dead body which is considered to be cruel in Christianity.

It is not a respectable way to see a loved one off because Christians believe in love, care, and kindness.

Stop Talking to Yourself Using Prayers & Faith

How to Stop Talking to Yourself Using Prayers & Faith

It is possible to stop talking to yourself using prayers when you learn to put your trust and faith in God.

Just like everyone else, I also have conversations with myself and sometimes I wonder if that is okay.

However, there are situations where you can overdo it. At this point, you wonder what causes you to talk to yourself out loud even when others are around.

Prayers can help you stop talking to yourself in that, you can always switch and pray to divert those thoughts.

This will really help in rejecting wild thoughts and the best thing about it is that it will always work.

How to Stop Talking to Yourself Using Prayers & Faith
How to Stop Talking to Yourself Using Prayers & Faith

When the mind is idle, it is easy for it to be filled with wild unnecessary ideas.

Have you ever had an old saying that translates to an idle mind being the devil’s playground?

Always dedicate yourself to some courses as well. When you are free and weird suggestions get in your head, you can read your Bible.

Again the Holy Spirit will always guide you when you are a prayerful person.

God will never let you struggle with those funny thoughts if you learn to pray about them as they come.

Having silent conversations with yourself is okay when controlled and everyone does it.

Sometimes, you find yourself talking to yourself out loud and saying random stuff that the people around you don’t understand.

This is when it becomes a problem that you need to stop since you can end up saying things that should remain secrets.

You find yourself spitting out personal information that you never wanted others to know about.

What Causes Talking to Yourself & Can You Stop It Using Prayers?

Talking to yourself simply means that you are thinking out loud and here are some causes of talking to yourself loud when walking on the streets or when you are alone;

1. Stressful situations cause talking to your self

Stress is the major cause of self-conversations since your brain can never settle before achieving anything that you really want in life.

May be you are in a relationship that is abusive and you really need a way out. You will find yourself taking out loud because you are stressed and overwhelmed.

Sometimes you don’t have enough to afford what you want. You are wondering why you are suffering like that.

At the same time, you are trying to find solutions to your problems thus you end up talking to yourself out loud as you are walking down the streets.

The solutions to all these are prayers. You do not have faith in God and so you are trying to solve your issues on your own. Faith can change your situation.

When you present your problems to God, just know that at least you have talked to someone who can solve your issues. That alone will help you to stop being worried.

This is because you will be assured that someone is in charge and will help you solve your issue as you also work on it.

It is always frustrating when you don’t have someone to confide in that can help you even with ideas to solve your issues.

That is the major cause of talking to yourself loudly even when people are around you because you are dealing with so many issues by yourself.

2. Panicking Causes Talking to Yourself

Imagine if you had a problem that makes you panic and you run to someone that you know will help, definitely a peace of mind will settle in.

This is how prayers and faith work in helping you to stop talking to yourself since the peace of mind is all you need to remain calm.

Prayers work especially if you are patient and keeping it in mind that trusting in God will definitely change your situation.

This is why those who have faith are calm, they talk less and appear to be peaceful with beautiful hearts. This is because they have learned to put their trust in God.

All this will depend on your faith and how you hold on to your religion in times of need.

Faith is great and can even have mountains of depressions and any problems moved out of your thoughts.

This is then replaced with the peace and calm that only God gives such that you will not be having intense self-conversations that are loud even when you are sitting with people.

Depression is taking over the twenty-first-century population. This is because of the expensive lifestyle that we are all living and subjected to.

When depression is combined with panic, you end up talking to yourself out loud even when you are around people. They may even think that you have lost it.

3. Lack of Self Confidence Causes Loud Self Conversations  

Lack of self-confidence causes talking to yourself even in public. This is because you will be not firm or sure of anything that you want to do.

You have to fumble and mumble out loud by yourself because your mind is full of doubts in anything that you do.

This is caused by fear of the unknown in that you are afraid of what others will think about you.

The best solution to this is to stay focused and learn to trust in God because He created you perfectly.

You also have to stop feeling worthless and put some value on your self. Nobody will value you unless you upgrade yourself.

Personally, when I am panicking and in a stressful situation, I say our Lord’s prayer.

It keeps me calm and gives me hope with great faith. I always believe that anything I ask God through that simple prayer, I will have it.

All I simply do is believe that I have received whatever I ask in the name of God and I’m never disappointed.

I always use this to stop talking to myself when I realize that my mind is becoming uncontrollable and full of wild thoughts.

I simply replace those wild thought with Our Lord’s Prayer and I find myself calm. This is a secret meditation that helps in keeping away wild thoughts and can help you stop talking to yourself instantly”  

4. Excitement can cause Talking to Yourself

Excitement can make you overthink and many people end up talking to themselves which is okay.

Talking to yourself only becomes a problem when you overdo it even in crowded places.

It simply means that you are not in control of what is in your mind thus they make you have self-conversations even in public places.

It is as simple as checking how you always get excited and controlling your thoughts when you are overwhelmed.

You can also give thanks to God for the good news and this alone will help you be calm knowing that you are grateful to God.

Stopping Self Conversations Using Prayers and Faith

You can also be having self conversations and talking to yourself out loud when you are imagining situations.

This is very common since you may be drowned and lost in your thoughts to the extent that you forget your current environment.

This is okay and any normal person does this once in a while. However, when you do it all the time, then you need help.

Be careful when this turns into a habit since you may definitely need to reevaluate yourself. If possible, seek professional advice if it persists.

Sometimes, you may talk to yourself loudly as if you are talking to someone else even in public gatherings.

Again, you can use prayers and faith to control this situation by simply praying before you start solving anything through imaginations.

The Holy Spirit will also enlighten your imaginations. God will always guide you in the right direction if you believe and put all your hopes and trust in Him.

How to Stop Taking to yourself through prayers is the simplest way of solving this habit.

Just believe God is in charge and once you put your trust in Him, you will be calm and confident.

This way, you will not be talking to yourself because you know you are acting and solving your problems with God’s help and guidance.

Doing this will give you the courage and the authority you need to solve any Issue that is depressing you.

The secret of how to stop talking to yourself is to find ways of being calm and confident in any situation.

It is also important to learn how to pray the right way since when prayers are done in the right way and combined with faith, you will be a calm person.

This is because God will always help you fight your battles and you can never feel frustrated in any situation that you are facing in life.  

How Should Christians Dress? -Biblical Dress Code

How Should Christians Dress, Biblical Dress Code

How Christians men and women should dress is based on Biblical guidelines and ethics in the society.

It is not a question of what does the bible says about short skirts but rather do you think it is okay to put on a short skirt in front of kids or parents?

If the answer is no, then you agree that as much as the bible tells us what to do, dressing code in Christianity should also be pinned to disciple and good moral conduct among Christians in the society.  

Indecent Dressing in Bible
Indecent Dressing in Bible

How men and women dress in Christianity also depend on the fact that they are created differently thus both cannot dress in the same way.

This is because some dress codes can lead to lust which is a sin in Christianity especially among women.

When a woman is dressed in a way that reveals most of her body parts, she will make the male around her feel attracted to her.

This will make them sin before God since we know that we should never lust after women as Christians.

Generally, as adults, we are supposed to act as role models to our children.

How we dress shows a lot about our character. A good example is putting on a short skirt and a top that reveals the breast as a woman.

This can also attract the wrong people around you. When our kids dress like this, they may get the attention of bad people out there that may harm them if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, dressing in clothes that reveal your private parts is not a good moral in Christian as religion.

When you are a married woman, dress in clothes that do not expose body so as to avoid making the men around you commit sinful act such as adultery.

Our bodies are the temple of God and therefore we should always keep it safe from worldly acts.

Well as a woman, it’s always good to look good. However, this does not mean that you have to show all the skin parts for you to be attractive but rather you should try to look decent.

Keep in mind that people will always judge you according to the way you dress. That is human nature and therefore it’s your own choice on how you are doing it.

How Should a Christian Woman Dress in The Bible?

Let us have a look at what the Bible actually says regarding a woman’s modesty and clothing choices because there’s been so much false information given about this topic over the years.

So, what is Christian modesty and how should a Christian woman dress?

The Bible does not say it is a sin for a woman to look externally beautiful or to wear nice clothes.

Christian modesty is an external appearance that is honoring to Christ in an attempt to discourage provocative clothing.

Sometimes the church makes it seem like it is a sin for women to pay attention to their external appearance yet this is not at the heart of Christian modesty.

It is okay to look good but you also have to watch your intentions and who you want to attract when dressed as a Christian woman since our prayers must be pure without interruptions.

Here is a Bible Verse about women’s clothing

Bible Verse About Women's Clothing
Bible Verse About Women’s Clothing

The key to understanding these Bible verses about a woman’s external appearance is the word adorning.

Common definitions for the word adorn include to enhance the appearance of something especially with beautiful objects.

The point that the Bible makes clear is that a woman should not try to make herself more beautiful through unnecessary external means.

If you wear clothing to make yourself seem more physically attractive or more physically beautiful, this is what the Bible says a woman should not do.

It doesn’t say a woman should not braid her hair, never wear jewelry or nice clothes.

The Bible says that the Christian dress code among women must not be rooted in these external things that are overdone to make her look good.

She should look for look beauty through her inner character and not physical things that are bought.

The point that I believe many people get wrong is when they say that Christian women should never be concerned with how they look.

Some even say that they should not care about feeling beautiful and they are being vain if they go out of their way to enhance their physical appearance.

The Bible doesn’t say that and many people use such verses to be extreme and even sound ridiculous.

All this should be reasonable in that it is okay to look good but don’t overdo it with wrong intentions.

Again, the Bible does not forbid adorning oneself which is to mean that, it does not forbid a woman from beautifying herself in moderation and good intentions.

In fact, the book of Timothy and Peter that are quoted in this article are actually passages in scripture about how a woman should adorn herself according to the Christian dress code.

These Bible passages are not telling Christian women not seek beauty but rather, they instruct a woman on how to go about beautifying herself.

The Bible says a woman’s clothing is an expression of her inner self and it is okay to look good but there is a line that should not be crossed regardless of what your motive is.

Dressing in a way that reveals too much skin regardless of whether you are a man or a woman is wrong and can definitely never have any good motives behind them.

Our clothing should be an expression of our inner character and Christian dress code should represent what we believe in religiously.

This means that we should look presentable beautiful in a way that promotes positive social characters even among our children.

The Bible tells a Christian woman not to base her beauty in how she looks on the outside but rather how she looks on the inside since our thoughts are presented in our physical looks.

The key to dressing biblically is unlocked when you do not seek to shape your inner beauty through your outer beauty.

Your inner beauty should shape your external appearance because when you wear beautiful modest clothing as a Christian, it says something about your heart.

However, when you wear sexy clothing that is designed to incite passion and attract the opposite sex in the wrong way, then that also says something about the condition of your heart.

The way you view yourself internally should control how you present yourself externally when you are seeking to find how Christians should dress.

If you believe you are beautiful Christ exalting woman, that will shape the way you present yourself to the world in terms of how you dress as a Christian.

The things you wear should be a reflection of how your heart looks on the inside.

Paul tells women in first Timothy chapter two that they should be dressed with modesty and respect.

A redeemed woman in Christ is modestly dressed, respectful, godly and self-controlled knowing that she is precious to God.

What Does the Bible Say About Dressing to Church?

One more common flaw we see in many church teachings about dressing modesty in Christianity is the way both men and women go before the house of God.

Let us say you are going to the white house to meet the president; will you check how to dress?

If your answer is yes, then you should also check how you dress when going before God in any Church.

In most cases, women are told to watch how they dress to church because men are so visual and some of those bad pastors will never tell you the truth.

You could be a stumbling block to them if you reveal too much of your body.

Well, I believe men and women should both try to wear presentable clothes to church and present themselves in ways that are not tempting to the opposite gender.

How Christians should dress to church is influenced by the basic morals that guide us in the Bible.

We know that we should act as the bible directs and so we should do everything to the glory of God.

It is obvious that you cannot put on a short skirt that will reveal ninety percent of your laps yet you expect the men around you to concentrate in church.

You will be acting as an agent of Satan that is trying to block concentration in church.

Just like you will dress properly when visiting the president or an important person in the society, you should also know that your dress code as a Christian is also dictated by what the Bible promotes and demotes.

When going to church it’s important to respect the temple of God and observe certain manners like dressing in a proper way.

This indicates that clothes which draw people attention to you should not be put on.

There are certain types of casual that are absolutely cool to put on while going to church but clothes like shorts and tank tops are not cool.

It’s not just a matter of dressing for your on good, dress properly for a proper care of worship and to those that are attending to church to.

The term come as you are having been abused in one way or the today’s generation people just dress up claiming that what matters a lot is what in our hearts.

Women’s Clothing in The Bible

It is as simple as looking at the verse that says it is a sin to lust after any woman who is not your wife.

This will guide any woman to dress in a way that will not attract the attention of other men especially when she is married.

How women should dress especially in the modern generation is a question that has been asked most often thereby making people give out views that aren’t good at all based on how most women dress.

When a Christian lady is dressing and to look good, she should try and consider those that she is going to interact with from the outside.

This will make you not dress up in a way that will make others sin when they lust after you.

As a Christian too much exposure of your private parts does not make you look beautiful.

Instead, it makes you draw a lot of attention from men that end up approaching you with different intentions.

Dress code in Christianity should also be pinned to the fact that God always looks at the beauty of our heart.

He does not concentrate on the expensive clothes the jewels and nice braids that we have on them.

The bible says that both men and women should always take a shower and be neat while having the word of God as a guide for their actions.

However, Christians should not brag about the expensive things they are putting on. They should look at what good they have done.

This tells us that God is interested in the good deed of what we do but not the materials that we hold.

Christians should not dress in a way that reveals their private parts to the public since that promotes immorality.

Keep in mind that when you are a Christian woman who is holy, then consider keeping a clean heart as well with pure intentions.

As yourself the intention of your short skirt as a Christian before you go out. You should look at the motive of revealing your cleavage to the public as a Christian woman.

This means that your beauty needs to come from the inside act and intentions that pleases our creator.

How Should Christians Dress, Biblical Dress Code
How Should Christians Dress, Biblical Dress Code

When a Christian woman is dressed in in a way that provokes other men sexually, then she is offending God since she is putting funny ideas in their heads.

Christians should not just put on clean and decent clothes and yet our hearts are not clean with good intentions.

This means that our beauty should be an everlasting beauty of the heart, mind, and soul.

We found out that in today’s society women will put on any type of clothes saying that it’s for fashion purposes.

As a Christian, you should not just put on anything because its allowed in the society.

You should follow what God is saying in the bible and not put men into temptations with your dressing as a Christian.

When you are dressing as a Christian woman, try and think of how people will look at you out there since your dressing will put you to judgement out there.

Meaning that when you are dressed poorly and in a revealing manner, then other people will never respect you as a Christian woman.

They will rather think that you are the worst hypocrite hiding under the Lord’s house.

While dressing in Christianity, you should also consider your dignity as a man or woman.

This means that putting on clothes that show your body parts explains a lot about yourself since from your dressing, some may think your ways are not in line with God’s wishes.

Always dress while considering all those rules that you have been taught as a Christian.

When dressing as a Christian woman, you should also try and be your neighbor’s keeper to prevent him from falling into temptations.

Christian women should dress in a way that glorifies God in that, the Christian dress code should not make any man attracted to them but rather they should be decent and act as a role model to the children around them.

Indecent dressing in bible

Indecent dressing in the bible and Christianity can all be simplified as dressing in a way that will make other people have wicked thoughts around you.

When you dress suggestively and make the people around you sin, then definitely that is indecent dressing in Christianity and before God. 

As yourself this simple question, how does it fill when you dress in clothes that are too short or too tight on you?

Those re some of the things that should always ring on your mind when choosing an outfit to go out.

Christians should only show their private parts to their couples and nobody else.

Christian Men and women who dress to reveal their bodies are both offending God.

It is okay to look good but your intentions should be pure and not fornication when it comes to dressing code in Christianity.

Balance between what is good and bad. Put in mind that this same clothes that expose you this much can be fashionable without being indecent.

In this modern days, you will always see that most Christian women dress up according to the occasion being attended.

This has led to a lot of confusion since each and everyone wants to look smart based on how she is dressed.

When you are a Christian woman, don’t just dress for praises but rather consider your position in Christ which is the most important thing.

Can Women Put On Trousers in Christianity?

Well in the bible, its forbidden for a woman to put on a man’s clothes and vice-versa.

As a Christian it’s always good to read the bible so as to be aware of what is required of you biblically when it comes to dressing.

Therefore, when you are not sure on what to put on, you might also refer from the holy book so as to get information on what those who lived during the early age wore.

During the biblical time men and women wore clothes that were similar however it was differentiated for each gender.

In the book of Deuteronomy 22:5, it says that a woman should not wear a man’s clothing and a man is also forbidden from putting on clothes that are meant for a woman, because God forbids such behaviors.

It’s also said that during the early time, those who performed pagan ritual forced women to put on armor which was meant for men.

On the other hand, their men dressed like women. This indicates that an action of cross dressing was kind of forbidden.

You should also put in mind that during the early times, there were no pants unlike the modern days. However, each opposite sex had its own way of dressing thereby differentiating them.

As a Christian, there are things that you are not supposed to force or change because God is perfect in his creation.

For instance, in our life today mostly pants are known to be worn by men therefore why should you complicate things by trying to mix what God had created separately.

How Should Men Dress in Christianity

Well the way we dress do not only apply to women but also to men. As a man, there is a certain way you dress up and people keep on questioning if you are ok or not.

If the way, we dress tells people about our own characters, then our inside and outside modesty applies to both sexes.

In today’s generation men have lost it completely. Most of them would go to the gym or at the beach shirtless or with underpants that are too tight thus drawing people’s attention.

This is not right since your body should only be seen with your spouse and not every other person. Anything that is revealing your personal creation too much should not be tolerated.

A Christian man you should also chose wisely on what they put on because when the dress in the right way, no woman will lust after them apart from their wives.

In the new testament, there was a man that was posed with an evil spirit and spent all his time with no clothes. when the demons were cursed out, he came back into his normal being, dressed up and attended the first.

This example shows us that Christian men should also not reveal their private body to anyone just like that.

This script it tells us that we should always be dressed decently unless we are not okay spiritually.

Why should we always insist on Christian women dressing in a proper way yet the men are not doing better.

Any Christian should be concerned with the wellbeing of other believers and the men should not dress immodestly for a woman to lust after them.

Being caught into today’s word is very easy and therefore as a Christian man, you should not just put on clothes for the sake of fashion but rather try and please lord who sees our neatness from the inside.

Scriptures On Dressing and Modesty

When you look at the bible, there are a lot of scriptures that explain and guide on how we should dress and conduct ourselves as Christians.

This means that there are certain types of clothing’s that are a turn off to the spiritual world.

Since we all know that our body is the temple of God, we should keep it descent all the time. We are given it so as to be responsible and not to allow it sin or fall into temptations.

As a Christian you should also remember that our bodies belong to God. Thereby it’s given to us at a price and some day it shall return back to its creator.

There is nowhere in the bible that says a lady’s body is meant for a man not unless when they are married.

Our Lord requires us to be holy and do everything that glorifies and praises his name. Before you dress, ask if you are revealing too much or not.

In the begging, when Adam and eve sinned, what did God do to them? We are told they realized that they were naked. That is when they started to cover their bodies.

That tells us a lot in the aspect of dressing in a way that reveals our privacy.

As much as it is okay to stay physically neat and beautiful, let’s use our time wisely by reading the bible and praying and to be in shape spiritually.

Yes, it’s good to keep in shape and look good. However, those are worldly things that won’t last for long. We should act and dress in a way that glorifies the lord.

It won’t be good if you keep in shape and having a perfect body that won’t be allowed to enter into the heavenly gates.

Well it said that the way you dress talks a lot about you. For instance, avoid putting on a skirt that its slit is too high.

When you do so, it means that you have your own intention i.e. you want your thighs to be seen and as a religious woman exposing your nakedness is not right in the religion.

Let’s not just dress so as to keep up with the style. Most Christian women will dress up ignorantly living their cleavage and chest area exposed over exposed.

Why should you do that when you are going out thus attracting men’s attention.

The worst part is that some are married and they still dress like this. This means that you are not glorifying the lord in any way.

True Christians should learn how to master the Biblical dress code and know what is required of them.

Let us all praise the Lord with all aspects of our life including dressing in Christianity so that we can have an everlasting afterlife.

Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. Using any contraceptive is a sin when you just want to have pleasure and avoid pregnancy outside marriage.

However, you can use them in marriage to avoid pregnancies especially if there is a medical condition involved or due to economic reasons.

Let us be honest, the world has changed and our economy will not allow you to avoid contraceptives just because you think it is a sin to use them in marriage as a Christian.

You are not going to have fifteen children just because you don’t want to be realistic in your life as a Christian.

The use of contraceptives and birth control in Christianity is guided by morals.

Why Is Contraception a Moral Issue?

Contraception is a moral issue in both Christian and Muslim religions because in most cases, they are used by people outside marriage.

A good Christian should abstain and keep away from sexual activities until after marriage. There is certain disease around that we can prevent their spread if we abstain.

When looking at religious principles on birth control, couples to be faithful to each other and only use contraceptives and birth controls when recommended and required to do so.

The word has evolved over a period of time and therefore most parents prefer having a smaller family like of two to three kids.

Most of them considering the fact that its best to have a family that you can properly take care of as parents.

This makes a lot of sense because there is no way you will bring kids to this world yet you know they are going to suffer.

Is It a Sin to Use Birth Controls in Christianity?

Yes, it is a sin to use birth controls and condoms in Christianity before marriage as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

We all have different opinions in regard to the use of condoms as Christians.

We are all aware that condoms are appropriately used to prevent spreads sexually transmitted infections. Once you know your partner is safe you should not be scared unless otherwise.

We know there some sexually transmitted diseases that can spread even from public toilet seats.

This is the only time a married Christians can use condoms but again, why can’t they just wait until they are treated?

Contraceptives in Christianity can also be used to control unwanted pregnancies but most Christian youths take advantage of it.

You should note that Christians should never use condoms for pleasure while engaging in adultery and breaking the commandments.

Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?
Can Christians Use Birth Control and Contraceptives?

Christians and Contraceptives

We came across this question of contraception in Christianity and someone asked this;

Should Christians use birth control or should they just have as many children as God blesses them with? We all know that the Bible says children are a blessing.

When God says that we go and multiply the world, this is not a reason to be having over ten children when you can barely feed one.  

This is why the idea of contraception being a sin should never be generalized.

On the other hand, some Christian couples prefer the use of birth control so as not to have children. This may be limiting fun in their lifestyle.

As a couple always try and look on the brighter side of the situation before rushing into conclusions that are not helpful.

When you are parents that are guided by biblical teachings, you will understand what the scripture tells says.

When doing research, you will discover that early churches condemned the act of using contraceptives because it was seen and termed to be ungodly.

This is because when God created a man and woman, He commanded them to be fruitful, multiply and full the earth.

So most elders always look at this verse thus concluding that Christians should not have an abortion.

Christians Using Birth Controls and Condoms Outside Marriage Is a Sin

Any form of birth control that is used as a safeguard for casual sex outside of marriage is not in God’s will. The Bible says make no provision or plans for the flesh in regard to its lusts.

If a Christian is carrying around condoms or you’re on the pill for non-medical reasons let’s just keep it real. All this depends with the reason why you are having them.

There is no way you are going to carry birth controls and condoms as a Christian while going to visit any lady who is not your wife.

This is like telling God that you are going to try my hardest not to yield to sexual temptation but you do, there is a back-up plan.

Using condoms in Christianity outside marriage is like making provisions to have something that will help you escape the consequences of your sin.

This reveals first of all more importantly, the true condition of our heart and that we are more concerned about escaping the consequences of our sin rather than hurting the heart of God.

Condoms and birth control before marriage actually makes it easier for us to fall for temptation because mentally, we’ve already made plans and provisions to help us escape the consequences of our sins.

When Can Christians Us Birth Controls?

There are situations when your doctor may advice and give an okay to the use of birth controls because the mother is at risk and cannot be pregnant due to medical conditions.

In this case, it is not a sin to use any form of birth control in Christianity.  

Otherwise, Christians should keep away from any form of birth control that is abortive. Those should be strongly discouraged since abortion is considered to be the act of taking away life.

Abortion is a sin in Christianity and any Christian who does this should repent and ask God for forgiveness.

God can forgive abortion and Christians should never be afraid to ask for forgiveness.

We all understand that there are two types of birth control as Christians.  Some prevent fertilization and others abort after the egg has been fertilized.

Most people don’t even think twice about it because these chemical abortions happen inside of the woman oftentimes without her even knowing.

They are designed not only to hinder the process of conception but also after the egg has been fertilized, it hinders the process of the embryo being properly planted within the uterus of the woman thus aborting the child.

Christians Should Not Use Contraceptives for Pleasure Because Children Are God Given

That the Bible says that children are a gift from the Lord. If for whatever reason a single Christian or a couple gets pregnant, we should never view that child as a mistake, burden or an inconvenience.

The Bible says that the man whose quiver is filled with children will be blessed and children should always be welcomed in Christianity as long as you can take care of them.

You may only use contraceptives if you have to enjoy the benefits of marriage in bed as a couple but you don’t want to have children.

This is because a couple has to engage in all ways but our modern society dictates that we should be reasonable.

It is okay for married Christians couples to use condoms and contraceptives when advised by a doctor to do so.

Youths, on the other hand, are not allowed to use them when just having fun and avoiding responsibilities.  

Can Married Christian Couples Use Birth Control to Regulate Birth Rate?

On the other side of this coin, the Bible also says that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever.

The above statement gives you a reason why it is okay for married Christians to use birth controls and contraceptives.

Just because the Bible says that we should be fruitful and multiply does not mean that we are commanded to have twenty children that we cannot feed.

I believe that every couple should pray and agree as to whether they are in the right position to adequately support and care for children.

Some couples may want to prolong having children while other couples may be on the mission field to have as many children as they can.

We all have to accept that times have changed and anyone that believes that the general use of contraceptives is a sin in marriage is just ignorant.

 It is best to leave this decision up to the discernment of the couple. Finally, I would say to make sure that you and your spouse have a clear conscience as to which forms of birth control that you’re going to use.

The Bible says that to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him it is sin.

The only way that you can have a clear conscience on this issue is to, first of all, come to a firm clear conclusion as to where you believe that life truly begins.

Then second of all, I want to strongly urge you to research carefully what types of birth control are considered abortive and what other types will uphold the sanctity of life.

When we look at the question of Christians using birth control, I don’t see any specific scripture that prohibits it.

This means that a couple should not be judged if they choose to use it but I would suggest asking these two questions;

  1. First of all, what is my motivation for using this birth control
  2. Then second of all, is this a type of birth control that will uphold the sanctity of life as God defines it?

If we can answer those two questions positively, then we should proceed with a clear conscience and know when to use birth controls and contraceptives in Christianity.

 What does the bible say about birth control?

When the Bible does not give us a clear guide and direction on an issue, we are forced to look for principles that will help guide us into a wise decision.

We all know that during the old days, there were no contraceptives at all.

When discussing this topic of Christians and contraceptives, we should have this in mind.

However, the Bible clearly tells us what is right and what is wrong. So there are situations when a Christian can use condoms, birth controls, or contraceptives.

For example, the bible tells us that children are gifts from God and therefore we should always receive them with thanksgiving.

However, there are those people that are unable to take proper care of larger families thus enabling them to use contraceptives.

In addition to the phrase above, you will find that couples use it wisely to enable them to plan for what is best for their kids before they are born.

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

Was Jesus born on December 25th? No, Jesus was not born on that day. This article will help you understand when Jesus Christ was really born. Christmas date is only to acknowledge the birth of Jesus but it does not mean that He was born in December.

So when trying to find out exactly when Jesus was born, we need to start by looking at the characteristics that surround His birth according to the bible.

We need to look at the story of the shepherds that we are told were out in the fields during the birth of Jesus and why they were out at night.

In the Talmud, Rabbi’s say that shepherds would only be out in the fields around March until the next rainy season. Some argue that the winter there is not the same here in America.

The winter still gets cold in Bethlehem too and anyone who has been to Israel during the winter knows that. The question is, They’re out in the fields and at night which is very strange. Why would they be out in the fields at night?

When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?
When Was Jesus Christ Really Born?

Well, you know some people have argued that this is another fact that Jesus was born in the autumn.

They claim Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. We understand them but the problem is that during tabernacles, the males had to all be in Jerusalem so definitely Joseph was not out there.

The birth of Jesus would not cause Joseph to break the law by being outside of Jerusalem since the birth of the Messiah is going to fulfill everything. So we rule out the possibility that Jesus was born in autumn.

There is one time of the year that Shepherds would be out with their flocks at night. Note that it is only one and that is in the spring. The shepherds could only stay out during this time because the sheep were giving birth to lambs.

This was the lambing season and they would stay out to take care of the little lambs. Lambs are not like people. They’re only born at one time and so this will help us trace when exactly Jesus was born.

Lambs are only delivered at a certain time and season of the year, unlike the humans who can be delivered at any time.

Lambs are born in the springtime and they could start as early as February. However, it really would go up to March or April.

This is why some people always ask if Jesus was born in April because the analysis above points to April as the best month to place the birth of Jesus Christ. Well, let us continue digesting the facts bellow.  

The spring which is between February to April is the center of the Hebrew month of Nissan. During that month, the shepherds stayed out watching.

This all fits together because the shepherds’ job is to watch and make sure that the young lamb is ok at birth during the night.

That there is a perfect thing, to begin with when looking for the month in which Jesus was really born. This is because Jesus is the Lamb of God and the shepherds are the ones who would greet His Lamb which is Jesus Christ in this case.

Jesus is born in Bethlehem and another thing that Christians don’t know is that Bethlehem according to the writings of the Rabbis was actually a place where sacrificial Lambs were kept. 

The lambs they had were actually the Lambs for the temple sacrifice. We all know that Jesus was sacrificed and crucified on the cross to wash away our sins.

Bethlehem was especially used to keep lambs that were for the temple sacrifice. This was a perfect place and the timing was right for Messiah to be born and kept at a place where the sacrificial lambs are kept.

Now here is another clue that will help us know when was Jesus really born. When we look at Exodus 12, it says like this; “take a lamb, a male 1-year-old, it’s the Passover lamb”

You can read that and miss something and here it is. Jesus was the lamb of God and He was a year old at the time of Passover. You also note that he was born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan or Spring.

Here, Messiah is the Passover lamb, He dies on Passover. However, the Lamb is also born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan spring. Messiah is born at the same time when He dies.

The next clue that will help us know when Jesus was really born are the holy days of Israel.

The central events of the Messiah’s life and his time on earth all take place on Hebrew holy days. Christians don’t realize the first Hebrew holiday ever given to Israel was Palm Sunday.

In exodus 12, the bible says “take a lamb on the tenth day of the month” This means that you will take the lamb, keep it for four days in your house. That’s called the tenth of Nisan.

The first command ever given to the Israelis is to continually keep the tenth of Nisan which is the day of the lamb. The day that they take the lamb to their house and keep it there until the time of the sacrifice.

Palm Sunday is the 10th of Nisan and it’s the day that they are actually there when he’s coming to Jerusalem. They’re all taking the lambs to their houses and God is also taking His Lamb His to his house on that day.

It is it’s all there and God is so perfect because when does Jesus die? He dies on the other Hebrew holy day which is Passover and rises on the other Hebrew holy day.

The next great event of the church is the Pentecost which is a Jewish holiday. We realize that that Pentecost is “Shavu’ot” in Hebrew. The word Pentecost is a Jewish word which is a Jewish holiday.

Everything in Jesus life happens on a Hebrew holiday. His birth, death and resurrection are also in the same days.

So when Jesus was really born prophetically is not falling in the autumn and even His second coming will also be in the spring. It all points back to the spring and this month called Nissan, which means the beginning.

That’s where it all begins and everything Jesus does in order on Sundays is according to those days. If you count back, you got;

  1. Resurrection in the 6th of the Nissan
  2. Passover and 15th of Nisan
  3. Palm Sunday 10th of Nisan

Now we see that when Jesus was really born is being narrowed down to the very first days of Nisan.

The next clue of that will help us get the exact month that Jesus was born in is that every day and every time God fulfills a holy day, He doesn’t just fulfill it without a them. The theme of that day he fulfills is very significant. Here are examples;

  • In the Passover, He dies as the Passover lamb
  • First fruits, He rises        

For us to find when Jesus was really born, we have to find the days that match with the new begging in Hebrew. Is there any day on the Hebrew calendar that would match up with birth as a new beginning of everything?

The one day is ‘Nissan One’ which is the very beginning of the Hebrew year. This is the very day that begins everything and so and this is the day of the real new year.

The thing about this is the day it’s the day that begins the calendar and changes the count that the old calendar is gone.

The new calendar begins and that is what the birth of Jesus does to Christians. The birth of Jesus changes everything and it was a new beginning for all Christians.

Based on all the points above, Jesus was born on the Nissan One and not in December. That is when Jesus was really born.

What is Messiah’s birth do when he comes to this world? He changes the calendar and we all know that the journey of a Christians’ life starts afresh when he accepts Christ.

Everything is refreshed and you begging a new life as Christian. At this point, anything that you ask from our father in heaven during prayers is answered because you are considered to be pure and righteous before God.

The Hebrew calendar is based on the moon and that’s where we get the word month. Jesus died when there was a full moon. And that is why the fool mon is always considered the height of evil things and evil works in the dark world.

Every Hebrew month begins with a new moon and reaches its peak at the full moon.

That’s why they say a month is in its fullness at mid-month when there is a full moon. We are told that Jesus died when the moth was at its fullness and that points to Nisan 14 or 15 which is the middle.

Another clue that will tell us when was Jesus really born in the stars. We went to the moon, now let’s go to the Stars. To digest the stars, we have to go to the people who were priests but not Jewish priests of the religion called Zoroastrianism.

The book of Matthew says; “Jesus was born in Bethlehem and Magi from the east came to Jerusalem saying, Where is He who was born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and we came to worship Him”.

They were priests and they were also astrologers. Back then astrology and astronomy were basically the same.

The problem is that no natural star is able to move across and guide you to a place and this was supernatural based on the guidance they got.

We know Herod died 4 BC so right away, this tells us that Jesus was born BC and wasn’t born on the zero.

The mystery behind the star story is that how could they just see a star and know that a king of the Jews has been born?

This is because all the stars converged in one place and they were able to link the shining star to Judea.

This was not a usual sign they would see on every other occasion. They knew this was special and a king that was soo powerful had been born.

Modern astronomers have identified that such conjunction happens only once every six thousand years. We also note that all this happened in 6BC in the springtime again.