Birth Control & Religion (The Christian View)

Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. In modern times, different Christian churches hold different views on the use of birth control. Liberal Protestant Churches often teach that it is acceptable to use birth control as long as it is not used to encourage or allow promiscuous behaviour.

Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. In modern times, different Christian churches hold different views on the use of birth control. Liberal Protestant Churches often teach that it is acceptable to use birth control as long as it is not used to encourage or allow promiscuous behaviour.

However, you can use them in marriage to avoid pregnancies especially if there is a medical condition involved or due to economic reasons.

Let us be honest, the world has changed and our economy will not allow you to avoid contraceptives just because you think it is a sin to use them in marriage as a Christian.

You are not going to have fifteen children just because you don’t want to be realistic in your life as a Christian.

The use of contraceptives and birth control in Christianity is guided by morals.

Why Is Contraception a Moral Issue?

Contraception is a moral issue in both Christian and Muslim religions because in most cases, they are used by people outside marriage.

A good Christian should abstain and keep away from sexual activities until after marriage. There is certain disease around that we can prevent their spread if we abstain.

When looking at religious principles on birth control, couples to be faithful to each other and only use contraceptives and birth controls when recommended and required to do so.

The word has evolved over a period of time and therefore most parents prefer having a smaller family like of two to three kids.

Most of them considering the fact that its best to have a family that you can properly take care of as parents.

This makes a lot of sense because there is no way you will bring kids to this world yet you know they are going to suffer.

Is It a Sin to Use Birth Controls in Christianity?

Yes, it is a sin to use birth controls and condoms in Christianity before marriage as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

We all have different opinions in regard to the use of condoms as Christians.

We are all aware that condoms are appropriately used to prevent spreads sexually transmitted infections. Once you know your partner is safe you should not be scared unless otherwise.

We know there some sexually transmitted diseases that can spread even from public toilet seats.

This is the only time a married Christians can use condoms but again, why can’t they just wait until they are treated?

Contraceptives in Christianity can also be used to control unwanted pregnancies but most Christian youths take advantage of it.

You should note that Christians should never use condoms for pleasure while engaging in adultery and breaking the commandments.

Christians and Contraceptives

We came across this question of contraception in Christianity and someone asked this;

Should Christians use birth control or should they just have as many children as God blesses them with? We all know that the Bible says children are a blessing.

When God says that we go and multiply the world, this is not a reason to be having over ten children when you can barely feed one.  

This is why the idea of contraception being a sin should never be generalized.

On the other hand, some Christian couples prefer the use of birth control so as not to have children. This may be limiting fun in their lifestyle.

As a couple always try and look on the brighter side of the situation before rushing into conclusions that are not helpful.

When you are parents that are guided by biblical teachings, you will understand what the scripture tells says.

When doing research, you will discover that early churches condemned the act of using contraceptives because it was seen and termed to be ungodly.

This is because when God created a man and woman, He commanded them to be fruitful, multiply and full the earth.

So most elders always look at this verse thus concluding that Christians should not have an abortion.

Christians Using Birth Controls and Condoms Outside Marriage Is a Sin

Any form of birth control that is used as a safeguard for casual sex outside of marriage is not in God’s will. The Bible says make no provision or plans for the flesh in regard to its lusts.

If a Christian is carrying around condoms or you’re on the pill for non-medical reasons let’s just keep it real. All this depends with the reason why you are having them.

There is no way you are going to carry birth controls and condoms as a Christian while going to visit any lady who is not your wife.

This is like telling God that you are going to try my hardest not to yield to sexual temptation but you do, there is a back-up plan.

Using condoms in Christianity outside marriage is like making provisions to have something that will help you escape the consequences of your sin.

This reveals first of all more importantly, the true condition of our heart and that we are more concerned about escaping the consequences of our sin rather than hurting the heart of God.

Condoms and birth control before marriage actually makes it easier for us to fall for temptation because mentally, we’ve already made plans and provisions to help us escape the consequences of our sins.

When Can Christians Us Birth Controls?

There are situations when your doctor may advice and give an okay to the use of birth controls because the mother is at risk and cannot be pregnant due to medical conditions.

In this case, it is not a sin to use any form of birth control in Christianity.  

Otherwise, Christians should keep away from any form of birth control that is abortive. Those should be strongly discouraged since abortion is considered to be the act of taking away life.

Abortion is a sin in Christianity and any Christian who does this should repent and ask God for forgiveness.

God can forgive abortion and Christians should never be afraid to ask for forgiveness.

We all understand that there are two types of birth control as Christians.  Some prevent fertilization and others abort after the egg has been fertilized.

Most people don’t even think twice about it because these chemical abortions happen inside of the woman oftentimes without her even knowing.

They are designed not only to hinder the process of conception but also after the egg has been fertilized, it hinders the process of the embryo being properly planted within the uterus of the woman thus aborting the child.

Christians Should Not Use Contraceptives for Pleasure Because Children Are God Given

That the Bible says that children are a gift from the Lord. If for whatever reason a single Christian or a couple gets pregnant, we should never view that child as a mistake, burden or an inconvenience.

The Bible says that the man whose quiver is filled with children will be blessed and children should always be welcomed in Christianity as long as you can take care of them.

You may only use contraceptives if you have to enjoy the benefits of marriage in bed as a couple but you don’t want to have children.

This is because a couple has to engage in all ways but our modern society dictates that we should be reasonable.

It is okay for married Christians couples to use condoms and contraceptives when advised by a doctor to do so.

Youths, on the other hand, are not allowed to use them when just having fun and avoiding responsibilities.  

Can Married Christian Couples Use Birth Control to Regulate Birth Rate?

On the other side of this coin, the Bible also says that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever.

The above statement gives you a reason why it is okay for married Christians to use birth controls and contraceptives.

Just because the Bible says that we should be fruitful and multiply does not mean that we are commanded to have twenty children that we cannot feed.

I believe that every couple should pray and agree as to whether they are in the right position to adequately support and care for children.

Some couples may want to prolong having children while other couples may be on the mission field to have as many children as they can.

We all have to accept that times have changed and anyone that believes that the general use of contraceptives is a sin in marriage is just ignorant.

 It is best to leave this decision up to the discernment of the couple. Finally, I would say to make sure that you and your spouse have a clear conscience as to which forms of birth control that you’re going to use.

The Bible says that to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him it is sin.

The only way that you can have a clear conscience on this issue is to, first of all, come to a firm clear conclusion as to where you believe that life truly begins.

Then second of all, I want to strongly urge you to research carefully what types of birth control are considered abortive and what other types will uphold the sanctity of life.

When we look at the question of Christians using birth control, I don’t see any specific scripture that prohibits it.

This means that a couple should not be judged if they choose to use it but I would suggest asking these two questions;

  1. First of all, what is my motivation for using this birth control
  2. Then second of all, is this a type of birth control that will uphold the sanctity of life as God defines it?

If we can answer those two questions positively, then we should proceed with a clear conscience and know when to use birth controls and contraceptives in Christianity.

 What does the bible say about birth control?

When the Bible does not give us a clear guide and direction on an issue, we are forced to look for principles that will help guide us into a wise decision.

We all know that during the old days, there were no contraceptives at all.

When discussing this topic of Christians and contraceptives, we should have this in mind.

However, the Bible clearly tells us what is right and what is wrong. So there are situations when a Christian can use condoms, birth controls, or contraceptives.

For example, the bible tells us that children are gifts from God and therefore we should always receive them with thanksgiving.

However, there are those people that are unable to take proper care of larger families thus enabling them to use contraceptives.

In addition to the phrase above, you will find that couples use it wisely to enable them to plan for what is best for their kids before they are born.

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Birth Control & Religion (The Christian View)
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