Cannabis & Spirituality. Spiritual Use of Cannabis

Cannabis & Spirituality. Spiritual Use of Cannabis

The spiritual use of cannabis is a topic that many don’t discuss since we only talk about the negative effects of cannabis in our daily lives.

Cannabis can be used in spiritual meditations and higher elevations. Taking cannabis takes one into a trance and this is used to boost concentration when meditating on a specific issue. This increases the chances of connecting to the spiritual world because there is no physical destruction.

Cannabis and spirituality have great ties since ancient times and this article will discuss this in detail. Cannabis and spirituality is a very complex topic that not many people can easily get right.

It is also used in brewing tea and mixed with edible foods like cookies for consumption. Its laxity effect can also ease bowel movement and make one relax tension in the nerves.

Many people in the modern world only started to learn about the positive use of cannabis when it was recently introduced in the medical fields.

Spiritual Use of Cannabis

The main spiritual uses of cannabis are no doubt related to its psychoactive compound. When this chemical is consumed, it causes a number of psychological effects including relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Cannabis is known to have been used as a sacred herb in ancient China. This evidence was not revealed until around 20 years ago when farmers discovered the remains of a man in the area known as Xinjiang, In western China.

In addition to the same, the man had been buried with many possessions. Among his many possessions was a large amount of cannabis -789grams to be exact!

These intriguing findings have led researchers to believe that in this case, the herbs were used for its psychoactive properties as mentioned above.

In modern-day China, cannabis remains an integral part of the Uighur culture. Cannabis is also used in other different religions like the Hindu and the Rastafarians.

Cannabis use for spiritual purposes is believed to release this feeling of meditation and relaxation so as to cooperate in rituals related to spiritual matters, as common in ancient China.

Cannabis and Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness and an initiation into an expanded sense of awareness and connective with cosmic intelligence.

From a spiritual perspective, and from the perspective of raising one’s vibration, can cannabis benefit on spiritual paths?

As mentioned cannabis alters your state of consciousness and shifts the perception. However, religion views smoking as a sin and same applies to cannabis.

Consumption of cannabis either through smoking or ingestion does not support spiritual awakening but rather increases your sense of meditation elevation.

Taking cannabis alters one normal functioning of the body and therefore one becomes really low and inactive in spiritual matters other than the desired feeling of awakening.

Spiritual awakening is brought about by concentrating deep into spiritual levels and mostly it needs one to be sober enough, in which by taking cannabis that can’t happen unless cannabis doesn’t make you lose your conscience.

Understand that cannabis has different effects on different people so never assume that if it works for someone, it will also be fine with you.

In my opinion, taking cannabis in either way cannot and will not support spiritual awakening on a constant level for everyone since the effects are different for everyone.

However, some religions which can be termed as exceptions do use cannabis for spiritual awakening as explained above.

Cannabis and Religion

Cannabis has a long-standing history in the world of religions. Cannabis was used in a variety of diverse communities habituated mainly in Asian communities.

Some of the main communities that practiced the use of cannabis are Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, ancient Greek, Ancient china, Scythians, and Rastafarianism.

The ancient and traditional Hindu mostly believed in the use of the weed in that it helped in spiritual awakening and made them strong in focusing during chakra awakening. In conclusion, the Hindu used cannabis Sativa for spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Effects of Smoking Cannabis

The spiritual effects are smoking cannabis are often overshadowed by the powerful level of highness it can induce. When cannabis is used meditatively with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both reflect on the illusions we carry.

This can also invite anyone who is an expert at it into higher meditation levels and make them exposed to a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real.

Some of the positive effects that it gives to those who use it during spiritual connections are;

  • It eliminates any selfish desire
  • It enables someone to achieve a state of naturalness
  • It assists in divination
  • It is used to delight the senses
  • It eliminates fear

Is Smoking Cannabis a Sin?

If you are using cannabis solely for the purpose of medicine then it is not a sin, however, the topic is debatable when it comes to recreational use. The purpose of smoking cannabis for leisure is considerably called a sin.

According to, smoking cannabis is a sin when you are using it for pleasure and actually an offense that can have you jailed in some countries.

Cannabis should never be abused or used randomly since it can have serious damages in your life.

It can be put into more useful ways like drug enhancement and manufacturer and brought into use for medical purposes. This should also be done with permission from the relevant authorities in your county.

This is a common question that most of us find challenging and difficult to come out with the correct answer.

As Christians, we believe that taking cannabis is not advisable. However, this is contradicted by other ‘Christians’ who think that having this herb is quite okay.

For instance, a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research(PRR) discovered that young Christians thought that cannabis use was morally acceptable.

The survey showed that half of the young adults (18-29) to be more specific, think that cannabis should be legalized.

This is brought about by the difference in ideas and perceptions in the mind of cannabis. People have different beliefs as far as cannabis is concerned.

Spiritual Uses of Cannabis for Meditation

Cannabis tends to boost your meditation practice with simple stress relief. It deepens a meditator’s spiritual life creating a bigger room for mental focus.

Yogic meditators aim to collaborate with the divine to achieve liberation with the use of cannabis. 

Spiritual uses of cannabis in traditional and ancient days were done by elders who were special in predicting the future.

They Smoked it to help them enter into a deep and higher level of focusing that would help them see into the fur=true and predict it correctly.

That is why it way cannabis and spirituality were connected in ancient days and one was not allowed to use it without the supervision of the elders. Misusing it could also risk one’s life of connecting to unwanted spirits that could harm the entire village.

Cannabis is used to create a positive vibrational shift by shifting your perception and state of mind. It is lightly intoxicated and inhaled during meditation purposes and can, therefore, be used for spiritual elevation and meditation purposes.

It is used in meditation with the intention to focus and expand on a particular goal.

It has an ability to clear and strengthen our illusions and opens us to a deep, relaxed, and comfortable presence that feels right and connected to a higher spiritual realm.

How Did The Wiccans Use Cannabis spiritually?

The Wiccans practiced the use of cannabis for a quite long time but those were in traditional days.

Some of the classic uses are dedicated to love, money, healing, and visions. One of the main infamous usages of cannabis is used for magical works.

Cannabis has not only been used in religious ceremonies but also has long standing traditions in numerous world faiths.

However, the spiritual use of cannabis to become closer to God can also be linked to the ancient Chinese who were among the first to elaborate on the use of the sacred plant.

Is It A Sin to Use Cannabis for Medical Purposes?

Cannabis, only when used for medical purposes is very beneficial. It helps in one’s recovery since it is used as medicine.

Cannabis should be put more into practice on the side of medication other than doing it more on smoking and self-pleasures. It is therefore not a sin to use cannabis for meditative purposes.

It is not a sin to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, however, there is not enough research and supporting evidence to reinforce its advantages. Some countries have legalized the use of cannabis for medical use.

It is used to treat several illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss in people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, anorexia, epilepsy, glaucoma, mental health conditions, multiple sclerosis, cachexia, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy and pain.

The reason why cannabis eligibility is in question is that it has some of the chemicals found in tobacco which could harm the lungs, however, the effects don’t have enough evidence either.

Long term use has its side effects like memory and cognition problems, the risk of addiction and schizophrenia in young people. Even taking alcohol is a sin in religion but there are several medications that contain alcohol as part of their ingredients.

Is Cannabis Good for Medication?

Cannabis can be both good and also not acceptable for medication. In addition, several cannabis-based medications have been approved or are undergoing clinical tests.

Nabiximols(sativex®), a mouth spray that currently available in the United Kingdom, Canada and several European countries for treating the spasticity pain.

Researchers generally consider medication like these, which use purified chemicals derived from based on those in the cannabis plant to be more promising than the use of the whole cannabis plant.

An additional concern with “medical cannabis” is that little is known about the long-term impact of its use by people with health and/age-related issues such as old adults or people with cancer, AIDS, or other neurodegenerative diseases.

Further research will be needed to determine whether people whose health has been compromised by diseases or its treatment, for example, chemotherapy, are at greater risks for adverse health outcomes from awakening.


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Cannabis & Spirituality. Spiritual Use of Cannabis
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