Significance Of Praying With Candles In The Bible

Significance Of Praying With Candles In The Bible

Candles are always used in prayers because the flame helps in mediation. This keeps you from destructions and helps a Christian to stay focused on the prayer needs and intentions.

Lighting a Candle when praying is powerful because the flame is a symbol of how the word of God burns all the evil in our lives. Looking at the candlelight keeps you focused and helps you in manifesting positive energies. The candle flame in prayers shows how God is shining in your life.

Lighting candles during prayers help in the meditation process and the flame is a reminder that the word of God is light to the world. Candles come in different colors and each of those is used in different ways.

Lighting candles in a dark room can have a substantial effect, especially on your soul. This can help in making you have a new prayer experience. Since ancient times, candles have been in use for various reasons such as spiritual and ceremonial practices.

Significance of Candles in The Bible

As Christians, we know that Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world. The significance of praying with candles in the bible comes as a result of this. 

This is based on the fact that when you light a candle, it lights up a room. Prayers will also make your life bright just like the candle brightens the room.

The flame in Christianity signifies your soul as being illuminated and shining on the world as Jesus said. In the darkness, we are supposed to shine as the chosen ones.

Darkness, in this case, signifies the sinners around you. You as a Christian is supposed to shine among sinners.

The light of the candle signifies our Lord Jesus Christ and the bible teaches Christians that they should learn to give and feed the word to the world while they decrease.

Christians are supposed to go and spread the word of God. A Christian is a candle while the flame is the word of God. Significance of candles in the bible is that when you use your energy while moving and spreading the word, you decrease just as a candle decreases when it burns.

The candle in Christianity signifies you as a Christian and the light is meant to symbolize the word of God that shines on the world.

What is the significance of praying with candles?

In ancient days, people had lamps. Those used to burn with oil and those had a lot of smoke.

Candles use was seen as a better alternative with a better flame and that is why we use candles in the modern-day prayers.

In summary, below are some of the importance of using candles when praying;

  1. The candle reminds us that e are supposed to carry the word of God which is the flame
  2. The candle flame in prayers reminds us of how strong the word of God can brighten our lives
  3. Create an atmosphere of fear of the Lord
  4. It reminds us of our true nature
  5. It tells us of the presence of the Lord
  6. Helps to eliminate distractions

Why do Christians Light Candles When Praying?

Praying with candles symbolizes the life of a Christian as an offering. When you pray with a lit candle, the flame carries your worries and requests faster.

Also, candles facilitate a more natural spiritual connection to our departed loved ones and Heaven.

As a Christian, it is important to learn to meditate before the Lord. The art of meditation is diverse and a candle flame during prayers can really help in meditation.

It is also good to take your time and learn how to pray the right way as a Christion so that you never doubt if God is really listening to your prayers.

Spiritual Significance of Candles in Christianity

Spiritually, candles are a symbol of the word of God which is the light of a Christian’s soul. During the baptism, candles are lighted to spiritually symbolize the rebirth of a person.

In addition to this, candles are lighted and then placed on the hands of newly baptized Christians as a sign that they will meet the Lord when He comes.

On Easter, you lit three candles to symbolize the resurrection and victory of the Lord. Candle lights are also used during funerals as a reminder of the baptismal vows the departed soul vowed.

Still, it symbolizes eternal life and salvation brought by Jesus Christ and that the dead will still shine among us with their good memories. Spiritually, the candle is supposed to illuminate your soul and connect you to the spiritual world in a bright realm.

You are supposed to meditate and focus on the candlelight flame to illuminate your soul. This is also a major use of candles in meditation sessions.

Meaning of Candles in The Bible

Various Bible verses speak about candles. Some of the verses include Luke 15:8, where the bible speaks about the parable of the lost coin.

Jesus clearly states that once the woman lit the room, she found what she was looking for. We can also look at the book of Luke 11:36, Exodus 30:7-8, and Mark 4:21.

How to Use Catholic Prayer Candles at Home?

Below are a few steps that you may want to use when thinking of getting prayer candles at home.

Below is how the Catholics use candles for prayers;

  1. Identify a place in your house for the prayer altar.
  2. Choose an area that has good lighting, ventilation, and is easily accessible to you and your family members.
  3. Get a piece of cloth, preferably linen, to decorate your prayer table. But this is optional, it all depends on you.
  4. Adorn the altar. Put religious items around your platform. You already don’t have this item consider buying them.
  5. Those items may include a crucifix, spiritual book, candles, rosaries, holy water, and many others.
  6. Have a priest to pray for your home altar. If your home altar is not yet blessed, have your priest come to your home and bless it.
  7. If it might be challenging to get your priest to come, take your items to him and let him pray for them.
  8. Use your prayer altar. Have at least some time in a day to pray around the altar using your rosary. 
  9. You can also sing hymns, light candles, and have time to read the word of God.

What is The Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle Used For?

It is a glass jar that represents God’s love for humanity. It is expressed in religious images such as Christ with a shining heart and his wounded hands on his heart.

Significance of candle lights in the bible
Significance of candle lights in the bible

The prayer to the sacred heart outlines the long-suffering, love, and compassion of Christ for humanity.

1. What are the holy candles?

Holy candles are also called prayer candles. It is a small candle, white or yellow.

Holy candle prayers are prayers offering in Christian prayers, and it is done by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and many others.

2. Blessing candles

Blessing candles are sacramental.  They are used in conferring all sacraments, benediction, all Holy mass, solemn assembly, public processions, and in burials.

Blessing candles are used in times of sickness, storms, drought, and against the evil spirit. Also, they are used to prevent ill will, hatred, and discord.

In times of persecution, distress, and doubt, blessing candles prayer is useful. Still, when seeking God’s protection over your family, use blessing candles.

Candles Prayer For Money

Did you know that most of the money spells are done on Thursdays?

Yes, that is true, and this is because it’s the best day to pray for prosperity and abundance. Green candles are the ones used to cast out money spells.

But also you can do a money spell using other color candles together with the green candle. Note that the green candles must be present.

If you’re in a state of financial constraint, consider buying green candles and using them for prayers. Many money spells use green candles. For example;

1) Green candle and green paper

Both must be fresh pieces. Take a new candle and apply oil on it. Pick the paper and write your needs for money.

Light up the candle and imagine all your needs fulfilled. Remember to free your mind from all negative thoughts and distractions when imagining or visualizing.

After visualizing, fold the paper and put it into the flame. It let burn entirely, and the candles make to burn till it goes off.

2) Green candle and another candle (metallic gold)

Light up the two candles. Apply money oil on the candles while doing this to visualize your energy crossing over the candles.

Then say words of prosperity on the candles and imagine yourself in wealth.

Pray that the candles will bring prosperity to your life. Lastly, put off the candles.

Uses of Candles in Spiritual Energy Attractions

This is more of a ritual candle prayer and remember this is never recommended among Christians since it is not biblical.

This is just to give you an idea of what people use those candles for.

  1. Uses of black candles are used for destroying negative energy, protection, and repelling lousy energy.
  2. They are used mostly by people who are specialized in casting out bad omen and dealing with negative spirits in the spiritual realm.
  3. The uses of white candles in prayers are basically for peace, purity, and destroying negative energy.
  4. This is the type that Christians use for prayers and the catholic church also prefers those.  
  5. The uses of green candles in prayers and rituals are based on looking for fertility, luck, health, prosperity, and money.
  6. There are steps and guidelines on how to do that but first, the main point in getting the green candles for the spiritual working.
  7. Red candles for spiritual workings? Yes, red candles can be used for prayer rituals.
  8. They are used for passion, vitality, love, sex, and courage. Those are basically vital in signifying strong relationships that are bound by love thus the red color comes in.
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Significance Of Praying With Candles In The Bible
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