Do Christians & Muslims Worship the Same God?

Do Christians and Muslims Worship Same the God, can they pray together

The concept of religion has been a cause of many disputes and it has also led to the rise and fall of many empires including countries for centuries.

Yes, Christians and Muslims worship the same God since there can only be one God. However, Muslims and Christians cannot pray together because they read form different books and pray in different styles. This cannot allow the two to pray under one roof.

The major religions of the world include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, African traditional religion and much more.

The concept of GOD is proven to be central in all religions although it seems to differ from one major religion to another based on the fat that they don’t worship in the same style. What is acceptable in one religion is a sin to the other religion.

This has caused differences in world religions on the basis of their beliefs, their ways of worship and the different rites and rituals in each religion.

The main conflict is between the Christian and the Muslim religion which has millions of followers around the globe.

Do Christians and Muslims Worship Same the God, can they pray together
Do Christians and Muslims Worship Same the God, can they pray together

Which God do Christians Believe in?

Christians have a different perception of a supernatural being compared to Muslims. They call their God Yahweh while the Muslims call their’s Allah. The God of Christianity is the eternal creator and he preserves all thins.

Christians believe that their God is both transcendent and immanent from the world. The doctrine of Gods existence has been argued for decades.

  • The bible as seen in exodus 3:14 is that he is self-existent and the source of all life.
  • According to John 5:26
  • It is also seen in Gen 1:1 which says that “in the beginning God.”

It, therefore, recognizes that men not only know of His existence but have a circle of ideas as to who and what he is.

Christians are known to believe that God’s immanence and involvement together with the love for humanity make Jesus be His son.

Christians look at Jesus as the son of God and were crucified on the cross to save humanity from sin.

Muslims, on the other hand, do not believe in the death of Jesus to save mankind. They don’t accept any relation of Jesus with God apart from the aspect that Jesus is a prophet just like Moses or Elijah.

Muslims believe that God is unique and can never be related to any human being whatsoever because God is pure of any sin unlike man. This explains why Muslims and Christians sometimes are perceived to be worshiping different Gods.

It also accepts Gods divine nature is united with Jesus Christ through the process of incarnation which is widely discussed in systematic theology. Christian theologists sought to discover the attributes and nature of God.

He is seen in the Lord’s prayer as our Father in heaven. The kingdom of heaven is clearly discussed in the synoptic gospels as the dwelling of God.

The doctrine of the trinity sees God’s nature divided into three God the father, God the Son and God the holy spirit.

Which God do Muslims Believe in?

Muslims, on the other hand, believe in Allah who is considered utterly unknowable. Muslims cannot view a God who desires a relationship with his creatures. It is actually considered blasphemous in their beliefs.

The relationship between Allah and humans is that of submission. Allah only reveals His will but not Himself.

Muslims practice a lot of discipline when it comes to prayers. Respect to God is Highly held and can never be compromised whatsoever.

The prayers are offered five times a day with rules and clear guidelines as stated by the prophet Muhamad, peace be upon Him.

Women and Men do not mix during prayer as Christians do thus bringing the question if the two worship the same God. They worship the same God but this is another reason why Muslims and Christians cannot pray together. 

In 610CE prophet Muhammad received divine revelation from Allah. Allah is in Arabic which means “the GOD”.

The Arabic scriptures and language is believed to be spoken by God himself hence it is seen as the basic language for Muslims.

Why Muslims and Christians cannot pray together

Christians and Muslims are believed to come from the same descendants Abram or Ibrahim.

However, the two won’t worship together because of the differences in their scriptures, their beliefs, rites and practices and the concept of God.

The two have one symbol of God but with different meanings. In Islam, Allah is the only god is therefore must be the same as the God in the Jews and Christians worships.

To Christians, Allah is just a name for one of the God of the universe. Others however view that the god of Muhammad cannot be the father of Jesus Christ.

The two Allah and Yahweh can be the name of the same God or of different Gods. It is there for unknown to the world if the two are the same or which Good is superior to the other.

The concept differs in Islam when Allah is seen as a remote, distant being who reveals his will but not a trinity.

Christian urge that the concept of Muslim God lacks a relationship with himself and his people hence love is not emphasized as compared to the Yahweh in Christians.

Allah among Muslims does not have any associates but is an arbitrary God. He is described as holly and has nothing to do with non-believers. Hence there is no concept on salvation.

Yahweh among Christians is seen as from the time of Moses He says “I am that I am”, Jesus referred to himself as God and “I am” in john 8:58.

Despite in His monotheism, creation, omnipotent, mercifulness, God and Allah can’t be referred to as the same person subject to Muslims and Christian description. First, their attributes are different and their will on humans.

After comparing the Allah of Quran and Yahweh its evident that the two don’t refer to the same God.

The concept that one is true than the other is also not true. Hence, worship of the God of Muhammad can’t be united with that of Yahweh the God of Christians.

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Do Christians & Muslims Worship the Same God?
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