Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?

Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?

Is it a sin to take medicine? No, taking medication is not a sin in Christianity and that makes it okay for Christians to use medicine for treatment.

Using any prescription is not a sign of weakness in faith as some Christians think.

Medication is just like taking food because you need it for physical stability.

Faith is applied in the spiritual world while medicine is more physical just like food and water.

God is the one who created each and everything that is present on the earth.

Let’s look at it this way, all the materials that are used in making medication were created by God.

He made them and gave human beings the authority of using them in the right way.

furthermore, the scientist and traditional doctors who discover medication are also as a result of his own creation.

There are certain verses from the bible including the good Samaritan who used traditional medication to treat his guests.

As Christians let’s not just judge each other for the lord almighty has the final say upon our lives.

Let’s always seek his help before we take any medication or rather pray over then before we use them.

Can Christians Use Medication for Depression, Anxiety, or Bipolar?

Mental health issues in the context of biblical Christianity is one area that leaves many Christians asking if it is fine to use medication for depression and anxiety.

It is okay for Christians to use those medications and they should never be afraid to see any doctor for prescriptions”

What most Christians ask a lot is whether or not Christians should take psychoactive medications for things like depression anxiety bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Some think that it may be caused by not reading your Bible enough, praying enough or not going to church as expected of all Christians.

Over the past 50 years’ lots of discoveries have been made that have proven that conditions like depression and anxiety have a biological component just like cancer and heart disease.

For example, scientists have learned that one of the causes of depression is a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow brain cells to talk to each other.

If people don’t feel uncomfortable using medication to treat things like cancer and heart disease, why would they feel uncomfortable using medication to treat anxiety and depression?

Now I understand that things like depression and anxiety have a psychological and a spiritual component.

However, until we take care of the biological component with medication, we’re not going to make a lot of progress with the other two.

Why It Is Okay for Christians to Take Medication

In the book of second Kings in chapter twenty, we see that King Hezekiah was one of the most righteous Kings ever to rule over Judah. Late in his life, Hezekiah got seriously ill and was about to die.

He prayed to God who sent him an answer through the prophet Isaiah. In verses five and six, Isaiah tells Hezekiah that God has heard his prayer and will add 15 years to his life.

However, this is what it says in verse seven; “then Isaiah said to prepare a poultice of figs they did so and applied it to the boil and he recovered incidentally”

We know that poultice which is made out of FIGS, can be used as an astringent because it draws infection away from the body.

God could have certainly healed him instantly and miraculously but again, why He didn’t do it that way?

In this instance, God wanted Hezekiah to combine his faith with a medical treatment and we are told that it worked.

We are told that God loves us so much and that is why he also created medication long even before the scientists came.

There’s another story in 2nd chronicles 16, about another righteous king named ASA.

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord but when he was stricken with the foot disease, all he did was take the medicine.

He didn’t consult God at all and he believed in his own wisdom which resulted in his demise in about two years.

If he had only sought help from God, maybe God would have blessed the efforts of his physicians.

This is a good example that clearly tells Christians that it is okay to take medication as long as you do it the right way and you trust in God for healing through these physical treatments.

There are many Christians out there who have expressed a deep desire to grow spiritually, read their Bibles every day, pray more, and to serve with all they have.

However, some of them have suffered from things like depression anxiety disorders, or bipolar disorder, and these types of strong Christians are often hesitant to take medication.

This is because they saw their symptoms as some kind of moral weakness or some kind of character flaw.

This is very wrong because taking medication as a Christian does not mean that you have weak faith.

What happens usually is that when you take any medication as a Christian, it relieves your symptoms enough and this will allow you to apply the spiritual intervention through prayer and positivity.

That’s the role of psychiatric medication in the lives of Christians. Therapy is also good for Christians and you should look at it as a tool that will remove the cloud of anxiety or depression.

Once the depression or anxiety has been lifted, the person can think more clearly and apply God’s Word more effectively with a clear mind to God’s satisfaction.

This is why we have seen some people do very awkward stuff thinking that they are right yet they Cleary need physical help.

As a Christian, never be afraid to seek medical advice because, through that, God will restore you.

Does Taking Medicine Interfere with God’s Plan?

God is the one behind the creation of all those things that are present on this earth.

Therefore, medicine does not interfere with God’s plan because he could not have made them in the first place.

If God knew that medicine is going to interfere with His plan, He could have cleared them from the word go.

Besides that, He told Adam and Eve to fill the earth and subdue on it.

Each and everything that God created had its purpose and to add on this, all those things are to serve us in a useful way so as to satisfy his glory.

Medicine will only interfere with Gods plan in your life if you choose to put your trust in medication and not God.

We own our life unto him and so, we should always be grateful for the things that no human being can grant us.

Some of these things always go according to how God planned them.

God knows that sickness is there and in some cases, it is a way of testing our own faith onto him just like he did to Job in the bible.

He is the one who decides if we live or not and so, let’s always turn unto him in all kinds of situations for a breakthrough.

Should Christians Take Sleeping Pills

Yes, it is okay for Christians to use sleeping pills and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are certain days in our life that we feel so low due to problems that we face in this life here and there.

Lack of sleep depends on your faith as a Christian. Christians who have a strong faith will not need sleeping pills because they know that once they present their problems to god and work on them, all will be well.

They will rest at night knowing that they serve a living God and thus they will not panic because the Lord is like a very strong pillar that supports every Christian who have faith in Him.

We are all different and you should never compare yourself to others.

Build your faith in the Lord and with time, you will learn to find peace in him such that you will not need to use sleeping pills as a Christian.

If your doctor prescribes some sleeping pills, you should have them and that does not make you a weak Christian. Combine this with prays and build your relationship with God.

If you are a new Christian who is having sleeping problems, always know that faith and trust is built with time.

Just use your medications while you also ask God to help you fight whatever problems you have.

Anxiety and depression may cause sleeping issues in a Christians life because the nights become too long. Worries linger in our minds to an extend of not sleeping at all.

It is okay to think about life and that is when you will make progress in your life as a Christian. Remember faith in Christianity is accompanied by action.

However, you should make plans and present them to God as you also work on them.

Do not have sleepless nights just because you are overthinking yet as a Christian, you are supposed to pray about them.

Each and every problem has a solution and if we have faith in Him, everything will definitely fall in place.

Moreover, prayers and strong faith can be of help since you will rest well and sleep tight because your trust is in the Lord.

As Gods children, when things aren’t working and we can’t sleep, He is the only soother that can help us to get some rest but only if we put our trust in him.

The pill of faith that we can take from the heart means that you have to go down on your knees and pray even if it’s difficult. Just try and do it for it’s the only way out of all your struggles.

During this time try to focus on the good things that God has done to you no matter how small they are and keep your minds of the bad things.

It’s not an easy process, but your meditation with the creator is always the best medicine when things are not falling in place as you expected them.

Should Christians Take Antidepressants

It is okay for Christians to take antidepressants especially when it has been prescribed.

People take antidepressants due to depression after a tragic experience since e all battle different things in life.

In Christianity, faith plays a very important role when dealing with depression.

Again, the strength of your trust in God will help you when you are depressed.

If you are still not at a level that you cannot fully work with faith, it is okay for you as a Christians to take anti-depressants while you also pray and ask God to give you an inner peace of the mind.

Learn to run before God, put all your trust and faith while believing in Him.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and control your thought. Pray when you are getting depressed and God will guide you in your path.

Depression should not just be taken in alight manner because it’s too dangerous.

on the contrary, when you are depressed, it means that there is something that is totally not right and you should seek help.

But in a situation where your doctor can’t tell on what you are suffering from, it means that you are suffering from a spiritual or emotional problem. In this case you should allow God to move into your heart.

Likewise, this antidepressant only helps to numb the problems that we are facing at the moment.

Why don’t we as Christians try and work things normally i.e. living a life that is being guided by Jesus Christ who is our savior.

How Should Cristian’s Deal with Depression?

Christians should deal with depression by praying and fully trusting that God has solved their issues.

After that, a Christian should also act towards it because faith without any action that supports it is useless.

We all think that when we are with God, everything works perfectly. Things will always get bumpy at times thus do not complicate your life. Instead, turn on to him for protection and guidance.

“When dealing with depression as a Christian, remember that even Jesus turned to God when He was about to be crucified. He found comfort in the Lord and that is what we should also do as Christians”

God knew that His suffering was worth it because it was to save the entire human race from the afflictions of this world. 

Sometimes, God know why you are suffering and you should never be depressed as a Christian.

Sometimes we have to go through the tough path before we emerge as the best in life. Anxiety cannot just be taken care of with drugs because you also need God.

What you should consider doing id to combine your medication with the word of God and prayers. If you have friends around, talk to them so that they can help in committing you before the Lord.

Other than taking antidepressants as a Christian, try and keep yourself busy during the day i.e. exercise a lot to keep your mind from thinking too much.

If you are good at reading, get hold of your bible, pick a book and read several verses.

Furthermore, this keeps your mind off current events that are affecting you and helps in keeping you calm in the Lord.

Practice your trust in the Lord daily so that it becomes perfect to an extent that you can never be shaken easily.

Run and lean to the cross whey you are depressed and after prayers, trust that God has taken control and you will be fine.

Does God Heal Through Medicine?

Yes, God heals us through medicine because at the end of the day, those medicines are made from the natural plants that he Created.

Remember, some will take medication and still die while others will get well. Medication is combined by faith and trust in God in order to get the perfect results.

My brothers, the only person that can heal us is our God and medication is just a support and a physical additive just like we need food to survive.

“You cannot be hungry and fail to eat because you trust in God unless you are a mad person. You have to eat and the same way, if you are feeling sick as a Christian, it is okay to take medication”

We prepare food and eat and the same way, we make medicine in our laboratories to use when we are sick.

After eating, we then pray for good health the same ay e will pray for good health after taking medication hen we are sick as Christians.

When we are taking medicine as Christians, we should also thank God for the medication and trust that we will get ell by His Grace.

Let’s look at the woman from the bible who bleed for twelve years without any solution. When she heard that Jesus was around, she went to where He was and touched his cloak.

The faith she had healed her and she felt that her body was free and the bleeding stopped. By faith and trust, she was ell again and she never had bleeding issues again.

Christians are reminded to call upon God’s name because it is greater than any disease that exists on planet earth and the entire universe.

Does God Use Doctors to Heal?

Yes, God uses the doctors to heal us because sometimes, even doctors pray for the sick after doing their best. They will leave the rest to God especially in very complicated situations.

Doctors are also human beings like us and they will do their best. However, your attitude and being positive that God will make you ell again will play a big role for you to get well.

When we are sick let as put our faith and trust in him through prayers for a divine intervention. Be positive and trust in God so that you immune is not stressed.

Drugs will never work if you are stressed and that is why you really need to put your trust and be positive that when you also pray, God will heal you with the help of the doctors.

God uses doctors to heal his people just like in the ancient times. When you go through the Bible, there is nowhere that God has told us to reject or not to use medicine when we are sick.

If you are a believer, always pray when you have someone that is sick even when they are in hospital. Commit them in God’s hands because through Him, the medication will be successful.  

We all have heard cases whereby doctors sometimes give wrong prescriptions by mistake. This is why we still need to know that only God can always help us to avoid being victims of such situations.

For the healing to work perfectly, we are supposed to have strong faith in God. This kind of faith does not come that easily since it has to be natured for it to grow stronger.

As, Christians lets commit our lives in the lord’s hands for He decides on when he takes it away from us. 

Some believers will refuse to see the doctors since they are scared that it will indicate their lack of faith in God.

That is not right and anyone who tells you that is a bad pastor and a false prophet who should not be trusted to guide any congregation.

What Does the Bible Say About Mental Illness?

When you go through different scriptures in the bible, you will find out that God addresses mental illness as something that comes about with life issues that affects our minds.

Let’s not forget that our minds help us a lot in fighting different battles in our daily routine.

In some cases, it can be overwhelmed and thus a min break don can occur to you as a Christian especially if you have no trust in the Lord.

As believers in Christ Jesus, we are advised to renew our thoughts for this helps as a lot as human beings. We can do this by simply by focusing and trusting in God as our source of refuge.

When your thoughts are taken care of by God, it means that nothing negative is going to interfere with the normal being of our impulse.

The Bible says that God has not given us a fearful spirit but rather, He has granted us the spirit of power, that of love and a sound mind.

The bible tells that God has given us a spirit of sound mind and anyone who is praying the right way will always learn to remain calm even when under pressure.  

Fear can also cause your mind to be at stand still. This means that you end up giving up on the good things you wanted to achieve in your life.

Fear can cause mental illness and we should know that a true Christian is fearless and should stand strong in faith.

In this cases, you won’t be able to move forward because you are distracted with fear.

Look on to the lord for he is the only one that can give you strength in such times when you are weak and in pain.

In a situation where we have problems we should put our hope in God.

This is to say that we should not put all our hopes in man-made solutions if we want to avoid disappoints that can affect our minds as Christians.

You should not resist your emotions instead push harder and get through them for the better being of yourself.

Those that are too difficult to handle, present them before God and you will never be disappointed.

God’s Word Is Medicine

Yes, Gods word is a medicine for your heart, mind and soul that does not put you inform of any danger even if you take an overdose.

The interesting part of it is that, it’s never bought in any shop but you get it for free which is very sad that some people will still not accept it.

The word of God is a medicine that is very powerful and capable of taking care of any condition no matter how difficult it is.

The word of God is a medication that is combined with patience for the best result.

Be firm and know that God is in charge for you to emerge as a winner no matter how long it takes.

Therefore, lets work on filling our minds and thoughts with the word of God, for there are no destruction that will defeat us.

If you are taking medicine, it’s important to mix it with faith from the one above for healing.

In fact, most of this medicines that we take have serious side effects than the real disease that is present in our body.

While you are taking any medicine, try and seek Gods word to help you in your health and most import ally your healing process.

The word of God will heal your body because when your mind is stable, it is very difficult for any disease to strain your physical body.

The word of God keeps you stable and supports you in any situation because you will always be relaxed since you know that there is a might power above all that is fighting your battles for you.

What Does the Bible Say About Doctors?

Let’s us always appreciate our doctors for the heavy work they do. God is the one that proves and he is the same person that gave them the skills for them to perform their duties.

God created man and gave him knowledge because we are created in his own image.

Doctors also pray when they are sick as much as they can use different types of drugs to relieve a patient from pain.

After prayers when you are sick as a Christian, call your doctor for help for he created them to be by your side.

There are certain times in our lives that we have to depend on the doctor’s skills for help.

God assures as that we shall be alright when we put our trust in Him. Christians should know that it is not a sin to visit a doctor when they are sick.

Even Jesus Christ did not have a smooth life on earth. He went through a lot and at some point, we are told He even asked God to take His suffering away from Him.

The Bible tells us in the book of James chapter five verse 13 that we should pray when we are in trouble and any Christian should underline this verse because, when we do what the Lord has said, we will be fine.

When you read the verse above, it tells us that when we are sick which is also a form of trouble, we can’t just sit there and wait for a miracle to happen.

Instead, we should try and seek for help by taking our troubles to the Lord or God.

Therefore, staking medication in Christianity does not mean that you lack faith in God. It’s just a way of acting on your faith because faith comes with action in Christianity.

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Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?
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