Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Muslims should not celebrate birthdays because they are not based on Islamic teachings and the Quran. Birthdays are haram in Islam because they glorify the pagan way of life.

There is nothing like a birthday celebration in Islam and this is a non-Islamic tradition.

Even if it has become so widespread, there is no Hadith or teaching that tells Muslims to celebrate birthdays.

Should Muslims Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday?  

If there is any birthday on earth that was worth celebration most, then it would be prophet Muhammad’s birthday.  

There is nothing that is much greater than the celebration of the birth of the Prophet’s but he also never did that.

He neither did that for himself nor his daughters and after He passed away, His daughters, wives nor his best companions never celebrated prophet Muhamad’s birthday.

Any one celebrating the birth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should never attach it to any Islamic teachings whatsoever.  

Those are non-Muslims that try to attract the house of the Egyptians by celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

 Why Is Birthday Haram in Islam?

Birthdays are haram in Islam because the candles on the birthday party are all about ungodly ways of life in ancient Europe.

The winters were so bad that people used to go into hibernation so that they could keep themselves warm.

When they came out after the hibernation period, they would count the dead in order to celebrate the fact that those who are alive have passed through the winter, survived and fought the evil state of nature.

This was based on the fact that nature came to kill them in the form of cold and because they fought through and stayed alive, they needed to defy it by blowing up candles.

By doing this, they would put candles based on their ages and blow them out to show that they can defy nature.

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?
Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

This is something that we believe is rooted in medieval Europe and it comes with its own origins. Those are not based on Islamic teachings and what is required of us as Muslims.

Some Muslims today ask what is wrong with blowing candles but you don’t realize this is an act of worship pinned to the pagans.

Muslims are being fooled by believing that they need to celebrate it if they turn one year older.

This is by throwing a big party and everyone must come. What they forget is that they are now closer to their graves.

Our kids as Muslims put pressure on us to do birthdays for them because we live in a modern society where they see other people throw parties.

However, we have to speak to them and try to explain to them the reasons why Muslims should not celebrate birthdays so that they understand the origins of those parties.

You cannot wake up and say that Islam needs to be modified because if that is the case, tell yourself you’re a modified Muslim.

If someone asks if you are a Muslim, tell them that you are a modified Muslim.

Islamic Ruling on Birthdays

The Islamic ruling on celebrating birthday is that it is a foreign practice and Muslims are not allowed to throw birthday parties.

This is a really a cultural problem in the modern society especially in the West that is now creeping into the to the east as well.

Muslims are denied from following the cultures of non-Muslims so let’s look at the origin of celebrating birthdays and why they are celebrated as explained above.

If the companions of the Prophet Mohammad celebrated birthdays, then it should be okay for Muslims to celebrate and have birthday parties.

However, if they didn’t and unfortunately this is the case, then it’s forbidden for Muslims to imitate the non-Muslims in carrying these birthday celebrations.

Muslims have their identity and personality thus they cannot imitate other people’s culture just because they look interesting.

This is why you can pinpoint a Muslim anywhere in the world by the way he or she looks and dresses. Therefore, birthdays are not acceptable in Islam and this is the verdict of scholars of Islam

Why do some Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Some Muslims celebrate their birthdays because they argue that they are just doing it as a habit and not as a religious act.

They give examples like driving a vehicle. They say that you drive a vehicle because it is just a convenience but not to worship.

So those Muslims always claim that birthdays in Islam is not haram as long as there are no sinful acts involved in the celebration.

This means that it is okay to celebrate birthdays in Islam if you do not play music, blow candles, dance, dress in a wrong way or eat any food that is forbidden by Allah.

So these Muslims celebrate birthdays while looking at it as only a habit but not a way of praise since the Prophet or the Sahaba did not celebrate birthdays in Islamic traditions.

This make them to say that it is okay to celebrate birthdays in Islam if you only cut a cake and thank Allah for the day of your birth when you are together with your family.

However, true Islam teachings command that you should never copy the deeds of those who are not Muslims just because they look attractive.

If you really want to celebrate anything, you can do so by helping the poor, distributing food to those who do not have and making them smile and happy.

In other words, Muslims should do and practice what is taught in the Quran.

So a true Muslim should only try and do what the prophet taught them to do and should keep from celebrations that they are not sure of their origins.

Muslims should not celebrate birthdays because the origin of those celebrations is not Islamic in any way.

Wishing Birthdays in Islam

Some Muslims say that it is okay to wish someone a happy birthday because those are just words of appreciation. This is just like telling someone, you are smartly dressed.

However, you should not involve yourself in supporting the celebration in any way because it is against the Islamic ruling and cultural practices.

A Muslim should also have it in mind that the congratulation may also be looked at as a form of celebration.

When you wish happy moments to somebody who is celebrating any occasion halal or Haram, you should know the meaning of your words.

We all know that neither the Prophet nor in his companions never bothered to celebrate their birthdays because it did not even cross their minds that it is important.

Can Muslims Go to Birthday Parties?

No, it is not okay for Muslims to go to birthday parties because they are forbidden to celebrate them in the first place.

If the ruling is against birthdays in Islam, then how can you attend those birthdays parties yet your religion is against it?

A Muslim is defined by the intentions in his or her heart and therefore you should know the intentions of going to celebrate a birthday party as a Muslim.

Birthdays originate from non-Muslims that attached the blowing of candles and celebrating the fact that they are alive based on teachings that are not in order with the Islamic teachings.

Is Cutting Cake Haram in Islam?

Let us look at the ruling on preparing and cutting a birthday cake in Islam because some people still think that it is okay to make birthday cakes in Islam.

First of all, the issue of birthdays is something that Muslims do not have and if you look at the time or the history 100 or 150 years ago you will never find people celebrating their birthdays in Islam.

Birthday celebrations and cutting cakes is something that came to Muslims recently through the people who go to the west and adopting their customs. They then bring those customs back to the east.

The issue of cutting a birthday cake in Islam is haram and should never be practiced at all.

You see that the cake has candles which match the number of your age is foreign.

This is accompanied by singing happy birthday happy birthday to that person then it is concluded by blowing the candles in one breath.

After that, you then eat from that a cake. When you look at this keenly, you will notice that it follows a certain pattern that is like a ritual.

Those things have deep meanings to them that are not Godly and Muslims should not be part of them.

Those teachings are not from the Muslim tradition and hence this is imitating the non-believers.

Cutting a birthday cake is haram because it is not a religious celebration because they had reasons behind those celebrations and how to do them.

Muslims are taught not to imitate those who are non-believers and so you should only follow the celebrations that were taught by the Prophet.

A good example is the ruling of keeping beards in Islam. You see Muslims do that because they are taught to do so.

Is it Haram To Celebrate Birthdays in Islam?

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Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?
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