How Should Christian Men & Women Dress? (Biblical Dress Code)

How Should Christian Men & Women Dress?

How Christians men and women should dress is based on Biblical guidelines and ethics in society. It is not a question of what does the bible says about short skirts but rather do you think it is okay to put on a short skirt in front of kids or parents?

If the answer is no, then you agree that as much as the bible tells us what to do, dressing code in Christianity should also be pinned to disciple and good moral conduct among Christians in the society.  

How men and women dress in Christianity also depend on the fact that they are created differently thus both cannot dress in the same way.

This is because some dress codes can lead to lust which is a sin in Christianity especially among women.

When a woman is dressed in a way that reveals most of her body parts, she will make the male around her feel attracted to her.

This will make them sin before God since we know that we should never lust after women as Christians.

Generally, as adults, we are supposed to act as role models to our children.

How we dress shows a lot about our character. A good example is putting on a short skirt and a top that reveals the breast as a woman.

This can also attract the wrong people around you. When our kids dress like this, they may get the attention of bad people out there that may harm them if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, dressing in clothes that reveal your private parts is not a good moral in Christian as religion.

When you are a married woman, dress in clothes that do not expose body so as to avoid making the men around you commit sinful act such as adultery.

Our bodies are the temple of God and therefore we should always keep it safe from worldly acts.

Well as a woman, it’s always good to look good. However, this does not mean that you have to show all the skin parts for you to be attractive but rather you should try to look decent.

Keep in mind that people will always judge you according to the way you dress. That is human nature and therefore it’s your own choice on how you are doing it.

How Should a Christian Woman Dress in The Bible?

Let us have a look at what the Bible actually says regarding a woman’s modesty and clothing choices because there’s been so much false information given about this topic over the years.

So, what is Christian modesty and how should a Christian woman dress?

The Bible does not say it is a sin for a woman to look externally beautiful or to wear nice clothes.

Christian modesty is an external appearance that is honoring to Christ in an attempt to discourage provocative clothing.

Sometimes the church makes it seem like it is a sin for women to pay attention to their external appearance yet this is not at the heart of Christian modesty.

It is okay to look good but you also have to watch your intentions and who you want to attract when dressed as a Christian woman since our prayers must be pure without interruptions. Here is a Bible Verse about women’s clothing

The key to understanding these Bible verses about a woman’s external appearance is the word adorning.

Common definitions for the word adorn include to enhance the appearance of something especially with beautiful objects.

The point that the Bible makes clear is that a woman should not try to make herself more beautiful through unnecessary external means.

If you wear clothing to make yourself seem more physically attractive or more physically beautiful, this is what the Bible says a woman should not do.

It doesn’t say a woman should not braid her hair, never wear jewelry or nice clothes.

The Bible says that the Christian dress code among women must not be rooted in these external things that are overdone to make her look good.

She should look for look beauty through her inner character and not physical things that are bought.

Bible Verse About Women's Clothing
Bible Verse About Women’s Clothing

The point that I believe many people get wrong is when they say that Christian women should never be concerned with how they look.

Some even say that they should not care about feeling beautiful and they are being vain if they go out of their way to enhance their physical appearance.

The Bible doesn’t say that and many people use such verses to be extreme and even sound ridiculous.

All this should be reasonable in that it is okay to look good but don’t overdo it with wrong intentions.

Again, the Bible does not forbid adorning oneself which is to mean that, it does not forbid a woman from beautifying herself in moderation and good intentions.

In fact, the book of Timothy and Peter that are quoted in this article are actually passages in scripture about how a woman should adorn herself according to the Christian dress code.

These Bible passages are not telling Christian women not seek beauty but rather, they instruct a woman on how to go about beautifying herself.

The Bible says a woman’s clothing is an expression of her inner self and it is okay to look good but there is a line that should not be crossed regardless of what your motive is.

Dressing in a way that reveals too much skin regardless of whether you are a man or a woman is wrong and can definitely never have any good motives behind them.

Our clothing should be an expression of our inner character and Christian dress code should represent what we believe in religiously.

This means that we should look presentable beautiful in a way that promotes positive social characters even among our children.

The Bible tells a Christian woman not to base her beauty in how she looks on the outside but rather how she looks on the inside since our thoughts are presented in our physical looks.

The key to dressing biblically is unlocked when you do not seek to shape your inner beauty through your outer beauty.

Your inner beauty should shape your external appearance because when you wear beautiful modest clothing as a Christian, it says something about your heart.

However, when you wear sexy clothing that is designed to incite passion and attract the opposite sex in the wrong way, then that also says something about the condition of your heart.

The way you view yourself internally should control how you present yourself externally when you are seeking to find how Christians should dress.

If you believe you are beautiful Christ exalting woman, that will shape the way you present yourself to the world in terms of how you dress as a Christian.

The things you wear should be a reflection of how your heart looks on the inside.

Paul tells women in first Timothy chapter two that they should be dressed with modesty and respect.

A redeemed woman in Christ is modestly dressed, respectful, godly and self-controlled knowing that she is precious to God.

What Does the Bible Say About Dressing to Church?

One more common flaw we see in many church teachings about dressing modesty in Christianity is the way both men and women go before the house of God.

Let us say you are going to the white house to meet the president; will you check how to dress?

If your answer is yes, then you should also check how you dress when going before God in any Church.

In most cases, women are told to watch how they dress to church because men are so visual and some of those bad pastors will never tell you the truth.

You could be a stumbling block to them if you reveal too much of your body.

Well, I believe men and women should both try to wear presentable clothes to church and present themselves in ways that are not tempting to the opposite gender.

How Christians should dress to church is influenced by the basic morals that guide us in the Bible.

We know that we should act as the bible directs and so we should do everything to the glory of God.

It is obvious that you cannot put on a short skirt that will reveal ninety percent of your laps yet you expect the men around you to concentrate in church.

You will be acting as an agent of Satan that is trying to block concentration in church.

Just like you will dress properly when visiting the president or an important person in the society, you should also know that your dress code as a Christian is also dictated by what the Bible promotes and demotes.

When going to church it’s important to respect the temple of God and observe certain manners like dressing in a proper way.

This indicates that clothes which draw people attention to you should not be put on.

There are certain types of casual that are absolutely cool to put on while going to church but clothes like shorts and tank tops are not cool.

It’s not just a matter of dressing for your on good, dress properly for a proper care of worship and to those that are attending to church to.

The term come as you are having been abused in one way or the today’s generation people just dress up claiming that what matters a lot is what in our hearts.

Women’s Clothing in The Bible

It is as simple as looking at the verse that says it is a sin to lust after any woman who is not your wife.

This will guide any woman to dress in a way that will not attract the attention of other men especially when she is married.

How women should dress especially in the modern generation is a question that has been asked most often thereby making people give out views that aren’t good at all based on how most women dress.

When a Christian lady is dressing and to look good, she should try and consider those that she is going to interact with from the outside.

This will make you not dress up in a way that will make others sin when they lust after you.

As a Christian too much exposure of your private parts does not make you look beautiful.

Instead, it makes you draw a lot of attention from men that end up approaching you with different intentions.

Dress code in Christianity should also be pinned to the fact that God always looks at the beauty of our heart.

He does not concentrate on the expensive clothes the jewels and nice braids that we have on them.

The bible says that both men and women should always take a shower and be neat while having the word of God as a guide for their actions.

However, Christians should not brag about the expensive things they are putting on. They should look at what good they have done.

This tells us that God is interested in the good deed of what we do but not the materials that we hold.

Christians should not dress in a way that reveals their private parts to the public since that promotes immorality.

Keep in mind that when you are a Christian woman who is holy, then consider keeping a clean heart as well with pure intentions.

As yourself the intention of your short skirt as a Christian before you go out. You should look at the motive of revealing your cleavage to the public as a Christian woman.

This means that your beauty needs to come from the inside act and intentions that pleases our creator.

How Should Christians Dress, Biblical Dress Code
How Should Christians Dress, Biblical Dress Code

When a Christian woman is dressed in in a way that provokes other men sexually, then she is offending God since she is putting funny ideas in their heads.

Christians should not just put on clean and decent clothes and yet our hearts are not clean with good intentions.

This means that our beauty should be an everlasting beauty of the heart, mind, and soul.

We found out that in today’s society women will put on any type of clothes saying that it’s for fashion purposes.

As a Christian, you should not just put on anything because its allowed in the society.

You should follow what God is saying in the bible and not put men into temptations with your dressing as a Christian.

When you are dressing as a Christian woman, try and think of how people will look at you out there since your dressing will put you to judgement out there.

Meaning that when you are dressed poorly and in a revealing manner, then other people will never respect you as a Christian woman.

They will rather think that you are the worst hypocrite hiding under the Lord’s house.

While dressing in Christianity, you should also consider your dignity as a man or woman.

This means that putting on clothes that show your body parts explains a lot about yourself since from your dressing, some may think your ways are not in line with God’s wishes.

Always dress while considering all those rules that you have been taught as a Christian.

When dressing as a Christian woman, you should also try and be your neighbor’s keeper to prevent him from falling into temptations.

Christian women should dress in a way that glorifies God in that, the Christian dress code should not make any man attracted to them but rather they should be decent and act as a role model to the children around them.

Indecent dressing in bible

Indecent dressing in the bible and Christianity can all be simplified as dressing in a way that will make other people have wicked thoughts around you.

When you dress suggestively and make the people around you sin, then definitely that is indecent dressing in Christianity and before God. 

As yourself this simple question, how does it fill when you dress in clothes that are too short or too tight on you?

Those re some of the things that should always ring on your mind when choosing an outfit to go out.

Christians should only show their private parts to their couples and nobody else. Christian men and women who dress to reveal their bodies are both offending God.

It is okay to look good but your intentions should be pure and not fornication when it comes to dressing code in Christianity.

Balance between what is good and bad. Put in mind that this same clothes that expose you this much can be fashionable without being indecent.

In this modern days, you will always see that most Christian women dress up according to the occasion being attended.

This has led to a lot of confusion since each and everyone wants to look smart based on how she is dressed.

When you are a Christian woman, don’t just dress for praises but rather consider your position in Christ which is the most important thing.

Can Women Put On Trousers in Christianity?

Well in the bible, its forbidden for a woman to put on a man’s clothes and vice-versa.

As a Christian it’s always good to read the bible so as to be aware of what is required of you biblically when it comes to dressing.

Therefore, when you are not sure on what to put on, you might also refer from the holy book so as to get information on what those who lived during the early age wore.

During the biblical time men and women wore clothes that were similar however it was differentiated for each gender.

In the book of Deuteronomy 22:5, it says that a woman should not wear a man’s clothing and a man is also forbidden from putting on clothes that are meant for a woman, because God forbids such behaviors.

It’s also said that during the early time, those who performed pagan ritual forced women to put on armor which was meant for men.

On the other hand, their men dressed like women. This indicates that an action of cross dressing was kind of forbidden.

You should also put in mind that during the early times, there were no pants unlike the modern days. However, each opposite sex had its own way of dressing thereby differentiating them.

As a Christian, there are things that you are not supposed to force or change because God is perfect in his creation.

For instance, in our life today mostly pants are known to be worn by men therefore why should you complicate things by trying to mix what God had created separately.

How Should Men Dress in Christianity

Well the way we dress do not only apply to women but also to men. As a man, there is a certain way you dress up and people keep on questioning if you are ok or not.

If the way, we dress tells people about our own characters, then our inside and outside modesty applies to both sexes.

In today’s generation men have lost it completely. Most of them would go to the gym or at the beach shirtless or with underpants that are too tight thus drawing people’s attention.

This is not right since your body should only be seen with your spouse and not every other person. Anything that is revealing your personal creation too much should not be tolerated.

A Christian man you should also chose wisely on what they put on because when the dress in the right way, no woman will lust after them apart from their wives.

In the new testament, there was a man that was posed with an evil spirit and spent all his time with no clothes. when the demons were cursed out, he came back into his normal being, dressed up and attended the first.

This example shows us that Christian men should also not reveal their private body to anyone just like that.

This script it tells us that we should always be dressed decently unless we are not okay spiritually.

Why should we always insist on Christian women dressing in a proper way yet the men are not doing better.

Any Christian should be concerned with the wellbeing of other believers and the men should not dress immodestly for a woman to lust after them.

Being caught into today’s word is very easy and therefore as a Christian man, you should not just put on clothes for the sake of fashion but rather try and please lord who sees our neatness from the inside.

Scriptures On Dressing and Modesty

When you look at the bible, there are a lot of scriptures that explain and guide on how we should dress and conduct ourselves as Christians.

This means that there are certain types of clothing’s that are a turn off to the spiritual world.

Since we all know that our body is the temple of God, we should keep it descent all the time. We are given it so as to be responsible and not to allow it sin or fall into temptations.

As a Christian you should also remember that our bodies belong to God. Thereby it’s given to us at a price and some day it shall return back to its creator.

There is nowhere in the bible that says a lady’s body is meant for a man not unless when they are married.

Our Lord requires us to be holy and do everything that glorifies and praises his name. Before you dress, ask if you are revealing too much or not.

In the begging, when Adam and eve sinned, what did God do to them? We are told they realized that they were naked. That is when they started to cover their bodies.

That tells us a lot in the aspect of dressing in a way that reveals our privacy. As much as it is okay to stay physically neat and beautiful, let’s use our time wisely by reading the bible and praying and to be in shape spiritually.

Yes, it’s good to keep in shape and look good. However, those are worldly things that won’t last for long. We should act and dress in a way that glorifies the lord.

It won’t be good if you keep in shape and having a perfect body that won’t be allowed to enter into the heavenly gates.

Well it said that the way you dress talks a lot about you. For instance, avoid putting on a skirt that its slit is too high.

When you do so, it means that you have your own intention i.e. you want your thighs to be seen and as a religious woman exposing your nakedness is not right in the religion.

Let’s not just dress so as to keep up with the style. Most Christian women will dress up ignorantly living their cleavage and chest area exposed over exposed.

Why should you do that when you are going out thus attracting men’s attention.

The worst part is that some are married and they still dress like this. This means that you are not glorifying the lord in any way.

True Christians should learn how to master the Biblical dress code and know what is required of them.

Let us all praise the Lord with all aspects of our life including dressing in Christianity so that we can have an everlasting afterlife.

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How Should Christian Men & Women Dress? (Biblical Dress Code)
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