Beard in Islam Trimming, Benefits & Maintenance

Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance

Growing beards in Islam is important because the Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslims to keep beards and not to pluck them off.

In more than ten hadiths, the Sahaba kept their beards at the length of one fist or more as they pleased.

Based on this, we can clearly say that it is okay for Muslims to grow their beards up to a length of one fist.

However, it is not haram to keep a long beard in Islam since it is still Sunnah as directed by the prophet.

Is it compulsory to keep a beard in Islam?

No, it is not compulsory to keep a beard in Islam and Muslims can only keep them if they are in a position to have them.

Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance
Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance

According to Dr. Shabir Ally who is the president of the Islamic Information Centre, those who argue that it’s a religious obligation to keep beards argue on weaker grounds.

This is because as much as it is good to keep beards in Islam, it is not a haram not to do so and one should only do so if they are in a position to do so.

The Prophet peace be upon him advised his male followers to leave the beard alone and to clip the mustache.

That cannot be taken as an absolute command because some things are all given in the command form in terms of language.

The issue of beard was not meant to be a command in Islam. If the Prophet peace be upon him said do this or else, you will be punished, then that would be like a real command.

However, some things may look like they are given in the command form. For example, if somebody tells you to have a cup of tea, it’s in the command form but you are free to say no if you are fine.

The command of regarding the beard seems to be in command category but it does not have consequences since you can also choose not to do it depending on your situation.

It is a recommendation and of course as I said it gives a good feeling to the male follower to be doing this. However, one has to also bear in mind the circumstances in which one lives and operates.

Not everybody would have that full of flexibility as the religious figures would have. The good thing is that nowadays, it seems like everyone has a beer itself and it is coming back as a fashion.

Trimming beard in Islam

However, it is reported by at least three of the Sahaba and at least ten of the Tabiun used to trim their beards.

Some of these Muslims trimmed their beards after a fistful while others only cut their beards during Hajj and Umrah.

Over ten of the early Islam scholars used to trim their beards to some fashion.

This shows us that they understood from the command of the Prophet SAW that the prohibition was to completely cut off the beards.

However, it is okay for Muslims to trim their beards and look good in society. Moreover, beards are a fashion in our society today, and keeping them should not be a problem.

They understood that trimming beard in Islam does not contradict the hadith or the Prophet SAW to grow beards as a Muslim.

Growing the beard doesn’t mean you that you are not allowed to trim them at all.

What Is the Importance of Beard in Islam?

The importance of keeping beard in Islam is that it is in line with what the Prophet told Muslims to do and it is very good to always follow what the prophet say as a Muslim.

There’s many different opinions on the length of beards in Islam but that doesn’t matter because all of them are based on one factor.

Their evidence is quite clear that the Prophet SAW commanded Muslims to grow beards.

This has been reported in over five or six traditions most of which are in Bukhari and Islam ancient days. The Prophet SAW said “don’t pluck it”. This is why Muslim men keep long beards to date.

The significance of beards in Islam is largely connected with the practice of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

By growing a beard, Muslims feel like they are doing what the Prophet peace be upon him did.

We also know that in ancient cultural practices, it was a general trend that men wear beards especially in Semitic cultures.

If we look at depictions of Jesus or Moses as in the movies or elsewhere, they’re always persons with a beard.

By wearing a beard in Islam, we blend in the same tradition as these great prophets and we want to be like them.

Length of Beard in Islam

What about the required length of the beard in Islam? This is because there are many people with different lengths and it’s rather confusing when you are not sure of what you should I be doing.

Some Muslims wonder what did the Prophet Muhammad SAW do as far as the length of the beard is concerned in Islam.

The scholars are divided into different opinions. Some say that you can cut the beards while others say that let the beards be.

When we look at the first hadith of Sai Buhari were the Prophet told us to do the opposite of what the pagans do. This is that Muslims should Keep the beard and trim their mustaches.

Therefore, because the commandment is keep the beard, that means they say that it should be kept and that’s it.

The second hadith of Sai Buhari says that, cut your mustache short and grow the beard as a Muslim. So the first group of scholars tells Muslims to keep on growing and not to touch them.

Therefore, what they mean is that you should not at all cut the beard but rather let it grow as much as possible.

However, this is their view because if you read and do your research, there is not a single hadith which speaks about the length of the beard of the Prophet.

Length of a Muslim Beard, Trimming & Maintaining Beards In Islam
Length of a Muslim Beard, Trimming & Maintaining Beards In Islam

So as long as you keep the beard as a Muslim, that is fine. It does not matter whether it is the size of your fist, or if you trim them. The important thing is to keep the beards as directed by the Prophet.  

The Hadith on beards in Islam state that the beards of the prophet was very bushy. Some believe that it touched the chest while this is not stated anywhere.

The Hadith 5789, which is Sahih Muslim vol. 4 Book of Fadhaa’il, says that the Prophet had a thick beard. However, this does not say anything about the length of the beard.

This group of scholars they say that since the length of the beard is not mentioned, what we have to do is they look at how the Sahaba’s kept their beard in the old days.

Now it is important to know the prophet said that if at all He never laid a rule clearly, then Muslims should look at what the Sahaba’s around him used to do.

We are told that in more than ten hadiths, the Sahaba kept their beard at the length of one fist and whatever extra beard that grew past the one fist, they used to cut it off.

How Can Muslims Grow Beards Naturally at Home?

How to grow beards in Islam naturally faster at home is important since the Prophet Mohammad commanded Muslims to grow and not to pluck the beards.  

Beards give Muslim men a stylish appearance and it is also Sunnah to keep them

The popularity of keeping beards and facial hair in Islam and other religions is on the rise.

You do not need to conduct any study to see that growing beards is a trend in our modern society.

This causes a lot of young men to look for methods and guides on how to grow beards in Islam and facial hair naturally faster.

Even though the thickness and rate of growth produced are highly dependent on genetics and age, all men are similar in that they lack patience.

Below are fast natural ways of growing facial hair on cheeks, getting thicker full beard and moustaches that Muslims can use at home.

1. Ensure Your Face Remains Moist and Clean at All Times

Dirt, oil, and dead skin make a thick barricade for the hair follicles that want to break through to the surface.

You will discover that it is feasible to grow your facial hair much quicker when you maintain a clean and oil free face at all times. Muslims can Grow beards using these steps;

  1. Use warm water and a gentle face cleanser to rinse your face at least two times each day (when you wake up and before going to bed)
  2. It is recommended you use a gentle cleanser instead of the standard soaps. Standard soaps are known to be too abrasive to the skin and may cause a lot of irritation.
  3. You may also consider using a good dandruff shampoo at least three times a week to help deal with the irritation.
  4. Once you have rinsed your face, use a facial moisturizing lotion to ensure that the skin will remain hydrated at all times, while ensuring that the dead skin cells will not clog or gather around the hair follicles.

2. Stimulate Hair Follicles with a Massage To Grow Beard In Islam

Are you looking for information on how to grow a beard in Islam? Performing a light massage on your face will encourage the hair follicles to open up for facial hair growth.

  1. Apply gentle but even pressure on the different parts of the face where you want to stimulate the growth of facial hair
  2. Rub the areas using small and circular motions
  3. Once done, consistently massage your face for at least fifteen minutes each day

3. Chill Out

Experts have observed that being chilled out and relaxed can help your hormones work as required. Stress is a major cause of hair loss and even baldness in men.

Avoiding stress is a sure tip on how to grow beard in Islam facial hair and promote thicker full beards in Islam naturally.

  1. Mental and physical stress is capable of crippling your immune system. When the immune system is crippled, this limits its ability to help in the growth of facial hair
  2. Although it is nearly impossible to alleviate stress from your body completely, you can take small steps to limit the amount of stress that is present in your everyday life.
  3. Talk to the people in your life to find out how you can reduce stress, or begin exercising and meditating in order to reduce and release your anxiety levels.

4. Ensure You Get Enough Sleep

Any Muslim looking for methods and techniques on how to grow beards needs to ensure that he is getting enough sleep.

Proper rest is required to keep all the elements in your body functional, and this will include the growth of hair on your face.

  1. Sleep is one of the periods during which the body is able to regenerate all the cells that it has lost
  2. You, will, therefore, find that hair tends to rise when a person is sleeping
  3. In fact, if you are sleeping for less than six hours each night, you will find that it will be impractical for you to grow any hair
  4. For best facial hair growth results, you will need to sleep for a minimum of eight hours each night

5. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercising on a regular basis is one important element of maintaining your normal bodily functions, such as the growth of beards in islam.

When exercising, you will need to turn your focus to aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are known to help improve blood circulation in your body

  1. Good blood circulation ensures that the body maintains a good metabolic rate
  2. The nutrients you consume, which may help enhance the growth of facial hair are able to reach the hair follicles much faster when there is proper circulation
  3. Alternatively, consider taking a brisk thirty-minute walk each day after work, or consider jogging

6. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking will also be another way for you to enhance the growth of facial hair that you need in Islam.

When you smoke, you weaken the immune system in the body, and when the body has a weakened immune system, it is not able to assist in the growth of facial hair.

  1. When nicotine gets into your body, it decreases the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients. Therefore, you will find that all the nutrients your body needs to grow facial hair will not reach their intended location—the hair follicles
  2. Additionally, nicotine is also known to constrict the blood vessels, and this makes it impossible for the blood to go where it is needed.

7. Growing Beards in Islam Will Need Proteins and Saturated Fats

Protein and saturated fats are vital players when it comes to boosting fast and healthy hair growth. How can you grow facial hair using this method?

  1. Hair is partially made from protein, and the healthy hair in the body is often coated with oils and fats. As such, any fast growing healthy beard or mustache will need both proteins and fats. Additionally, proteins and fats can both increase your testosterone levels—testosterone is another important player in boosting growth of facial hair
  2. Beans and fish are two very powerful sources of protein, and consuming the two foods help in stimulating the growth of beards and mustaches.
  3. Eggs and animal fats can also be effective. However, you will need to limit your intake of fats as they may cause problems in your circulatory system when you consume them too much.

8. Do Away with the Sweets

According to some studies, sugar has the potential to make your hair weak.

When you consume too many foods that are rich in sugar, you will be making it harder for the beard and mustache to grow as a Muslim.

  1. As you probably already know, the sugars that are found in sweets and dairy products are not as harmful as those found in baked products, soda, and candy

9. Build up Your B-Complex Vitamins

When you want to grow facial hair, biotin or vitamin B7 is one of the vitamins that you will need to consume.

Other vitamins that are important include vitamins B5, B3, and B9.

  1. Biotin is naturally found in nuts and the egg yolk. If you are not capable of getting your biotin naturally, consider taking a supplement
  2. B3 and B5 vitamins are known to help in the circulation of blood and can be obtained from chicken, avocado, milk, beef, and fish
  3. Vitamin B9 also known as folic acid is known to directly impact the ability of your facial hair to grow and can be found in cereals, green leafy vegetables as well as in nuts.

10. Make Certain You Have a Good Balance of Vitamins A, C, & E

For those Muslims looking for ways on how to grow facial hair, they will be surprised to find that all these vitamins work hand in hand in promoting conditions that are ideal for the growth of facial hair.

  1. Vitamin A helps in keeping the sebum and the hair follicles and can be found in carrots and broccoli
  2. Vitamin E will assist in improving circulation and is found in beans, leafy vegetables, and nuts
  3. Vitamin C works to improve your immune system and is mainly found in potatoes, citrus fruits, green peppers, and tomatoes

11. Eucalyptus

Consistent use of eucalyptus has been known to help in enhancing the growth of facial hair and beards in Islam.

However, it is important to ensure that you do not apply eucalyptus oil directly to your skin surface.

Instead, you will need to use skin care products that contain eucalyptus as an ingredient, or take the oil and dilute it with some water before application.

Growing facial hair using eucalyptus:

  1. Use four parts of water to dilute a single part of eucalyptus
  2. Apply the diluted eucalyptus oil to the skin using a cotton ball, and then allow it to sit for a while
  3. If the skin surface becomes irritated, ensure you wash the eucalyptus oil from your face
  4. It is highly suggested that you use cleansers and moisturizers that contain eucalyptus instead of using the natural oil

12. Make a Blend Using Amla Oil and Mustard Leaves

Does alma oil work for hair growth? Yes, it works and those who have used it in growing facial hair faster have testified that it is good for hair growth.

Follow these directions to learn how to grow facial hair naturally using this particular blend;

  1. Combine a quarter cup of Amla oil with three teaspoons of mustard leaves. Blend the two ingredients until they form a smooth adhesive
  2. Take this adhesive and apply it to your face allowing it to sit for at least twenty minutes prior to rinsing it off
  3. You can save the remaining solution in your refrigerator for use in the next two or three days
  4. Additional oils that can be used to stimulate the growth of facial hair include jojoba oil and grape seed oil.

13. Combine Ground Cinnamon and Lime Juice

You will need to combine your two ingredients to form a very thin paste. This paste should be applied on your face at least two times each day if you are looking for ways on how to grow facial hair.

  1. Blend a single teaspoon of ground cinnamon with two teaspoons of lime juice
  2. Once combined, you will need to apply this mixture to the face and let it sit for twenty minutes before you can wash it off.
  3. If you experience some irritation, stop using it immediately

14. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another effective way for you to grow your facial hair and beards in Islam. To ensure you get maximum results, you will need to:

  1. Combine one part of rosemary oil with a single part of coconut oil
  2. Take a cotton ball and use it to apply the mixture to the face
  3. After fifteen minutes, use cool water to wash it off from your face
  4. It is recommended that you use this blend on your face at least three times each week

15. Rosemary Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

For you to use this in enhancing the growth of facial hair, you will need to use the steps bellow when you want to grow beards in Islam;

  1. Take ten parts of virgin coconut oil and a single part of rosemary oil
  2. Dip a clean pad, or a cotton ball into the blend and then use the cotton ball to apply the blend to your skin surface
  3. The mixture should be left on your face for at least twenty minutes before you can rinse it off using some fresh water
  4. There is no need to use a mild soap when rinsing your face
  5. It is recommended that the mixture is applied on your face at least two times each day

16. Cinnamon Powder and Lemon Juice

The following step-by-step guidelines will teach you on how to grow facial hair using cinnamon powder and lemon juice.

  1. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with a single teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a small bowl
  2. Thoroughly mix the solution with a spoon before you can apply it to your face
  3. Once applied, it should be allowed at least thirty minutes before you can wash your face using cold water
  4. Ensure you rinse off using a mild detergent to help remove the lemon juice
  5. Use a clean towel to gently tap your skin dry before applying a moisturizer to ensure that the skin remains hydrated, and to protect it from any form of dryness.
  6. Given that this solution does not cause any form of irritation, you should apply it two times each day

Islamic Beard Maintenance

We all know Muslims are encouraged to look good and smell nice.

Once you have used the above techniques to grow your beards as a Muslim, you can groom your facial hair using the following techniques.

1. Exercise Patience

An epic beard is often the result of self-restraint on the part of the man.

Once you have started growing it, you have to resist all urges to style or trim the mustache or beard, and leave it that way for the next four to six weeks.

This period will allow your facial hair to grow in an even manner while allowing you enough time to pick a style that will truly suit your face.

2. Match the Beard to the Shape of Your Face

Similar to wild animals, it is important for your beard to be in-tune with its environment. After a month of consistent growth, consult your barber to find a style that will perfectly match your face shape.

It will allow your beard to look perfect, and ensure that you look good in your new look.

3. Learn How & When You Should Trim your beards in Islam

Even if you are growing out the beard, pruning is important if you are to have a well-groomed beard.

You, will, therefore need to invest in a quality trimmer, and ensure that you find a grooming technique that will suit your preferred look.

There are several Islamic barber shops that will help you in trimming and cutting the hair as required in Islam.

Cutting the Beards is not haram in Islam as long as you know what is haram and what is halal.

4. Wash the Beard on a Regular Basis

It is important to ensure that you wash the beard on a regular basis during the early stages of growth. When growing, you will find that it can trap dead skin cells as well as food items.

The trapped items can exacerbate itchiness. You must, therefore, scrub the beard a few times each week using a specialized cleanser.

Once it is clean, you need to pat it dry as overzealous toweling may lead to the formation of split ends.

5. Find a Good Beard Oil

Once you have started grooming your beards as a Muslim, you will find that nothing tames beards like the use of beard oil.

When you start looking, you will find that there exist many varieties in the market, which you can choose from each having its own unique scent.

6. Know How to Train the Beard

Regular trimming will help maintain the shape that you have chosen.

However, this is not the only way that you can use to ensure that your beard remains in line with what you have planned.

Daily rubdowns using a beard brush or comb will help wrangle stubborn hairs, as you train them to grow facing downwards.

7. Do Not Forget Your Mustache

Growing an epic beard in Islam also means that you may like grow a mustache.

To ensure that your beard will look neat at all times, you will need to trim the area that is below your nose using grooming scissors.

If you are looking for how to grow facial hair, you should be able to use the methods discussed above to grow a neat beard or mustache.

Ensure that you trim it on a regular basis so that it does not get out of hand.

Why Is It That Some Muslim Men Cannot Grow Beards?

While Muslims find is good to keep beards as directed by the Prophet, some men are born in a way that they cannot naturally grow facial hair.

For many men, the presence of facial hair is seen as a symbol of wisdom and virility (not forgetting the fact that it is a wonderful enhancement to the male body).

However, this does not mean that Muslims who cannot grow beards are not equal to those that have beards. So why is it that some men are not able to grow beards or facial hair?

1. Genetics

Men who are not capable of growing facial hair have genetics to blame for this problem.

If your grandfather or father struggled with the growth of beards and facial hair, there is a possibility that you will also have to deal with the same problem.

For such men, you will find that there are very few solutions available to them to help overcome this problem.

Facial hair growth largely depends on a person’s genetics and environmental factors.

Some men start to develop beards (regulated by testosterone) when they are in their pubescent stages and will in many cases not mature until they reach their twenties.

When testosterone interacts with the hair that is already in place, it begins to grow darker and thicker.

It is normal to assume that men with thicker facial hair have higher testosterone levels, but this is not the case.

Generally, all men have the same testosterone levels, and this is where genetics are involved in the growth of facial hair. 

2. Diet

When looking for answers on how to grow facial hair, Diet could be another reason why you could be having trouble growing your facial hair. This may have something to do with the kind of diet that you take.

A good and well-balanced diet should include nutrients such as vitamin A, biotin, and vitamin C.

These minerals and vitamins will assist in the production of thicker and healthier hair on the chins.

3. Skin Condition

A skin condition can be a major cause of hair loss in some cases and can lead to lack of facial hair growth. There are skin conditions like alopecia that cause hair loss and balding.

  • If you notice symptoms of a skin condition that is affecting the hair on your head as well as the one on your face, you will need to schedule a consultation with your dermatologist as soon as possible.
  • There is no way you will solve how to grow facial hair yet you cannot even take good care of the skin, exfoliate to remove dead skin layers and keep it moisturized. 

Thin or slow growing hair on the face and cheeks and chin may also be caused by hypothyroidism.

It is, however, significant to note that this condition is more common in women than in men.

Just like Muslims can keep cats when they wish to, they can also keep facial hair only when they can and nobody will punish them if they do not keep them.  

Just note that as Dr. Shabir Ally said, it is not compulsory for Muslims to keep beards.

However, it is equally good to keep beards as a Muslim because the Prophet wished for us to do so.

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Beard in Islam Trimming, Benefits & Maintenance
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