Biblical Baby Names

Biblical Baby Names

It is important to seek good advice and find the proper baby-naming guide and tips that you and the baby cannot fight over in the future. You don’t want to name your baby some ugly name that will have them battle with their teenage friends.

We all know at a teenage, all the drama starts.  You should consider the fact that a bad name can be a source of significant anguish and low self-esteem from bullying at school.

For all future parents out there, and most importantly for your children, this is a great guide that will show you some names for your newborn baby. It will help in naming properly so that you avoid any failures that you will have to live with for the rest of your lives.

1. Don’t name your baby after any celebrity

This is a mistake that some parents have lived by and tormented their kids for long. We all know how the lives of those people can turn overnight. Today they are the best, tomorrow they have serious scandals that you don’t want to associate your kids with.

Today people are praising a celebrity, then before you know it it’s a boom, everyone hates them and wish them even painful deaths. There are several examples out there. So never ever name your kid after any leader, celebrity or a social figure out there.

2. Say or shot the name out loud

The trick behind this is that when you shout the name, you may listen to how the name will actually feel when pronounced. Saying the name that you think is good out in a loud voice will also be more practically especially among adults and teenage kids.

Those could be your relatives, friends during a baby shower, or just random people. Do this among people who will be honest with you based on their opinions. Someone will always have a view that you have never thought about.  

3. Be practical with the name

Name your child and makes sure it is a name that you like and will always be using every other day. Don’t confuse the whole scenario. Let me give you an example. I have a friend that this has been a problem for him his entire life.

He is Rick. He has always been Rick his whole life, however his parents called him Fredrick and that’s what they use but sometimes mix it with Rick.

So whenever he is at a public office or anywhere that need an official identification of full names and somebody asks what’s his name, he sits there thinking for a second.

He feels thrown off balance because this person has just asked him what his name is, and he should know what his name is yet he takes time loading his name. Automatically any detective will feel that you are a scam J.

4. Find the meaning of the name you like

If you do not speak the language where your child will grow up, get some native language-speakers to come in and help you. Maybe the world wouldn’t really be a better place if there were fewer Harry Dongs out there, but it probably would be a better place for those Harry Dongs.

Simple translation into this is that you may name you kid a name with words that translates to something very weird out there. It may be an abusive word or a very wired word with past wrong and evil relation to an activity in the area. So it’s best for your research.

5. Stop being over creative when naming your baby

Being over creative may waste your time and just create more confusion. Like it or not, it’s a name, not a profession or some life determinant huge factor. Make a straight forward decision and be as clear and sharp about it as possible.

Consider the important factors highlighted here and don’t try to make it a special complicated name that spelling or even mentioning will be a problem in the future for your kids and other people around him. I’m sure you have met people with crazy names and you are like what the hell is that?

6. Avoid famous and common baby names

There are names that will make your baby just another random baby Michael or Denis. What I mean here is this before you get me wrong. Names have a reason behind them. Find a good reason why you are naming a baby after someone or like someone.

Don’t just name your baby randomly. In some traditions, you name your Kid based on the family tree. For example, you ay name your son after your father or grand father. This will help in carrying the family name to the next generation.

In such a case, it makes sense and there is a reason for the name. It means if those before have lived with the great name and you have never have issues with it then it should never be an issue now that you give it to your son or daughter especially if you know your family history very well.

7. Try and spell the name out

 Try and figure out a name that is easy to spell and figure out. Don’t just get a name randomly that you googled and dint even bother to check the different versions of the same name. Different people spell in diverse ways and you don’t want your kid to have identification issues.

Get a name with simple and clear spelling and make sure you have it all figured out both on how it will be pronounced or how it will be mentioned. Don’t complicate your child’s life even before they are born.

Poor naming may really pull down your child’s self-esteem especially when they are at their adolescent stage.

This is a stage where they start learning more about their life and you don’t want people mocking him all the time just because you gave him/her a funny name that can’t even be spelled or pronounced properly.

Don’t name you child after some books, robots or movies. Imagine naming your child “Robin Hood” then he gets to collage and people start using terms like “you think you are some kind of robin hood”, in a case where his actual name is that. Sounds all messed up.

Biblical Names & Meaning

Let’s look at more baby naming tips that will guide you and help ensure that you have chosen the perfect baby name.

There are different names with deferent meanings that Christians may find interesting for both boys and girls. Those are not all but just some that you may want to look at.

Biblical Boys Names with Meanings

Let’s see if I could share with you my top 20 boy names. I’m curious to see if we ever do get pregnant with a boy if our son’s name will be on this list because I just loved all these names.

These baby boy names are mixed up classic and unique. They’re not too far out there and they all have great meanings because the meaning of a name is very important.

1. Bennett

Bennett means blessed and that is just the perfect meeting and such a cute name. I think the nickname Ben or Benny is super cute for the boy. When I think of the name Bennett, I think of a man who is quiet but strong and I like that name.

2. Harvey

Harvey is the cutest name and Harvey means strong or babbles worthy which is a great strong name for a man.

3. Ford

Ford is such a cool name because I think it’s strong and simple straight to the point. It will not give you spelling issues or any complications. Ford is a river crossing.

A kind of plan some symbolism in the meaning of that name like someone who can cross over challenges in their life or things like that. so I just like that name Ford due to its positive strong meaning.

4. Luke

Luke is just one of my favorite names. I could totally see us naming our son Luke. I just think it’s so cute and strong and Luke means light giving which I think is a really interesting and positive meaning for a name.

Even though it’s popular, I just have such a draw towards that name. I could totally see us using that than in the feature if blessed with another son.

5. Jason

Jason is a name that is a little bit more common that I heard growing up. However, I haven’t heard a lot these days because you know how names obviously go in trends and I feel like I have not heard this one recently at all.

I just think that is such a cute but strong name because it actually means healer. This would be a beautiful name for a baby boy to have. Just someone who would bring healing because that’s what Jesus did here on this earth. That would be an awesome Christian baby boy name.

6. Reese

This name sounds kind of cool and different and that means ardent or fiery. If you want to have a fiery strong son, then you should name him Reese for that motivation. It will help remind them that they are strong and cool.

7. Ethan

I love the name Ethan because it sounds really soft and cool. Those names may all sound strong but we all want our sons to be strong.

It makes sense that these names that relate to strength are suitable. In fact, Ethan does not only mean strong. It means firm, strong and long-lived which are all obviously incredible meanings for your son.

Biblical Girls Names that are rare with Meanings

I am going to share with you guys some biblical names that I absolutely love and so we’re going to start with the girls today. I’m just sharing a few names that you may like since there are thousands of names out there.

1. Arimathea

Another rare biblical baby girl name that you should look at is Arimathea. Arimathea is actually another place name but I just love the way it flows. Its beauty lies in the way it sounds with ease, simple to remember and dynamic sound.

 Yeah, I absolutely love the name Arimathea and it’s actually just a city of Judea. It was mentioned in the Gospel of Luke I believe where it speaks of Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph is also the blessed guy who donated his tomb to Jesus.

2. Atarah

Atarah is a very unique name I don’t think I’ve met any Atarah before.  This is a very unique baby girl name that is not common. Atarah was actually only mentioned one time in the Bible. The reference is quoted below.

It was mentioned in 1st Chronicles 22-6 and it was under the historical records from whenever they were doing a lineage from Adam to Abraham, and so she was part of it. She was one of the wives in there that was mentioned. The meaning of Atarah is actually crown

Jerahmeel had also another wife, whose name was Atarah; she was the mother of Onam”

. 1st chronicles 226

3. Hadassah

Hadassah is a very nice name for a baby girl that is not common. Those who love vowels will find this name sweet. The vowels relation to names will make you love names that have that have vowels in them.

Hadassah is a name that just rolls off the tongue fluently, easy to remember and not common. Hadassah is the Hebrew name for Esther who was an amazing woman in the Bible.

If you’ve never read the book of Esther, I definitely encourage you to it because it’s a great book to read. However, Haddad said the meaning of Hadassah in Hebrew is a myrtle tree and I just love how that name sounds.

4. Galilee

Another rare baby girl name is Galilee. I absolutely love this name for some reason. Whenever I think of Galilee, I just think of happiness and joy. Galilee is actually a mountainous region in northern Israel and it was where Jesus did a lot of his works with lots of miracles.

The Sea of Galilee is actually where Jesus walked on water. It is definitely a rich and such a cool name for a baby girl. If you are considering this name, feel free to share your thoughts on it.

5. Keturah

Another unique baby girl name that is rare is the name Keturah. This is not a place name but rather the actual name of a woman in the Bible. she was the wife to Abraham after Sarah passed away. Her and Abraham had I believe six children together.

The meaning of Keturah is fragrance and I absolutely love the meaning. I just love the sounding of Keturah with the K at the beginning sounding so nice and warm with a sound that one can relate to easily. It’s a simple name that is not common and one can easily remember it.

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Biblical Baby Names
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