Miracles of Islam: Do Muslims Believe in Miracles?

Miracles of Islam

Yes, Muslims believe in miracles and that is one of the great measures of Allah’s love to man. Allah is most merciful and precious with abundant love in Islam. He can perform miracles when He wishes to as a sign of care for Muslims.

A miracle is an event or occurrence that is way beyond human explanation by either using science or logical reasoning. Miracles are mostly associated with divine agency and caused mostly by supernatural powers.

Muslims consider so many occurrences as a miracle from the revelation of the Holy Qur’an to the prophet Mohammad. It’s a miracle if you look at it this way. Prophet Mohammed was just an illiterate person at the center of the Arabian desert.

Miracles of Islam
Miracles of Islam

It is through a miracle that he was chosen out of nowhere and given the word of the Holy book. Even the most educated on planet earth still follow his word to date. That in its self is a miracle.

According to Muslims, miracles mostly occur when Allah wants to show His sign and existence to human beings.

Miracles are mentioned in The Quran several times. A miracle that happened on the face of the earth since its existence has been vividly mentioned and described as the Holy Quran itself since it has never been changed to date.

Prophet Muhammad’s life was basically on a miracle from the time of his birth, through his childhood until his death.

Muslims also consider Jesus as a miracle, they believe that He was born miraculously without a father while his mother Mary was still a virgin.

Muslims believe that Jesus spoke miraculously while He was still an infant declaring that Allah sent him as a messenger. Muslims teach that Almighty Allah initiates miracles as a sign of the human nation.

Are There Any Miracles in The Quran?

Miracles are mostly mentioned in the Holy Quran as a reminder to the human beings of the existence of supernatural powers, Allah Almighty made such occurrences in order to enlighten the human race and made us understand spirituality better.

Earth movement and revolving on its axis are mentioned clearly in the Quran yet there was no science at the time when it was written. (Quran, 27:88).

Movement of other heavenly bodies on their own orbit making the night and day was also mentioned as one of the miracles in the Quran (Quran, 21:33). 

The above saying from the Quran has made it absolute human imagination that Sun and the Moon are the stationary object. Now with scientific approval, it has become clear to humans that all heavenly bodies and the planet are not stationary.

Quran acknowledges the Miracles of Jesus in the Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:109-115;

“Favors of Allah upon Jesus and the miracles he was given and Disciples of Jesus asked for a Table Spread of food as a miracle”

Al-Ma’idah 5:109-115;

The creation of human has been repeatedly mentioned in the Quran. Human creation from the clay will be a mysterious theory and a Miracle that scientists will never settle for.

Now with scientific approval, it has been beyond doubt made clear that the essential element present in the soil, Calcium, zinc, and iron, also make life in an individual (Quran, 30:20).

This verse from the Quran testifies not only about the creation of being from clay but also shows a masterpiece of Almighty which none by any means can imitate.

In His creation, Allah also mentioned the importance of water component to the living organism (Quran, 21:30). Biology also confirms that human bodies mostly consist of 75-80% of water and life cannot survive without water.

All the above illustration from the movement of heavenly bodies to human creation leads towards the conclusion that the Quran told us these scientific findings in the time when technology never existed. This is truly a fact that Muslims Believe in Miracles.

Do Muslims Believe in Miracles
Do Muslims Believe in Miracles

What Are The Miracles of Islam?

In Islam vast miracles have been mentioned; both before the life of Prophet Muhammad and during his life. Prophet Muhammad himself is given the Quran as a miracle.

Quran is regarded as a complete guide to the Muslim nation which is free from any error. The Holy Quran is the book that is believed to stand for more than 1400 years with northing added or subtracted from it from the time of its revelation.

Quran is known to have a unique eloquence, with a high standard of Arabic language and even among Arab poets, nobody stood a chance to challenge it at the time of its revelation. Almighty challenges them to produce the likeness of the Quran (Quran, 17:89).

The then poets were unable to produce anything close to the Holly Book even after joining forces to challenge the Quran. The challenge was later reduced to lesser chapters but their weakness was finally exposed beyond doubt. This is indeed one of the major Miracles in the Islamic faith.

Prophet Muhammad childhood Miracles

Muhammad’s childhood was full of miracles and blessings. When Muhammad was young and was living among Banu Sa’ad, Allah sent Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) to Prophet Muhammad while he was playing.

Gabriel took him and opened his chest open to take out the heart; he took a clot of blood from it and called that clot share of Shaytaan (Devil).

He then washed Muhammad’s heart with the blessed water of Zamzam and placed it back into the chest.

Another Great Miracle of Islam is the Zamzam well that was shown to Hajar when he was looking for water in the middle of a desert where they were with his mother.

When their infant Ishmael dug the ground using his leg, it was a great Miracle to see water coming out.

Hajar desperately tried controlling the water but it kept flowing out. This is how the name “Zomezome” in Arabic now termed as Zamzam came to be.

Examples of Miracles in Islam

Zamzam water is still regarded as a great Miracle and a blessing among Muslim believers. It is every Muslim wish to have the Zamzam water and to remain under the pure protection of the Almighty Allah and Miracles in their lives.

Splitting of the moon that took place in Makkah when non-believers once challenged him to perform a miracle is one of the miracles that fully remains in history.

When they ask him to split the moon, Allah inspired him to point at the moon; the moon eventually was split into two halves and remained that way for a while.

Non-believers referred to this Miracle in Islam as magic as they could not believe it and thought it as an illusion.

However, the miracle made it clear that Muhammad is no doubt the messenger of Allah.

Muhammad’s prayers were always answered immediately. During a severe drought in Arabia, one of the pastoralists visited Muhammad at the mosques and asked him to pray for the rain.

The prophet raised his hand for prayer, and before he could lower his hand, the cloud gathered and eventually it started raining immediately.

For a period of seven days, it continuously rained. The companion ascertained that they had not seen the sun for that period.

After seven days, the companion asked the prophet to pray for the rain to stop. Once again, He raised his hand, the rain stopped and the sun gradually appeared to spread its brightness on the face of the earth and this is also another Miracle of Prophet Muhamad in Islam that is considered great.

Miracles of Jesus Christ in Islam

Muslims believe that Jesus was born miraculously without a father. They consider him one of the messengers of Allah. Muslims knew the life of Jesus as a miraculous one from the time, he was conceived, to his death.

He Jesus (PBUH) was speaking as an infant, and throughout his adulthood, he performed a lot of miracles in the land with the authority of God. Muslims Believe in Miracles but they make it clear that it is only Allah (SHWT) that does them how and when he wishes to.

Among some of his miracles, they consider Jesus as the one God used to show that He the almighty is a healer. Allah healed lepers and blind among other diseases (Quran 5:10).

Jesus through the blessing of Allah also awakened the dead and walked on the water surface without sinking or holding on to anything.

Muslims believing Jesus as the messenger of Allah made them believe that Allah is most merciful and can perform any kind of miracle.

Muslims believe that Jesus will still come back again and that He will deliver the chosen ones from their sorrows and grief. (Quran 19).

Difference Between Magic and Miracles in Islam

According to the Muslim nation, miracles are widely believed in as disused above in this article. miracles are not the same as magic and Muslims do not believe in magic at all since magic is not from Allah.

A true Muslim should never involve in any acts of magic or believe in them whatsoever. They believe one can only perform a miracle by the permission of Almighty Allah.

God (Allah) can use anyone He desires to perform Miracles just like he used the prophets in the bible. Miracles are a sign that Allah loves his believers and comes to their aid when he needs them the most in Islam.

Magic in Islam is Haram because there is nowhere in the Holy Quran that God performed any magic on anyone or on anything. Magic is believed to be from Satan since it is described as an act of manipulation that is not based on spirituality at all.

Allah is most merciful and wants the best for mankind. He sent prophets to every nation that has inhabited earth to preach and instill His will on us. Prophets were used as a means of delivering the message since they were just mortal human beings like us.

Some of these prophets just like Jesus were used by God to perform Miracles since Allah knew that they will be faced with major challenges from the people who will not believe in their words and may regard them as ‘false Prophets’.   

Muslims believe in Miracles and look at them as one of the major ways that Allah was using to convince His people that He exists. This is one of the best was Allah could show His love for mankind when they were desperate and had no other means.

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Miracles of Islam: Do Muslims Believe in Miracles?
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