How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home

How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home

Learning how to shave your butt hair safely without having itchy buttocks after shaving is very important for anyone with a hairy body.

Apart from simple bum waxing which is not popular, there are other options of shaving hair between the buttocks and getting rid of butt hair as listed below.

Fashion in the modern world is now favoring tight jeans. This is common among both young trendy men and women.

Walking around in tight jeans while having a bushy butt can be really uncomfortable due to the friction involved.

The friction involved causes sweating which then stains your undergarments.

Sometimes, you might leave an embarrassing watery stain on that white leather seat while chatting with friends.

How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home
How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home Using a Razor

It is very important to learn how to shave your butt hair at home. This helps in keeping you clean.

Preparations before shaving your butt at home

Before shaving, it is important to take a hot bath. This helps you to get rid of any bacteria or fungi that may infect the pores left open on the skin while shaving.

However the Hot shower mainly aims at softening the hair and opening up the hair pores to avoid development of ingrown hair after shaving.

This also helps in easy shaving and identifying the direction of hair growth. Knowing the direction of hair growth is important while shaving as discussed below.

You might need the following tools for the task ahead;

  • Shaving Blade
  • A mirror
  • Clean bright towel ( white preferably )
  • Rubbing alcohol to sterilize the new blade or razor
  • Shaving gel or cream
  • Antiseptic
  • After shave cream or gel
  • A styptic pen to stop any bleeding in case you accidentally nick you butt skin

How to shave your butt hair using a razor

Before we begging on the steps, let’s hope that you have already taken a hot shower at this point.

If not, try sitting on a warm bath to soak your butt to allow hair pores on the butt skin to open up.

If you are using a razor, make sure it is sharp and well sterilized to avoid any infections. Using a blunt blade can lead to razor bumps and serious rushes.

  • You will need a shaving cream in case you are manually using a blade.
  • If you are using an electric razor then just pat dry the water after washing and start shaving
  • NOTE: People with sensitive skin that are prone to irritation are always advised to shave along the grain compared to people with less sensitive skin.

Individuals with less sensitive skin can have a close shave against the grains without risking any skin irritation after shaving.

You may classify your skin sensitivity based on past experiences that you always get after shaving.

Once all the above is done, you are now ready to shave with the following simple steps and learn how to shave your butt and butt

1. Leather up the butt hair

Make sure the skin is tout and leather up your butts using a nice gel or shaving cream.

This creates a good environment for shaving and avoids any difficulties and frictions for better and safe aftershave smooth look.

2. Start shaving the butt and butt hole hair

  1. You may stand before a mirror with you but facing it to avoid straining you neck and back while trying to see you buttocks
  2. Also consider position a small hand mirror at an angle that will make your butt crack is visible since you don’t want to miss on anything.

Put the hand mirror facing up on the floor then squat above the mirror to enhance the view of your butt.

This will help you to avoid cutting your skin and also give a good result after shaving

  • Gently grab and hold the butt cheek to easily gain access and reach the butt and to avoid folded skin. This will minimize any cutting risks may occur
  • In case your butt is too hairy, consider trimming the over grown hair to a low level near the skin before starting to clear off everything
  • Gently and lightly press the sterilized clean and sharp razor against the skin making sure that u shave in the direction that the hair is growing
  • At this point, try and concentrate on the gentleness of the hair and ensure you rinse the razor blade with cold water after every few shaving strokes.

This helps in removing and dislodging any stuck hairs on the blade that may end up blocking the open pores on the skin surface.  

  • If you notice the but hair too soft, u may go ahead and clear everything at a go with every gentle stoke
  • If the hair is still tough, you may do the first stroke as near the skin as possible and repeat another stroke towards the opposite direction to clear the remaining hair
  • Rinse off the shaved area with cold water and pat dry with a clean bright towel (use a white towel if possible). Avoid rubbing the towel on the newly shaved delicate butt surface
  • Make sure you check the towel for any blood stains. This is an easy way to know if you may have cut your butt skin and treat it as a slight cut. You may use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding.
  • If all is well and you are not treating any slight cuts, apply an after shave cream or body powder to close up the pores and to keep away itching and rushes.

Other methods of removing hair from the butt, bum crack

Thanks to the modern day techniques, there are other ways of eliminating or removing butt hair apart from manually shaving using a razor.

Waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis are some of the modern techniques commonly used.

These are some of the advanced methods of completely removing hair and are used in targeting long term measures.

1. Waxing as a way of shaving you bum or Butt

Waxing especially on the bum or buttocks and butt s are good because the hair is removed from the roots and takes time to grow back.

You may buy a waxing kit and use at home but it is important to get assistance from a professional aesthetician who has done waxing over the years and has good experience and expertise at it.

The following simple steps are used by the experts in removing butt hair.

  1. Take a hot shower and completely dry the body with a clean towel
  2. Check the direction the hair is growing towards before applying the wax
  3. Apply the wax on the butt skin and place clean piece of cloth on it
  4. Gently press the cloth a few times on the butt skin for the wax to bond with the skin
  5. Quickly and very steadily remove the wax strip in the opposite direction of the growing hair (against the grains)
  6. Gently apply an after shave to close up the pores. This is important because it prevents rushes and any bacterial infections on the open pores.

2. Laser hair removal

According to, laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair using an intense beam of light.

The laser penetrates the skin and completely eliminates the hair follicle thus preventing any future hair growth.

This process is involving and is expensive due to the fact that several aftercare treatments may be involved.

Most people don’t want to spend so much time on this unless they have very important reasons.    

3. Electrolysis can also be used to eliminate hair from the skin

Electrolysis involves the use of electric currents to burn skin hair right at their roots with the aid of a needle that is inserted in the hair follicle.

What makes the whole procedure involving is the fact that each hair follicle is burned individually.

As much as electrolysis provides a more permanent result compared to shaving and waxing, it is very expensive, involving, and very tiresome.

It is also highly advisable to seek advanced medical experts to perform this procedure.

How to care for shaved butt

Naturally, every hair on the body has its unique and adaptive function.

They do not just grow for no reason. When you have hairy buttocks, the skin on the butt is used to being protected by this hair.

It is important to note that shaving this hair might make the skin react either negatively or positively.  

Taking good care of the butt after shaving can help in avoiding any negative reactions like dry skin on the butt, after razor bumps or rushes.

1. Use of antiseptics

It is important to make use of antiseptics to close up the open pores and to get rid of any bacteria that might affect them.

Antiseptics also help in reducing the chances of skin irritation.

2. Use of Body powder

Naturally, the skin is used to the hair on it and the pores are left open after shaving.

The body power can play a great role in ventilating the open pores and keep the skin smooth, relatively dry and fresh.

This in turn helps in avoiding any infections on the open pores or any rushes. Try and use the body powder frequently for improved comfort on your buttocks after shaving.

3. Exfoliation

This is the process of removing any dead skin cells that lay on the skin.

A few weeks after shaving your buttocks, the hair may start to grow. Exfoliation will help in avoiding any ingrown hair on the butt skin.

Exfoliation helps a lot during hair growth by lifting any hidden hair under the dead skin cells making them easier to remove and allowing easy growth for the new hair that is growing on the butt.

Exfoliation after every few days especially when the hair has started growing will give better results.

4. Hydrate the butt skin

This helps in keeping the sensitive skin from being dry. The butt skin is not normally exposed so you may want to keep it fairly moist.

You may use babbly oil after baths or any recommended moisturizing gels or creams provided your skin does not react to them.

5. Wear loose clothing

Immediately after shaving the butt, it is important to use loose clothing.

This allows good natural air circulation on the shaved pores and helps in keeping them fairly dry and from sweating.

Sweat can seriously irritate the fresh pores and we can all bet that we do not want to scratch our buts every time in public.

Importance of keeping a shaved bum or butt

Keeping a shaved but has many advantages to it compared to un-shaved but.

Muslims are also advised to do this because they cannot pray with any traces of human waste on your body in Islam.

Having a hairy but can easily trap your stools and they will remain there.

Any form of stool is considered to be unclean in Islam and your prayers may not be valid if you have human waste on you.

Christians also believe that physical cleanliness makes you closer to God. This is why the church and places of worship should always be clean.

This is why almost all religions will always ensure that the place of worship including your body is clean and free from any stool or dirt.

Ranging from hygiene to fashion, people keep shaved bums and butts for different purposes.

Maintains clean stainless and dry undergarments. Stuffy and sweaty undergarments can be a serious turn off to sexual partners.

  • Helps in avoiding any suitable moist environment for bacterial or fungal infections on the butt, bum and groin area.
  • Enhances sensitivity on the touch during sex. For partners who indulge in anal sex and homosexuals, shaved but boosts their stimulations and improves their hygiene and sexual health.
  • During sports or while working on heavy physical duties, unshaved but can be a public embarrassment. The friction between the hair and the buttocks will produce excessive sweat that wets the pants.

This can be extreme in some cases to a point of being visible on the outside pants on the butt area.

The salty sweat can also soak on the skin and can result in sores on the butt.

The hair on the butt crack traps solid waste living one with a very disturbing and a bad smell even after using a toilet paper.

Shaving a bushy and hairy bum crack helps in avoiding such situations.

Normal Tattoo Scabbing, Cracking, Peeling & Falling Off

Tattoo Scabbing Causes, Care & Healing Stages

Tattoo scabbing is a normal step in the healing stages and is also considered to be a good sign that everything is fine.

When the skin is tattooed, it causes minor injuries after which a scab is normally formed in the healing process.

So the question here should be, what is the difference between normal and bad tattoo scabbing?

In this article, we will discuss all these questions plus what to do when your tattoo is scabbing during the healing stages.

Tattoo scabs are always crumbly, crusty coagulations of plasma or blood.

Large tattoos tend to have excessive scabbing compared to smaller ones.

A scab is a good sign in any healing process since it provides a protective layer from foreign infections and substances during healing.

When a tattoo is made on the skin, the skin is somehow pricked and normal tattoo scabbing is expected to form over it.

Picking at the scabs is not good since it causes fading of the color and peeling at the edges of the scab.

The Role of Normal Tattoo Scabbing

Scabs help in protecting the tattooed area from any bacterial infection as the white blood cells under it helps in healing and repairing the new skin under it.

The density and size of the scab varies in individuals and this is what determines the tattoo healing duration.

Scabs for on any scratched surface of the skin and this is very okay. You should always let those tattoo scabs fall of on their own.

Avoid plucking or scratching the scabs because this will only make the healing process difficult.

Tattoo Scabbing Causes, Care & Healing Stages
Tattoo Scabbing Causes, Care & Healing Stages

Removing those scabs can also destroy the original tattoo because it will not heal as intended.

Causes of tattoo scabbing

Keeping the tattoo clean will help in getting rid of natural body fluids that dry up to form and promote scabbing.

Unwanted body fluids like sweat and accumulated blood are some of the major causes of scabs on tattoos. 

  1. Tattoos tend to produce a yellowish fluid called plasma which dries up to form scabs
  2. Cleaning plasma using an anti-bacterial wash and letting it to air dry can help in avoiding scab formation.
  3. After a week or less, unclean means bad tattoo scabbing
  4. Washing the new tattoo gently and ensuring that is moisturized very well will help in avoiding tattoo scabs
  5. Peeling tattoos can cause bad scabbing and it is advisable to let them fall off naturally. Natural scab falling is always guaranteed in many cases
  6. Dry skin causes the tattoo to crack. Scabbing then starts along the cracks which are not a good thing in the healing process since it causes irregularities on the healing surface
  7. Washing any accumulated blood and perspiration fluids on the fresh tattoo helps in avoiding scabbing since these are some of the main causes of early scabbing on tattoos
  8. Using recommended ointments to keep the tattoo moisturized is a good idea since a dry tattoo is should be avoided.
  9. Dryness can end up ruining the whole effort.
  10. Vitamin A and D are good in the healing process and ointments with this content are highly recommended

How to Take Care of Tattoo Scabs

A good artist should always give immediate care guides after the tattoo is done and should create awareness of scabbing and what to do to avoid any bad results.

However, there are minimum and standard tattoo after care. In this case, Scabbing should be well cared.

If ignored, the whole tattoo can be damaged in the process and serious infections may be experienced. Below are some few tattoos aftercare and scabbing tips.

1. Bandaging a fresh tattoo

Immediately after the tattoo is done, it should be carefully bandaged.

This should be just long enough and temporary for the skin to create a protective translucent film layer over it. 

Taking good care of this first layer can help in avoiding scabbing completely.

2. Swimming and long baths with a tattoo scab

Over-Soaking a scabbing tattoo should be avoided. This mostly happens when swimming or having a long bath and can cause the scab to fall of prematurely. This makes the healing process longer.

3. Picking, Scratching or Pulling off tattoo scabs

Avoid scratching, picking, or pulling off the natural tattoo scabs.  Once the scabs have been formed they Scabs tend to fall off naturally after several weeks of formation.

When you pluck a scab on the tattoo before it dries up, a new scab will be formed again in that area and this will make the healing time become longer than expected.

Pulling of tattoo scabs and why should this be avoided at all cost?

When scabs are prematurely pulled off, it can result in any of the following serious consequences: –

  1. Removing ink on the tattoo and living an ugly inkless scar on the final result might happen.
  2. A new scar will form which is not a good thing.
  3. When a new scab replaces another, the link below might be altered in the healing due to differences in exposure duration.
  4. Pulling a scab may cause tattoo infection to the exposed area which is the last thing you want.
  5. A scar can also form on the affected. Tattoo scars can damage the final desired look.
  6.  When a scab is pulled, the ink bellow it can be leaked out ant this can cause serious defects on the final tattoo. In some cases, it might not be repaired to its original state.

4. Soaking heavy tattoo scabs

Soaking is only advisable to patients with very huge scabs on their tattoos since tattoo scabs and size vary in different patients.

Large, mountainous multi-layered crusty tattoo scabs are not normal and occurs when the plasma at the weeping stage is not thoroughly washed or cleaned.

Heavy scabs also occur as a result of the artist overworking one area of the tattoo.

Soaking heavy tattoo scabs should be done as follows: –

  1. Run warm water over the scab for about 5-10 minutes maximum. This allows the thick scab to absorb the water.
  2. Use a clean dry towel to gently pat on the scab with the purpose of drying it.
  3. Alternatively, put a clean towel in warm bath water and place it over the tattoo for a few minutes
  4. This is to help in shrinking and peeling of the massive or excessive crust.
  5. Be careful not to over soak since it might damage the tattoo.
  6. The scabs might feel dry and maybe develop cracks.
  7. In this case, gently apply an aftercare cream in small amounts to keep it moist.
  8. Use a damp sterilized towel or washcloth to clean any excess creams.

5. Dressing

Putting on tight clothes is not advisable during scabbing as it may rub off the scab layers due to friction from movement.

This causes premature falling off of tattoo scabs. When scabs form under tight clothes, they might end up being pulled off together with the cloth.

It is advisable to but on loos clothes over the tattooed arrears to avoid this.

6. Colored scabs that smell

Scabs can also help in identified infected tattoos which is very important.

When a scab is filled with yellow or green fluid and produces a bad smell, it is definitely a sign of an infected tattoo.

It is important to seek medical attention and the advice of the artist who made the tattoo for medication and advice.

7. Keep the scab moisturized

The fresh plasma discharge forms the first crusty layer which is a scab on the new tattoo.

It is important to keep this scab moisturized since when it dries up, it cracks and splits open. This may cause re-scabbing which is not good for any tattoo.

Try and use moisturizers that are not scented to avoid any reaction with your body. Just ensure that the tattoo is not over moisturized and seek help f you are not sure.

Avoid using petroleum jelly or lanolin products as this may clog the pores and affect the healing process.

8. Aloe Vera as a natural home remedy for scabbing and scaring tattoos

The Aloe Vera plant is known for its soothing, healing and rejuvenating natural abilities.

It can be used to heal the edges of a peeling scab and also in scarring tattoos.

  1. Cut a fresh Aloe Vera plant to extract the juice.
  2. Clean the affected area and gently apply the juice directly by squeezing the aloe juice on the affected area. Be careful not to scratch.
  3. Let it stay for about 10 t0 20 minutes then gently rinse off.
  4. Repeat regularly for great results.

9. Apple cider vinegar natural home remedy for stubborn scabs

Apple cider vinegar gets rids of scars by improving cell growth and maintaining a proper PH balance. The following simple steps can be followed for great results.

  1. Get 5ml of apple cider vinegar and mix with 50ml water
  2. Clean the affected area and gently apply using a cotton ball.
  3. Let it settle for a bout 20-30 minutes
  4. Using lukewarm water, gently rinse it off.
  5. Repeat this steps for great results. Remember it is important not to soak the tattoo so it is important to space out the process.

8. Lemon Juice as a natural home remedy for removing scabs

Lemon contains hydroxyl acid (AHA) which helps in removing dead skin cells. It also aids the growing of new cells and improves the skin elasticity.

Lemon juice also acts as a natural bleaching agent that is gentle on the skin and is useful in lightening an ugly scar. Below are a few steps on how to use it on scars:-

  1. Wash the scab with a natural chemical-free soap.
  2. Blend or squeeze a few lemons to extract the fresh juice contents.
  3. Using a cotton ball, gently apply the juice on the scab and around it.
  4. Gently rinse off with warm water after 10-15 minutes
  5. Repeat this occasionally and keep it in mind that we don’t want to soak our scab in the proses. Space out the process well. 

Questions and answers on tattoo Scabbing

When the scabs finish their intended purpose and all is okay under them, they naturally fall off and the new healed skin with the new tattoo is finally exposed.

Below, let’s discuss a few questions that are always asked about tattoo scabbing.

1. How long does a tattoo scab last?

Once the tattoo is done, it scabs almost immediately after weeping has begun.

Once the scab is formed, it may take a week. In cases of infection of heavy layers of scabbing, it may last for two weeks or up to a month.

However, this depends on an individual’s nature of the tattoo. Tattoos vary in sizes and any tattoo scabbing will also depend on how deep the tattoo was punched on the skin.

It is advisable to use a professional tattoo artist and to take good care of the tattoo scab for it to fall off really quick.

A poor tattoo artist will leave you will ugly and very thick scabs on the tattoo.

2. Do all tattoos scab?

Not all tattoos will scab over uniformly. Scabs on tattoo also vary on how you take care of the fresh tattoo.

Always note that good and well nursing of any tattoo will determine the number of scabs that you will have on the tattoo.

3. Is it normal for a tattoo to scab?

Yes, it is normal for a tattoo to scab just like any damaged skin. It is therefore advisable to let it naturally fall off while u take care of it.

Sometimes, the tattoo scabs may look ugly but just learn to let them be because they will eventually fall off.

4. Why is my skin peeling while scabbing?

It is okay for scabs to peel when they are on their final healing phase.

The ink stuck in the top skin layer will have to come off and the area may start to peel in most cases.

The scabs pull the skin as it forms thus the tightened arrears may also start to peel.

Moisturizing ointments can help with the peeling and they should not be pulled off.

5. What is the relation of tattoo scaring and scabbing?

The reason for tattoo scaring and scabbing is mostly determined by how your tattoo artist will dig into the skin while making the tattoo.

This why you should always look for experienced tattoo artists in your area.

Poor after care of your tattoo can also be a major cause of tattoo scars while it is scabbing.

Scaring can also result from poor art done by a non-professional artist.

6. Can spoilt tattoo from scabbing be removed?

Yes, tattoo removal is very possible and in most cases, tattoos are removed after they have completely healed.

Professionals will use tattoo lesser removal and this is very expensive prose.

However, in some cases complete removal may be impossible depending on the artwork but visibility can be greatly reduced almost to zero.

Can You Avoid Scabs on Tattoos?

Yes, tattoo scabbing can be completely avoided. When the artist is done drawing the tattoo, they will always bandage it to keep of any foreign and external bacterial infection.

Following simple steps listed below can help in completely keeping away the scabs.

  1. Gently get rid of the bandage and leave the tattoo open for fresh air. This should be for about 30 minutes.
  2. Using a natural soap, make a soft leather using water on your hands and gently wash the tattoo using the soap.
  3. Try not to use washcloths or a brush with touch bristles as they will cause bad tattoo scabbing.
  4. Natural soaps or antibacterial foam are recommended since they have fewer chemicals that may react with the new sensitive tattoo resulting in infections.
  5. Run warm birth water over the foam to rinse it off and ensure you are gentle on it till the natural body fluids are all washed off from the tattoo.
  6. Let the tattoo air dry naturally from about 40 to 60 minutes away from dust and definitely NOT in the sun. Do not use any towel or cloth over it as this area is very sensitive at this point.
  7. Be careful not to let it over dry since this can cause cracking on the tattoo surface.  After it is dry, apply a reasonable amount of tattoo aftercare cream. Do not over apply the cream just a small reasonable amount over the surface is okay.
  8. Finally, keep the tattoo clean and try your best to avoid contact with external or foreign materials. This is one of the best ways to ensure tattoos heal without scabs on them.  

Tattoo healing stages

Healing process normally lasts for about three to four weeks but it depends on the size and nature of the tattoo.

Basically There are three healing stages: –

1. Stage one is the tattoo Weeping Stage

In this stage, the tattoo is considered to be a fresh open wound and is very delicate.

It discharges a clear fluid called plasma. Any excess ink that is used is also discharged at this first stage.

Any professional tattoo artist will place a bandage on the tattoo to cover it from any foreign materials that may damage or infect the fresh tattoo.

The bandage lasts over the tattoo up to a day and should be changed from time to time to avoid unwanted perspiration over the wound.

The tattoo cover should also be changed to eliminate any chances of getting stuck on the fresh tattoo.

At this stage, it is normal to experience a little red tingling and maybe swelling and this is an early sign of tattoo scabbing.

Any normal tattoo scabbing starts in this stage and they should be left alone.

Cleaning the area at this stage is advisable to keep it clean. Take care of the scabs as advised in this article under the heading- how to take care of scabbing tattoos.

At this stage, Pain killers can be used to reduce the pain. This stage is expected to last for about a week.

2. Itching and peeling of the tattoo is the second phase

In this stage, the skin tends to bind and pull together as it heals. The tattoo becomes itchy and gives an urge to scratch.

Avoid scratching it all costs since this might peel of the well-formed scabs at this stage.

The scabs may start naturally falling off at this stage to finally reveal the brand new tattoo beneath which is a good sign of healing.

Most people experience skin peeling around the tattooed areas at this stage due to the dry scabbed taboos.

It is good to avoid peeling the skin, applying moisturizer is a good idea. This stage lasts for about one to two weeks.

3. Tattoo scabs falling off is the final phase

This is the final phase and it is always a good sign to see the scabs on tattoos peeling and falling off in small bits.

You may also note a difference in the tattoo appearance but that us fine since these are just brown or black dead skin that are still laying over the tattoo.

Ensure that the tattoo is well moisturized so that the scabs and dead skin over the tattoo can fall off by themselves. 

It is okay to see black or brown spots on fresh tattoo because they are simply dead skin layers that will shade off overtime.

Never peel off the scabs on tattoo because you may damage the tattoo if any bleeding or would is caused by the peeling.

Tattoos are delicate and they will also depend on your background because, in some religions, it is a sin to have a tattoo.

Tattoos are permanent and you may also want to really understand the meaning of whatever you want to put on your skin.

Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure & Stress

5 Steps for Staying Calm Under Pressure and Stress

The first tip on how to stay calm under pressure and stress is to control negative thoughts. Replace them with positive ones and remain in charge of how you think. Never let your thoughts rule if you really want to stay calm in any stressful situation.

You need to tame that inner voice to achieve mental stability and peace. Mind control is a basic skill that you should learn if you really want to survive in these hard times.

You have to be in control of how you think and what you are thinking about. You need to filter those little random inner voice that will always throw you off balance.

5 Steps for Staying Calm Under Pressure and Stress
5 Steps for Staying Calm Under Pressure and Stress

5 Steps on How to Stay Calm & Positive Under Pressure

The ability to remain calm under pressure is a massive indicator of success. If right now you are having tons of chaos in your life as well as uncertainty, it is important that you learn how to stay calm under pressure and stress.

This is because if you can remain calm and still take action to guess what, you’re going to have a one fulfilling life. Every journey of a high achiever and high performer is full of uncertainties and chaos.

1. Having a Positive Mindset To Stay Calm Under Pressure

Successful people stay calm in that they presuppose they’re positive. This means that our unconscious mind is often asking questions that are negatively oriented. This are questions such as;

  1. Why can’t I do this
  2. Why am I so stressed?
  3. Why do I feel so terrible right now?
  4. Why am I procrastinating
  5. Why did I fail among other negative questions?

When you’re asking these questions, your subconscious will find a way of answering them. It will go overboard in pulling negative answers that will make you go on a worry rampage.

It’s important that you prepare and learn to counter these negative questions that you ask in your subconscious mind. You’ve got to be asking yourself positively oriented questions such as;

  1. How can I most easily get this done?
  2. How can I get over this?
  3. Who can help me solve this situation
  4. I’m going to succeed in solving this

You will now see how your subconscious begins to answer this question and thus you have to become a master of these negative questions in your subconscious mind.

2. Power of Breathing to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Focusing on breathing as a means of meditation can help you stay calm under stressful situations both physically and psychologically.  When we’re walking down the road or doing anything, we are never conscious of how we breathe.

When we are stressed in most cases, we never focus and realize that we are breathing too fast.

This is because the heart is also pumping fast. This is to supply more energy around the body and the brain. This helps to produce enough energy for the stress and pressure we have been subjected to.

When breathing, just try to take a deep breath in right and out. This will help you just relax and focus on your breathing alone.

Just breathe like you normally do but let that be all you are thinking about. This will really help you stay calm under pressure.  

Deep breaths are important because research has proven that shallow breathing alone just makes you feel more overwhelmed and more stressed. This is why shallow breathing will not be serving the relief you need at any level.

Whenever you feel stressed and under pressure, just try to take a deep breath in and out at intervals that you are comfortable with until you calm down.

Meditate on your normal breath also if need be. Just do something that allows you to focus on breathing.

3. Get Enough Sleep When You Are Under Pressure

Extra resting and even if possible, consider having some sleep during the day just to relax. It’s a common saying that somebody who’s successful doesn’t sleep.

However, if you take for example the vast majority of successful people, you’ve realized they know how to rejuvenate very well.

Just like how a racing car needs that pit stop before it goes back out on the racing track and gives it’s all, successful people realize they too need their restful sleep. This will help when they are back on the field and hustling hard.

It’s all about getting the restful sleep because your body needs fresh energy to solve any stressful pressure that you are having.

You need at least a minimum of seven hours a day especially when you are pressured. Just get the sleep that you need for better results.

4. Limit Caffeine Intake

Successful people will always limit caffeine because if you’re somebody who’s normally stressed with high anxiety, coffee will do you more harm than good.

The last thing you need is caffeine in your system because any substance that basically activates the fight-or-flight response will defiantly flare up your worrying ability.

You need to be calm in this case and coffee will not make you calm. This means that it naturally makes you more stressed because you will be active and even dwelling more on your problem.

That’s the last thing you need and this is why calm people limit the amount of caffeine intake, green tea and any other drinks that you know contain caffeine.

Limit it because it doesn’t help you especially if you are somebody who is naturally prone to high-stress levels. You know different people react in different ways when subjected to stress and what works for me may not work for you.

So you have to know what is best for you and as long as it will make you calm and not harm you in any way, go for it.

5. Be Grateful

How to stay calm will also be achieved if you are grateful and appreciate what you have around you. Don’t let one situation make you forget every good thing that you have in life.

Sometimes when our life is hectic and there’s chaos around us, we don’t take enough time to stop and reflect in regards to what we’re really grateful for.

If you can’t think of anything right now be grateful for, the fact that you’re even here reading this is enough proof that you want to stay alive.

There are people who have been in your situation but they never pulled through because they did not have the strength like you to fight and look for solutions like you are doing now.

I remain positive that after you are done reading this, there will be a positive impact in your life.

There is a great saying that goes like this, “the strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil but they grow in the strongest winds.”

Whenever the winds of life come with pressure and stress in life, you need to know that staying positive and strong is the difference between you and the dead.

Troubles are there to make you stronger, take your challenge, think positively, and always know that everyone will always have a challenge that they can overcome.

It is what it is when it comes to this and somehow always have it in your mind that you can overcome any challenge you are facing in life. Plant your flag pole into the ground and really know what you stand for.

Be grateful for the fact that you’re even living in this day and age and smile even in the midst of your difficult moments. Positive energy will attract positive thinks and good luck in your life.

Why Is It Important to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

It is important to stay calm under stress and pressure because being worried simply means that your mind is not settled.

This directly translates to a disaster in everything that you do in that state. You will make the wrong decision and even make the situation worse and complicated.

The importance of being calm is tied to making the situation that is stressing you with pressure go away. When you are calm, you will think straight. Anybody that is not calm can never think straight and will even be in more trouble.

When traditional hunters and gatherers used to look for wild animals in the past for food, they involved the scare tactic to get hold of those animals in many cases. When any animal panics, it runs without any calculated move and that’s their major sickness.

Being stressed and solving any issue under pressure will only make you run like a wild animal without calculated steps.

You end up messing up even more and hurting other people around you. Learn to calm down and if you are poor at it, just find time to train yourself with the tips given in this article.

Staying calm under pressure will give you peace and help you solve any terrible situation in a proper effective way without hurting anyone or causing more trouble to yourself.

If you are married, learning how to stay calm under pressure is important because it will help a lot in seeing your marriage last.

It will help you maintain a good relationship with your partner and creating a better understanding when there is a problem.

It is important to learn how to stay calm under pressure because life will never be smooth unless you are dead.

As long as you are alive, you have to deal with challenges in day to day life. Learn to know that tough times will always vanish just like they came but a strong calm individual will sail through.

Staying Calm Under Pressure in Religion

Learn how to use whatever religion you are in to stay calm under pressure to your advantage.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or any other religion. All religions have a form of giving someone hope in their hard times.

Having studied across different religious platforms, I can say that every religion has a form of meditational and mind control form that is supposed to see you through any hard time in your life.

Here are some tips that can help in keeping you calm when you are stressed and under pressure;

  1. Go to the Church, Mosque, Temple or sacred place of worship
  2. Read through the word of God and focus
  3. Get encouraging verses and quotes from your religious books
  4. If possible, find a friend and go pray together and find Hope in God

1. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Christianity

Staying calm under pressure should be very simple to learn and practice if you are a Christian that follows the word of God. Christianity teaches that those who do not hold on to the Lord in times of trouble will always be shaken like a leaf.

The Lord or God has given us the power, love, and sound mind. according to the Bible, God has not given us the spirit of fear.

If you put your trust in the Lord, you will always mount up like an eagle and fly up above any situation that is giving you pressure in life.

The Bible also says that those who learn to wait for God’s time just like an eagle waits to attack its pray will never be troubled.

They that learn to stay calm under pressure and stress while putting their trust in God shall walk but never fail, Hallelujah.

If you are a Christian and you are troubled, think about Moses in the bible, he was under pressure from the Egyptians who wanted to finish His people. They had nothing and their only hope was in God in heaven.

Moses called for the Lord’s help at the last minute when everything was collapsing. He had faith and any Christian should always have that faith because faith will help you stay calm under pressure because you know God is in control.

The fact that God came through for mosses is enough proof that God will come through in your situation because we also serve the God of Moses. Just learn how to pray the right way and never be troubled in any situation that you face in life.

Learn to stay calm in the Lord and have faith that God’s time is the best. You may not like the situation that you are facing but just know that God has a reason for everything and He works in different ways. He’s our Father in heaven and he will come through at the right time.  

Prayers can change your situation and all you need to do is to believe in God and hold on.

The Lord is like a strong tower that all the righteous run to and they are saved. Just run to God in prays, stay calm and you will be saved from your stress and pressure.

While at it, also remember that God tells us that faith without action is as good as dead.

You cannot Lock yourself up in a room with your little children and pray while there is a fire in the same room. You have to take action and move them to safety.

Thank God that you have the strength to move them to safety. In any situation, learning how to stay calm while trusting in God will always help you think straight and solve the issue in a proper way. You have to act while calm in the Lord and you will be fine.

2. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Islam

Any true Muslim believer should know that Allah comes first in anything that they do.

A Muslim is taught to put prayers ahead in everything and he or she is required to pray five times a day. This alone should make a Muslim calm under pressure and any stressful situation.

There is a small expression from the Quran that is an insight into depression and sadness. A Muslim should never feel weak or be weakened and if that happens, just know that your faith in Islam is also weak.

When you are in a situation whereby no matter what you do, things aren’t changing or getting better and your best attempts have failed. It is kay that you will definitely feel incapable of succeeding.

However, when a Muslim starts settling in like oh my efforts have failed or I have not been able to accomplish this or that, then the next phase will be definitely followed by failure.

Allah (SWTL) is a constant and you should know that you never lost Allah, the one treasure that you will always have holding your hand through any trouble as a Muslim.

3. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Hinduism

Hindus always teach about learning to concentrate on mantras and cultivating an attitude to stay in the present.

If a Hindu learns the secret behind concentration during chakra healing and building with the use of mantra concentration, then he or she can always stay calm under pressure or stress.

One of the major techniques in Hindu healing is the ability to control your mind. Staying calm is also directly related to mind control and focus.

Therefore, those that can meditate and even build their chakras in Hinduism can definitely stay calm under any stressful pressure of life.

Dangers of Masturbation In Your Life

Effects and Dangers of Masturbation

Prolonged and daily masturbation can have harmful side effects on both men and women. Dangers of masturbation include serious addiction and poor sexual relationships among married couples.

Masturbating in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or any other religion is against marriage which is a gift from God. This is why almost all religions don’t encourage this act since it may interfere with human productivity.  

Even though it’s a subject that is normally not discussed in daylight, many people indulge in self-pleasure privately including religious people. It’s important to know the dangers of masturbation in your life.

Effects and Dangers of Masturbation
Effects and Dangers of Masturbation

Masturbation Effects on Faith and Religion

Marriage is a gift in all religions and should be strong in all aspects including intercourse which is important in making children. We all know what happens when you cannot have children so we should avoid anything that can compromise that.

Yes, cases of broken marriages and divorce because of self-pleasure are on the rice around the world. Children are the fruits of any successful marriage in religion and masturbation in religion can ruin this. Low sperm count because of masturbation’s negative effects on life.   

  • Masturbation is the act of genital self-stimulation done by either men or women with the aim of getting orgasm without meeting the opposite sex physically. This definition in itself is a danger to your faith and religion.

Research has proven that sixty-five percent of adolescents and adults take part in regular masturbation thus this is a subject that any religion should never ignore in general.  

Masturbation will definitely cause you to lust after women even on the road and anywhere around you and this is not good for your soul and religion. Lust is a sin before God and self-pleasure will exposer you to sin all the time.

Even though the attitude held by many people towards the dangers of masturbation varies a lot, there has been no scientific evidence collected so far, to show that masturbation can harm you emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

Many young people claim that masturbation gives them a chance a platform to explore sexual life in private, before practicing it in real life and this in its self is forbidden in any religion and faith.

Some even claim that self-pleasure is the best and safe way to protect themselves from getting sexually transmitted diseases while others claim that they satisfy their desires without indulging in sex before marriage which is not allowed in religion.

Dangers of Masturbation in Men

It is so easy for a man to get addicted to masturbation than a lady since in men, it is more of physical activity compared to women. Effects of masturbation in a man’s life can be so bad that it gets to a point where you run out of sperms.

Low Sperm Count

One of the greatest dangers for a man is that even if you will have sperms, masturbation will make you have a weak and low sperm count to an extent that you will not be able to make a woman pregnant.

It is a fact that the life of a man depends on his environment, emotional reaction, and hormonal factors. Constant masturbation can make a man have less attraction to women this affecting his entire life negatively.

1. Constant Exhaustion and Laziness

Another great danger of masturbation in a man’s life is constant exhaustion and drowsiness. After ejaculating, you will find yourself going to sleep most of the time and doing this all the time after addiction will render a man useless in all aspects.

Additionally, your body will also become weak, as the calcium and the proteins will be drained from your body.

2. Excess loss of proteins in the body

When a man masturbates, the body releases some seminal fluids. The fluids contain proteins, which are essential for cell formation, as well as the performance of many metabolic activities.

Proteins are important in building a healthy body and constant ejaculation depletes them. You may, therefore, find yourself becoming lean, and this in the process distracts the formation of muscles in the body.

Men that are addicted to self-pleasure will also tend to lose hair since their body keeps losing lots of nutrients that are needed for hair growth. This is the major cause of rapid baldness among men who are addicted to masturbation.   

As such, it is recommended that couples trying to start a family desist from masturbation, as it may prove to be counterproductive.

3. The Peyronies Disease

Effects & Dangers of Masturbation in Men also include the Peyronies disease. This disease is caused by aggressive manipulation that involves twisting or bending of the penis and inversion during the adolescent phase.

This can result in a benign tumor that is localized thus leading to the distortion of the penile appearance.

It has also been observed that masturbation can reduce sensitivity in the man’s penis. When looking at the Masturbation Effects in life, some of the side effects that have been recorded included:

  • soreness or tiredness as a result of repeated masturbation. This has been known to make constant masturbation self-limiting.
  • Additionally, it has been noted that the volume of the ejaculate is reduced temporarily after the man has had multiple ejaculations.

Researchers looking into dangers of masturbation and its effects in life however found out that the normal semen levels are regained within a day or two depending on a man’s diet but constant ejaculation can cause them to below.

People who come from a religious or socially conservative background have been known to experience guilt feelings during or after the masturbation exercise.

4. Prostate Cancer

It has been revealed that men who masturbate on a frequent basis are at risk of developing prostate cancer.

“It was established that men who masturbated a lot in their early twenties, had a thirty-four percent chance of developing prostate cancer by the time they got to their sixties”

According to the University of Nottingham,

Dangers and Effects of Masturbation in Women

While looking at the masturbation effects in life, it is only fair to have a look at the kind of side effects that regular masturbation can have on the female body.

  • Firstly, it is vital to note that habitual masturbation does not imply that the woman doing it is a sexual addict.

Women with high sex drive often feel more aroused as compared to other women and that is something natural that cannot be controlled.

 It is specifically common among younger women based on environmental cues, visual entertainment, internet, and hormonal changes that happen to be quite high.

Female Dangers of Masturbation
Female Dangers of Masturbation

1. Female masturbation and sexual fatigue

Dangers of masturbation in women also include exhaustion. This is a situation where the constant and vigorous rubbing of the clitoris will lead to raptures, blisters, and reduction insensitivity.

This will affect your marriage as a woman since your husband may think that you are not interested in him while you are having health issues that he cannot understand. The best thing to do is to avoid masturbation as a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu at all costs.

Severe exhaustion can lead to abrasions occurring on your genitals that may cause excruciating pain during matrimonial intercourse. Abstaining from this practice will enable your body to recover from the exhaustion.

2. Always feeling tired with low moods

Dangers of masturbation in your life can also have negative effects on your mitochondria. Experiencing fatigue is normal in anyone after intercourse and it is obvious that one may be tired after.

However, if severe fatigue is not attributed to physical exhaustion, or does not follow your masturbation session, this can be a symptom of mitochondria fatigue.

It is a form of the chronic exhaustion that is not linked to the diminishing functions of your mitochondria (mitochondria are the microscopic structures, which assist in producing energy in the cells that are inside your body).

As such, you will find that excessive masturbation may contribute to mitochondria fatigue, and this may cause tiredness that is greater than normal after you experience an orgasm.

3. Negative change of personality

People who masturbate on a frequent basis may experience irritability and mood swings arising from the mitochondria fatigue, and this can only be relieved by masturbating.

Obviously, there is a chance that this will lead to a cycle that is both debilitating and frustrating, as it is loaded with sexual tension, release, and exhaustion (physical).

  • When it is in its most severe form, this kind of fatigue will lead to the emergence of symptoms that are similar to those exhibited when a person has flu or cold.

If not dealt with in good time, the fatigue will become worse and may lead to complete debilitation or weakness of the general body which is a great danger of masturbation nobody can ever want to experience.

Getting enough sleep, as well as making sure that you reduce your frequency of masturbation will assist in alleviating the exhaustion that you are experiencing.

As a woman, this can easily cost you your marriage and you will have nobody to blame.

It the fatigue persists, it is advisable that you give a try to herbal treatments like turmeric root, which is a good natural way of-energizing the mitochondria.

4. Rejecting your partner

In cases where masturbation does not lead to significant problems such as mitochondria fatigue and sexual exhaustion, masturbating too often may still cause problems to your relationships.

A woman who is always tired will definitely be a turnoff to her man and this is not good for any marriage. In some cases, this will even lead to a divorce and any woman should know that masturbation can make you single forever.

Negative effects of continuous masturbation in women may get to a point where she is no longer able to derive orgasms from real sexual intercourse. It is something that can ruin a marriage, or a relationship, as the partner may end up feeling inadequate.

Effects of masturbation on body building

Body builders are highly advised not to masturbate because they need proteins for the muscles to build rapidly.

When you masturbate, it leads to ejaculation. Too much ejaculation is not good for your body, as well as your body-building goal as explained above.

After too much ejaculation, dopamine is released into your body. Immediately these happen, you find yourself becoming unmotivated, and in the process, you will be unwilling to take part in anything that is tiresome.

You find yourself not working out as often as you should be doing. Even though many look at masturbation as a normal and natural way that individuals can use to ease sexual depression and participate in self-exploration, it is really not the best option to resort to since dangers of masturbation are high compared to its benefits.

Masturbation can destroy you relationship with God
Masturbation can destroy you relationship with God

How to Stop Masturbation & Quit Permanently?

Below are some of the steps that can help you stop and quit masturbating before it destroys your life. You need to control it because it is addictive and can make you lose everything before you know it.

1. Avoid being idle

Finding something to do and keep your self-engaged positively or busy with your new hobby. This will reduce the desire to masturbate. You can try the following suggestions in case you don’t know where to start.

a)    Be creative

Sublimation, the process of converting sexual urges into a creative output is one, which sages and monks have relied upon for very many years.

For this to happen, you can start playing a musical instrument, start writing, draw, paint, or engage in tasks that make you feel that you are doing something productive with your time.

b)    Take part in sports

To excel in sports, it takes persistence and discipline. You need to ensure that you develop an interest in activities such as swimming, playing football, running, or taking part in in-group activities.

Additionally, exercising will make it possible for you to become happier, release tension, and avoid being tempted to masturbate.

c)     Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Vegetables and fruits provide your body with very many nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

You need the nutrients to increase your energy levels, which will ensure that you remain active throughout the entire day.

It is recommended that you reduce your intake of aphrodisiac food items such as chili peppers, avocados, chocolate, and oysters.

d)    Make sure you get adequate sleep

When trying to locate information on the masturbation effects in life, you will find that the urge to masturbate can be really strong at certain hours.

To help you in fighting these urges, you will need to make sure that you get enough sleep each night.

For those that forget to go to bed within a reasonable hour, they have to make sure that they set an alarm to remind them to go to sleep when the time comes.

2. Make a plan to avoid masturbating during your go-to times of each day

For people who experience problems taking showers or sleeping, they need to refrain from all temptations to engage in masturbation.

For example, if the problem is common during late-night hours, you can drop to your bedroom floor and perform some push-ups until you become exhausted. This will allow you to doze off immediately.

If you find your bathing time to be tempting, switch from taking warm showers, and start taking cold showers.

It will ensure that you do not have enough time to masturbate. Taking a cold shower provides you with an additional benefit in that you not only save water, but you also get to save time.

3. Avoid isolating yourself

Sitting alone will always make you have the urge to continue masturbating. It may require you to join as many clubs as possible, or take up activities in school or at work, that will ensure that you are never alone.

Going out to public places will also help in limiting your urge to masturbate. For example, instead of watching a football game at home all alone, consider heading to the nearest sports bar. It will help reduce the time that you have to yourself, which is when you get tempted to masturbate.

4. Desist from watching porn

For many people, the reason they masturbate too much is that they are able to access porn within a few seconds from their computers.

If you find that you do not have the willpower to stop accessing porn from the computer, consider additional measures, which will ensure that you do not get access to the material. For instance, you can:

  1. Consider finding and installing a porn blocking program on your computer.
  2. If you already have a physical collection of porn on your phone or computer, this will be the time to dispose of it.
  3. Try to get some help. There are porn addiction apps in the market today, which have been designed to rewire your brain so that you start craving real connection, instead of watching porn

5. Be patient and persistent

Stopping masturbation like any other addiction is never easy. It is a process that will require commitment, and you might be finding yourself relapsing and making mistakes every once in a while.

However, the real struggle comes in persevering. Therefore, make a commitment today, and you will find yourself making very few mistakes later on.

You can even consider setting up a reward system where you reward yourself for resisting the urge to masturbate whenever it comes about.

Signs and Effects of Over Masturbating in Life

Health experts consider masturbation t6o be a behavior that is healthy, provided that it is not overdone.

In most cases, men limit their masturbation sessions to three times each week, while there are others that are tempted to do it more often.

Like everything else in life, over masturbating may lead to physiological and psychological imbalances, which may negatively influence your life. Below are some symptoms of masturbation addiction;

  1. Mood swings and stress
  2. Fatigue
  3. Insomnia and sleep disturbance
  4. Weak or soft erections
  5. Premature ejaculations that are sometimes accompanied by excessive pre-cum
  6. Fuzzy vision or eye floaters
  7. Performance anxiety attacks
  8. Discomfort or pain in the lower back
  9. Thinning hair
  10. Insulin resistance and suppressed immunity
  11. Testicular pain and pain in the groin

Masturbation is an activity in which many people partake, but which very few people are willing to talk about openly.

Even though it is considered a taboo in many locations across the world, history shows that masturbation has been around for a very long time, and is not going away soon.

It is a known fact that the most obvious side of this practice is that it feels good, but very few people ever realize that this pastime can bring with it a number of side effects and they don’t really take the dangers of masturbation seriously.

1. Stress and pain relief

Like all other sexual activities, masturbation leads to the release of endorphins in the body.

Endorphins are chemical properties, which are known to assist in promoting a sense of happiness, and in the process, helps in doing away with stress.

Additionally, the calming effects derived from masturbating can also help a person enjoy better sleep.

In some cases, it can assist women to reduce the pain that is associated with menstruation as well as postmenopausal intercourse.

2. It can lead to addiction

According to Dee Wagner, who is a licensed counselor, frequent masturbation can in some cases serve as a way for people to avoid becoming intimate with others, and in the end, this may lead to anxiety.

You will also find that masturbation can stimulate your brain to become addicted to the chemistry that is derived from having an orgasm.

This is not only bad for your health, but becoming addicted to the orgasms may make you require more stimulation in the future, to be able to achieve the same set of results, and this can lead to bodily harm.

Effects of masturbation on face

Serious Possible masturbation effects in life may include the eyes going into deep, and changing their appearance.

People who have masturbated for a long time may have noted their eyes changing their colors, as well as starting to develop dark circles around them.

Apart from the dark circles around the eyes, there is also a possibility that the glow your face had may start to fade away, which will in the long term reduce your beauty.