About Us

Understand Every Religion & Unite people From Different Religions (Picture C, michaelmichail.com)

About Us

Religioncheck.com was established with the aim of uniting religion. We were surprised that there are people out there who have no clue about other religions apart from that which they are brought up in.

They are always limited to traveling and zero graze only around what they are taught as children or negative stigmatization bout a certain religion.

For example, you will find someone deep in Europe who has never traveled to Africa. This person in his/her mind will only think that Africa is some sort of a jungle with people walking half necked and covered in banana leaves. They are usually shocked when people like us reveal all sorts of great and rich destination across Africa.

This also applies to Africans living in remote parts. They are never aware of life beyond the borders so we bring the information to them. Thanks to modern technology, the world is being united just by a mouse click or smartphones.

The same view of exposure is what happens in religion. People think negative about others before they even take time to study and know what others believe in.

That is why we see the religious war which sometimes becomes petty and bloody. We are all humans, why kill your neighbor just because of his her religion?

Our Vision & Mission

Before you hate someone based on their religious belief, sit down and do some research about what they believe I and that is the gap that religioncheck.com is here to fill. We help you understand different religious perspectives so that we can all tolerate each other and make the world a better place.

Chief Editor Mr.Felix Ngige and one of the core founders and a great traveler. Traveling across Africa while based in East Africa has really inspired him to share loads of trends and inspire young people in the exposure perspective.

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In the world we live in today, it is really not okay to remain backward. Trends keep on changing plus everyone is free to visit any part of the world as long as you can afford the trip.

We also welcome guest posts and we always invite people to share their experiences so that everyone can get access to information.

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