32 Interesting Facts About Christianity You Didn’t Know

32 Interesting Facts About Christianity You Didn’t Know

Christian history is long and extensive since it is not only limited to the experiences of Jesus, the writings of the Bible, and the experiences of the closest followers of the Christian Messiah. It also includes the stories of those who decided to continue their journey of faith with Christianity until more recent times.

Throughout the more than two thousand years of existence of the Christian religion, there have been many anecdotes, historical facts, and interesting curiosities. That is why we present you with a list of 33 facts that you may not have known about the Christian religion.

List of 32 facts about Christianity

  1. We begin the list with the most relevant fact of Christianity, and it is the one on which this religion is based: Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God, and it was he who suffered being crucified, died, and revived on the third day for the salvation of all mankind
  2. But who is God for Christianity? Jehovah or Yahweh, is the only deity of the religion, and is characterized by being omnipotent and omnipresent, are the creator of the universe, the world, and all things.
  3. The Holy Trinity is one of the forms in which Christianity represents the power of God, these three forms are represented through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The vision of God as the Father refers to the fact that he represents the whole: “nothing is outside of him and everything is within him”, the figure of the Son is represented in Jesus, who in turn is the human manifestation of God, his messiah, whom he sent to suffer to save humanity. Finally, the Holy Spirit is a representation of the spiritual reality is a symbolism of God himself in a state of divinity, to awaken the Christian faith around the world.
  4. The Roman Empire officially changed its religion on February 27, 380, making Christianity the sole and official religion of the entire empire, dethroning the ancient polytheistic religion. This decision was taken by Emperor Theodosius, bringing as a main consequence the union of the Judeo-Christian beliefs with the Greco-Roman European cultures.
  5. If you don’t know when Jesus was born, you’ll find it interesting that he was born as a Jew in Bethlehem, however, the religious authorities of Judaism did not like the thought and the messianic way of acting of Jesus of Nazareth, considering him a false messiah. 
  6. Ironically, Christianity, being the religion with the largest number of followers on the planet, is also the most persecuted religion in the world. There are at least fifty countries where being a Christian is forbidden and a population of more than 250 million persecuted Christians, mainly on the African continent.
  7. Christianity is the religion with the largest number of followers worldwide, and it is also the one with the largest extension, reaching some 50 countries. According to data from the Pew Research Center, the Christian religion covers 31.2% of the population, surpassing Islam with 24.1% and Hinduism with 15.1%.
  8. Not all Christians accept the Pope as their highest religious authority since there are several “variants” of Christianity such as Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodox Christianity. Only Catholics see the Pope as the highest spiritual representative, and these represent 50% of the total Christian population.
  9. The oldest bible found to date is the Gutenberg bible, which is considered to be the first printed book in history, its date of origin is 1455.
  10. The bible is a compilation book, where 66 different books by various authors are put together. This book has been rewritten multiple times and has been translated more than 3000 times in different languages over 1400 years.
  11. The Bible is the best-selling book in history. It has sold more than 5000 million copies according to Guinness World Records, it is also the most translated text in the world, being translated into more than 2000 different languages partially, and more than 400 languages completely.
  12. Christianity worships the same God as Judaism and Islam. The big difference is the interpretations of what God is like, as well as having different messiahs. These three religions are also known as the Abrahamic religions.
  13. Jerusalem is not only a holy city for Christians but also of vital importance for Islam and Judaism. It is home to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Wailing Wall, and the Dome of the Rock.
  14. Although praying is one of the most important and common habits of this religion, nowhere in the Bible does it specify that it must be done in an obligatory way, much less, raising hands in worship Prays. The same does not happen in Islam, where five obligatory prayers are established at different times of the day.
  15. Christianity even today continues to be a religion in expansion, although it is known that the Christian religion had its great periods of expansion in the era of colonialism and missions, today, it continues with the tradition of getting more parishioners, for this purpose, there are more than 316,000 missionaries active around the world, which have the purpose of educating in the Christian faith and support society.
  16. Many of the laws or norms that are applied in western society come from the Bible since it has been taken as a moral reference, mainly the difference between good and evil. It is for this reason that in several countries people must swear on the bible when testifying in a trial.
  17. Africa is the continent with the third-largest population of Christians, surpassed by America and Europe, with a population of 258 million believers in 2016. However, the African continent is the one that shows the greatest growth in the number of followers of the Christian faith, and it is estimated that by 2050 the number of believers will double, reaching 40% of the total number of Christians in the world.
  18. Strange as it may seem, the continent with the fastest loss of Christian followers in Europe. On the other hand, the countries that are currently acquiring more followers in Christianity are those that are poorer, such as those belonging to Latin America or Africa.
  19. Christianity continues to grow, but Islam is growing much faster. That is why today it is the religion that attracts the largest number of followers. So much so that it is expected to be the religion with the largest number of followers worldwide shortly.
  20. Throughout history, the Catholic Church has had 264 Popes and 266 papacies, this is due to the fact that Benedict IX was a pope on three different occasions. Despite the multiple controversies in which some Popes have fallen, none has dared to change the foundations of the Catholic religion.
  21. According to the Christian religion, there is only one text that was written by God, and that is the Ten Commandments. The rest of the messages were written by people inspired by him as it happens with the multiple authors of the bible.
  22. If the Pope is the highest Catholic authority, with whom can he confess? The Pope can make his confessions to any priest who has the faculties to receive confessions. 
  23. According to Christianity, can a person of another religion go to heaven? The answer is yes since according to Christian belief Jesus gave his life to save mankind without judging differences of creed.
  24. Did you know that to a large extent the origin of universities is due to the Catholic Church? In the Middle Ages, that is, in the 13th century, this religious institution was the most interested in the development of new knowledge and its documentation through monasteries. These were the first steps of what we would come to know as universities.
  25. One of the darkest periods of the Catholic Church and Christianity was the Crusades. These were military expeditions whose purpose was to recover the holy land (located in the Near East) where the city of Jerusalem is located, a territory that was dominated by Islam. Such military campaigns were carried out in the middle ages, the result of this conflict was the death of thousands of victims on both sides.
  26. The day of rest for Christians is Sunday. This conditions their activities, since according to Christian tradition, God must be praised on that day, unlike Muslims, who do it on Friday, or Jews, who do it on Saturday.
  27. The reason why Christians are baptized is to free themselves from original sin. In this way, they cleanse their soul from the sin that drags humanity down from the sin committed by Adam and Eve, by eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge.
  28. God created existence and the world in seven days: The first day he created light, the second day the firmament, the third day the earth and the plants, the fourth day the sun, the moon and the stars, the fifth day the birds and the sea animals, the sixth day the land animals and humans. Finally, on Sunday he rested, for this reason, Christians assume this day as a day of rest.
  29. Some percentages of the Christian population of interest: In the United States 75% of the population considers itself Christian, in Brazil 87%, Mexico 92%, Uganda 93%, Germany 63%, Russia 69%. Among the countries with fewer Christians, we can mention China with 5%, India with 2%, and Indonesia with 9%.
  30. Did you know that Jesus is mentioned more times in the Koran than the prophet Mohammed himself? As a bonus, Mary the mother of Jesus is the only woman mentioned by name in the sacred text of Islam.
  31. The Papacy is one of the oldest religious institutions and one that has functioned uninterruptedly to this day, beginning with the first Pope Peter who was an apostle of Jesus, to the current Pope Francis.
  32. Holy Week begins with the strong reminder of the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday and ends with his resurrection on Sunday. During this week large congregations are held in churches, which makes it the most important activity for Christians since during this time Jesus made his sacrifice for humanity.

Christianity is among some of the oldest religions and in so many years of history has accumulated many interesting facts and curiosities, in this list, we only mention some of the most relevant facts of this interesting religion so you can learn a little more about general culture and theology.

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32 Interesting Facts About Christianity You Didn’t Know
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